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Is it just us, or did we wake up in January, blink our eyes and suddenly it’s August! Which means we’re just one month away from Father’s Day (and four months away from Christmas, but we’ll save that panic for another post!). If you don’t want to be caught short on September 3, we’d suggest getting your gift hustle on… (See aforementioned point for how TIME FLIES.)

To help you out, we put together a little vid, filled with awesome pressie finds for dads of all kinds – because, hey, we know that every dad is different. And they each deserve something special and uniquely them. Check it out, and if you see something you like (or, more importantly, that you reckon your dad will like), click on the collection to find out more…

Are you in a rush to find the perfect gift for someone special? Don’t panic – Hardtofind has got you covered! With thousands of unique and personalised gifts to choose from, you can easily find a thoughtful and unforgettable present on our website. And the best part? You can send any item as an instant gift!

Sending an instant gift is easy – simply click on the ‘SEND AN INSTANT GIFT’ button and enter the recipient’s email address (or your own if you prefer). You can also add a special message to make the gift even more personalised. Next, complete any personalisation fields to customise your gift, and as soon as the payment is processed, we’ll send the recipient an email, letting them know you’ve bought them a gift. Alternatively, you can email the gift voucher to yourself and print it out to include in a card.

Once the recipient clicks through to redeem their gift, it will be waiting in their cart with a voucher code to purchase. They can then enter their mailing details, and the gift will be on its way! And if they want to change their gift, it’s no problem at all – they can simply swap it at checkout by adding a different item (of the same value) to their cart and removing the original gift.

So, whether you’re looking for a last-minute birthday present, anniversary gift, or just a little something to say “I’m thinking of you,” Hardtofind has got you covered.

With Hardtofind’s instant gift option, giving a thoughtful and personalised gift has never been easier or more convenient. Start browsing our extensive range of unique and personalised gifts today and surprise your loved ones with a gift they’ll cherish forever!


*Please note that promo codes cannot be applied to gift voucher purchases. 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re wondering what day it falls on this year, we’ve got you covered. Mother’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on Sunday, May 14th.

This special day is a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and love for the mothers in your life. Whether it’s your own mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, or a mother figure, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in expressing your gratitude.

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’re in the right place. At Hardtofind, we specialize in unique and personalized gifts that are sure to make any mother feel loved and appreciated.

Here are some of our top gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2023:

1. Wood Sage Sea Salt Luxury Candle from Country Style

Click here to buy now.

Candles are always a great gift idea, and the Wood Sage Sea Salt Luxury Candle from Country Style is no exception. They are made using natural soy wax and a premium fragrance, making it a luxurious and eco-friendly gift. The woodsy and salty scent will transport your mum to a relaxing day at the beach, and the beautiful packaging adds an extra touch of elegance.

2. Personalised Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

Click here to buy now.

If your mum is a coffee or tea lover, this Personalised Mother’s Day Coffee Mug is an excellent gift choice. It’s made from high-quality ceramic plus you can personalise it with your name and year of birth, making it a unique and thoughtful gift that she can use every day.


3. Monogrammed Satin White Pyjamas

Click here to buy.

Nothing says luxury like a pair of silk or satin pyjamas. These Monogrammed Satin White Pyjamas are a perfect gift for your mum to relax in style. They are made from high-quality satin and come with a personalised monogram, making them a luxurious and thoughtful gift that she can enjoy for years to come.


4. Overlander Bag Tan

Click here to buy.

If your mum loves to travel or is always on the go, this Overlander Bag Tan is an excellent gift idea. It’s made from high-quality leather with burnished gold details and is durable and stylish. The bag has plenty of compartments to store all her essentials, making it perfect for weekend getaways or day trips.

5. Avalon Picnic Blanket Bag

Click here to buy now.

With the weather still nice and warm for a little while longer, a picnic in the park is an excellent way to celebrate Mother’s Day. This Avalon Picnic Blanket Bag is perfect for outdoor picnics or even indoor movie nights. It’s made from high-quality materials and comes with a comfortable handle and adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. The stylish design and beautiful colour will surely make your mum feel special.


At Hardtofind, we understand that every mother is unique, and we have a wide range of gift ideas to suit every taste and budget. So, start browsing our collection today, and find the perfect Mother’s Day gift that she’ll love.

Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate and appreciate the mothers in our lives. With the right gift, you can express your love and gratitude in a meaningful way. So, don’t wait until the last minute, start planning your Mother’s Day gift today, and make it a day to remember.

