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Gold Star Wall Mirror

by Sundry



Tiny Friends Personalised Wall Hanging

by Roomi and Me



personalised name balloon wall hanging

by Little Ragsmith



Watercolour Floral Name Plaque

by Colour and Spice



Growth Chart

by Love From Bug Shop



Child's Name Nursery Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

by Betsy Benn



Heart Birth Details Wall Hanging

by Colour and Spice



Star Birth Details Wall Hanging

by Colour and Spice



Kapow personalised bamboo wall hanging

by Colour and Spice



Looking for a way to fill those empty walls? Choosing artworks for your home can be a lengthy and pricey task, but you can give any room an instant lift with wall hangings, created and curated by one of the local businesses at Hardtofind. Here, you can shop our collection of wall hanging decor online. But first! Here are a few tips on what to look for and how to choose the right arty hangings for your walls.

What kind of wall hanging should I buy?

There’s a huge selection of wall art available, and choosing something that is going to suit your home — and a particular room — is key. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, in fact sometimes a contrasting colour scheme is what will make your wall hanging pop. Popular wall hangings include those based on 3D ceremonial masks, African-inspired in traditional or modern designs. Expanding this theme, you’ll also discover contemporary versions that will bring a particular era of pop culture to life on your walls. Other wall hanging décor includes floral print textiles stretched over wooden frames — like painted artworks but with added layers and texture — and click-together systems that have different images on the two sides, so you can change up the look of your room depending on your mood. For something that reminds you of a wonderful travel experience, you might choose a map, chart or flag. Or something more unconventional might appeal, such as an eye or carved wooden animal heads.

At Hardtofind there’s so much choice on our wall hanging pages, you just need to start with a browse and narrow down your options! Wall hangings will accentuate the style of your home, express your personality, and make a room an inviting place to be.

Crafty wall hangings

Super popular right now are the retro chic decorative crafty pieces such as jute wall hangings, wall hanging planters or macrame wall hangings. If you’re looking for wall hangings with a boho-chic vibe, these wall hangings should be on your must-have list. Lightweight and naturally attractive, these pieces are typically made from twisted or knotted cotton or wool, and create an instant bohemian feel in any room. The crafting technique of macramé is an old one. The origin of macramé is attributed to Arabic weavers back in the 13th century, who used decorative knots to finish off the loose ends of their hand-woven textiles. The craft slowly spread to Europe and became a common hobby for sailors — not only did it give them something to do on those long sea voyages, it also gave them something to sell once they reached port, where eager locals would snap up their hammocks, hats and other decorative pieces. As with most art forms, macrame fell in and out of favour over the years, until the 1970s when it took over the world, one loungeroom at a time. Right now, macrame is having yet another moment in the sun, with designs that offer a contemporary twist on traditional styles. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even create your own macrame wall hangings using the ancient technique of macrame knotting, with DIY kits that will produce a super stylish piece of artwork for any room in the house. At Hardtofind we have macrame craft, macrame wall hangings and many other macrame accessories.

Personalised wall hangings

Personalised wall hangings make excellent gifts for friends, family and colleagues. It’s a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding or new home. Choose from selection of personalised banners, bamboo wall hangings, plaques and other quirky artworks that draw on your giftee’s own personal experiences. When searching for your personalised wall hangings at Hardtofind, check the ‘Can be personalised’ box in Special features for an instant curation.

Top three reasons to buy wall hangings for your home

  1. Wall hangings express your personality: Your walls are literally the backbone of your home, so put them to good use! A wall hanging that is inspired by your travels, your family history or things you love to do will fill a room with the essence of you, and will quietly tell your story
  2. Wall hangings start a conversation: Who doesn’t love looking at the artworks and decorative pieces when you go to visit friends, family and neighbours? An intriguing wall hanging is a sure-fire conversation starter and if your interests happen to align, a great way to make a connection.
  3. Wall hangings bring your walls to life: Yes, you will want to have two-dimensional paintings or artworks on your walls, but having wall hangings in different shapes, sizes, textures and mediums will add depth and interest to a room. Wall hangings will bring balance and dimension, and no one will ever be able to say that your room is bland!

So now you’re sold on the wonderful world of wall hangings. In these pages, you’ll find a selection of the best wall hangings — including macrame wall hangings and other wall hanging decor Australia-wide. You’ll also discover a wide range of other ready-to-hang artworks such as stretched canvas, framed canvas prints, plywood art, paper-cut & origami, embroidered artworks and framed prints.

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