Gifts for pets

Hygge Me Pet Vest

by Ellie Ellie


Personalised Dog Treat Jar

by Jonny's Sister


Sleep, eat, play (and don't get lost). Those, aside from a tummy or behind the ear scratch are about the best things in your pet's life. That's why our pet presents collection includes plush dog beds, stylish and personalised dog collars, plus cat toys and dog toys that will keep life interesting, challenging and chewy.

When it comes to gifts for pets, a slice of turkey and a tummy scratch might be the pinnacle, but that doesn't mean they won't appreciate a more lasting present or even a personalised gift. Besides our carefully curated collection of pet beds, dog toys, scratching posts, collars and pet wear to treat your cat or dog, we've also got plenty of presents for pet owners and animal lovers, too.

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