Father’s Day is right around the corner — that’s Sunday, September 4 for those who find this news surprising. OK, so that doesn’t leave too long to track down the best Father’s Day gift, but don’t panic! Hardtofind is chock full of gifts for Dad. Here are some of our favourite last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Gifts for the sporty dad

If your dad has a sporting passion, that gives you a head start in choosing a gift. Does he enjoy a round of golf? He’ll love a set of golf balls monogrammed with his initials. If spending the day on a riverbank is more his thing, consider some fish-themed undies to boost his chance of a catch! And if he’s looking forward to watching the soccer world cup, he’s sure to appreciate a personalised football tankard during those late night games.

BOXER BRIEF / FISH, click here to buy.

Gifts for the travelling dad

Does pa like to get out and see the world? Perhaps he travels for work or maybe he’s a grey nomad in training. Give him the gift of a personalised travel cup or a passport holder inscribed with your own special message, and he’ll be taking a little bit of you with him on every trip.

360ML TRAVELLER || ON THE GO TRAVEL CUP || LUXE BLACK, click here to buy.

Gifts for the foodie dad

Are you lucky enough to have a dad who loves to cook? Whether he’s king of the kitchen or strictly an outdoors chef, there’s a whole range of last-minute gift ideas from the practical to the quirky. Surprise him with a barbecue apron with his name on it, or up the ante with a personalised Head Chef serving board to add some pizzazz to his antipasto.


Gifts for the stylish dad

Yep, it’s a thing. The fashion-focussed father is out there and if he happens to belong to you, he’ll be delighted by a stylish gift. Whether it’s the latest sunglasses, a retro T or pair of cool boardies for the upcoming beach season — surf our men’s fashion pages and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

POSITANO BOARDIES, click here to buy.

Gifts for the gaming dad

If the dad in your life is into his gaming, that’s another rich seam of Father’s Day gift ideas.
Persuade him to give his gaming desk a tidy-up with a personalised headphone stand. Or treat him to an oak-aged Bourbon scented candle — perfect for soothing away the stress of being destroyed by an anonymous nine-year-old.

OAK AGED WHISKEY CANDLE, click here to buy.

What does Father’s Day mean to your family? It might be a day out, lunch with the clan or dinner for two. And of course, those thoughtful gifts for Dad! But the best Father’s Day gifts aren’t always the ones in the biggest packages. Here’s our round-up of 25 messages to write on a Father’s Day card — because a well-worded card can be the most valued gift for Dad.

Simple messages to write on a Father’s Day card

Sometimes a few words can say it all. If you want to keep it simple but still let him know how much you care, try one of these classic lines:

  • Thanks for being awesome
  • Dad, you’re the greatest
  • You’re a cool dad
  • Love you to the moon
  • To the best dad in the world
  • Have the best day — you deserve it
  • Happy daddy day
  • Thanks for everything you do
  • You’re a brilliant dad

Meaningful messages to write on a Father’s Day card

Want to tell Dad just how much he means to you? Sometimes it’s easier to write it down. Here’s a bit of inspo to get you started:

  • Thanks for everything you’ve done for me
  • Thanks Dad, I wouldn’t be me without you
  • You mean the world to me
  • Thank you for helping me grow
  • Thanks for being there all my life
  • Dad, I will always look up to you
  • Thanks for believing in me
  • Happy Father’s Day to my hero

Funny messages to write on a Father’s Day card

If your pa is one for a dad joke, he’ll appreciate a one liner so he can see his humour has been passed down a generation. These should raise a smile:

  • Thanks Dad — you’re like a father to me
  • To the world’s best dad, from the world’s best kid
  • Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite parents
  • I didn’t get you a gift because you already have me!
  • Cheers for spending all your money on me
  • You’re the best Dad I’ve ever had
  • You’ve done a great job — just look at me!
  • I’m just here for the inheritance


Our top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Make Father’s Day special this year with the gift of a hamper delivered straight to his door.

If you’re struggling with a gift idea for dad then look no further. We have a wide range of hampers that are perfect for all types of dads.

From whiskey and socks to gourmet BBQ rubs, we’ve pulled together our top 5 favourite gift hampers that we can guarantee dad will love.

1. Craft Beer Tinnies Gift Box Hamper

10 Craft Bear Tinnies Gift Box

Nothing beats the sweet sound of cracking open a cold one. Included in this gift box are 10 of the best that have been bundled up just for Dad! Plus, we’ve included tasting notes, a beer glass guide and there’s even an option to add a personalised gift card. Click here to buy.





2. Mr Metro Hamper

MR METRO Gift Hamper

This BOX-IE gift hamper is packed with boyish charm for the bloke who loves a little self-care. Includes: Socks, face mask, whisky dark chocolate bar, Jamaican almonds, pretzels, negroni cocktail, gel cleanser and moisturizer. Click here to buy.





3. Milk Chocolate Gift Box Hamper

Milk Chocolate Gift Box

There is nothing better than receiving a well thought out gift. We have selected the very best from our range of milk chocolates and packaged them in a way that will delight Dad.

This gift box comes with a free gift card, so don’t forget to leave a sweet note when checking out. Click here to buy.





4. The Crate Outdoors Hamper

Outdoor Camping Gift Hamper

Is your dad an adventurer? Put on your boots and roll up your sleeves, we’re heading into the crate unknown. Inside The Crate Outdoors is the perfect selection of gear for the dad who just wants to get outside. He’ll be one happy camper. Click here to buy.





5. Bring A Plate Hamper

Bring A Plate Gift Hamper

This is the perfect BBQ gift for the Dad who is a barbie connoisseur. Spice up his life. Chock-a-block with BBQ spices, sauces and a great pair of Meater BBQ Gloves. Bring a Plate will give him a hot plate experience that’s smooth as. The only snag hell hit is on the barbie. Click here to buy.

Together with the support of our amazing customers, we were able to raise enough money to help the team at BlazeAid run a volunteer camp for a week.

The volunteers are currently working in rural areas of Australia, helping local farmers to rebuild fences and structures on their properties which have been damaged or totally destroyed by the bushfires.

Photos above show some of the ‘vols’ working tirelessly to rebuild fences and structures.

📸: Monique Satchell/@moniqueliveslife

We thought we’d share this little anecdote from one of the ‘vols’ at BlazeAid – it’s always nice to see where and how the money is being spent…

The pic above is of BlazeAid ‘vol’ Shane’s wife chipping in while at a caravan park in Bright. No jokes, that’s the email from Shane (below) on the laptop on the left…

📸: Shane O’Loughlin

“So the way it works is that the local council identifies a suitable ‘basecamp’, usually the local showgrounds. BlazeAid instils a co-ordinator at the camp, then the call goes out for the volunteers (‘vols’) to come. They get themselves there and bring their own tent or caravan.

Meals are provided from donated produce, or produce is bought from the donated money if there is not enough. It’s all prepared by Vols.

The Vols are sorted into teams and head out to a property with a ‘combat ready’ trailer. These trailers are bought from donations or sometimes donated entirely and are full of donated equipment or equipment purchased from donated funds.

BlazeAid is acutely aware that dropping 100 Vols in a town to do fencing may take months of work of a local fencing contractor, who may themselves be affected by fire damage, so depending on the situation, sometimes a contractor can be paid. We think that’s only fair, and it still gets the fences done. BlazeAid has assessors to check this out, so that integrity of donated funds is maintained. Usually, property owners pay for their own materials, but sometimes donated material is used and sometimes BlazeAid funds materials. This all depends on many factors which is why the assessors have a role. Again, the are trusted volunteers who know and breathe the philosophy of BlazeAid.

Only one person in the whole organisation gets paid, and her wage is actually sponsored by another business (she works 12-18 hours a day). The rest of us are pure volunteer. Even Kev and Rhonda (the founders) are entirely Vol and still have to run their own sheep farm.

BlazeAid has become a large volunteer organisation, but you’ll find its full of farmers and family just lending a hand. You won’t find a glitzy head office or fancy branding or advertising everywhere.

Thanks again and I can assure you that your generous donation will not be consumed by bureaucracy, red tape, executive bonuses and the like.”

Shane O’Loughlin
on Behalf of BlazeAid

📸: Monique Satchell/@moniqueliveslife

PS. You can donate to BlazeAid directly here.

An IOU will go down like a lump of coal on Christmas Day, so get your gifting sorted early. If December has crept up on you (because last time you checked the date it was July!) then try not to freak out – there’s still time to get an awesome gift from hardtofind.

To make sure your pressie lands in your hot little hands, ready for wrapping, before December 24, check out our Christmas delivery tips below. It’s everything you need to know about ordering gifts when you’ve left it down to the wire…


As our products come to you from a range of creative sellers in Australia and around the world, they all have different dispatch and delivery dates. You can check these easily on the product page to avoid disappointment! Delivery to regional areas of Australia will take a bit longer than metro areas, so bear this in mind.



If you’re cutting it fine and you need your gift pronto, sort by ‘express post’ to see gifts that ship express within Australia and should arrive in 1-2 business days for those in metro areas. Please be aware, regional areas may take longer.



There’s still time to get an awesome gift from one of our international sellers if they offer fast courier to Australia. Click this filter option in the sidebar to see gifts that will arrive in 5 days from overseas. That’s almost as fast as Santa’s sleigh!



Don’t forget to select your preferred shipping method at checkout. This can be done by clicking on the drop-down menu and choosing either free standard shipping, express local shipping or fast courier to Australia.

Our super-friendly Customer Support team are on-hand to assist you if you are unsure about delivery times on certain products. They can contact the sellers on your behalf and let you know if your gift is likely to arrive before Christmas. Email [email protected]



Run out of time to order the perfect pressie? Our gift vouchers start at $50 and can be emailed direct to the recipient, which means you can even buy them on the way to Christmas lunch if you need to! Click here to order.

Or, why not try our Instant Gift feature?

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose from thousands of gifts on hardtofind – you can send any item as an instant gift!
  • Click on the ‘SEND AS AN INSTANT GIFT’ button and follow the instructions.
  • Choose to email the gift to the recipient, or print the voucher out at home to pop in a card.

The ‘real’ gift will be waiting in the recipient’s cart with a voucher code to purchase – they enter their mailing details and the gift is on its way! What if the person wants to change their gift? No dramas. They’ll be able to swap it at checkout, by adding a different item (of the same value) to cart and removing the original gift – too easy!


PS. 18 top gift ideas for kids and Personalised gifts to spread a little magic with

Christmas, this year it’s personal!

We are self-proclaimed, obsessive gift-givers here at the Hardtofind HQ (it’s kind of our jam!) and absolutely LOVE seeing the expressions on our loved ones’ faces when they open something truly memorable that we have wrapped up for them.

Adding a personalisation element to a gift; whether it be a name on a leather weekender bag, a simple monogrammed cheese board, a special date on a cushion or even a keepsake which is the actual weight of their newborn baby (see below and pretty cool, huh?!) we have a beautifully curated range of custom gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Psst… Left your gift buying to the last minute this Christmas? Why not try our Instant Gift feature?

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose from thousands of gifts on hardtofind – you can send any item as an instant gift!
  • Click on the ‘SEND AS AN INSTANT GIFT’ button and follow the instructions.
  • Choose to email the gift to the recipient, or print the voucher out at home to pop in a card.

The ‘real’ gift will be waiting in the recipient’s cart with a voucher code to purchase – they enter their mailing details and the gift is on its way! What if the person wants to change their gift? No dramas. They’ll be able to swap it at checkout, by adding a different item (of the same value) to cart and removing the original gift – too easy!

You can check out our full range of personalised gifts here or read on for our top 20…

1. Personalised geometric initial luggage tag


2. Personalised constellation heart travel jewellery case



3. Personalised circular map cufflinks


4. Personalised keep it cool stubby holder


5. Personalised ‘masterchef of’ chopping board


6. Personalised solid brass baby keepsake


7. Personalised kids’ ‘rainy day’ activity box


8. Personalised amethyst necklace


9. Personalised 2020 A5 diary


10. Personalised vintage year whisky glass


11. Men’s engraved stainless steel torque bangle


12. Personalised family name with wreath design lazy Susan


13. Leather tri-fold wallet with your photo and message


14. Personalised kookaburra family print


15. Personalised name disc necklace


16. Personalised couple’s velvet cushion


17. Personalised dad’s measure wine glass


18. Personalised top secret thoughts bamboo notebook and pen set


19. Personalised first Christmas wooden heart decoration


20. Solid oak personalised glasses stand


PS. The magic of Christmas as told by our seller Merci Maman and 18 top Christmas gift ideas for kids





We’ve asked some of our fabulous sellers (both near and far!) what Christmas means to them and what top gifting tips they could share – after all, they are the experts!

This week the lovely Clemmie from UK-based company Merci Maman talks to us about a very British tradition and bringing tears to her Dad’s eyes with one very special gift…

Merci Maman is a timeless brand, offering original and charming personalised jewellery.

Every gift is personalised and hand-engraved with elegance and precision. using their cursive French-style handwriting, making the gift-giving and receiving experience extra special.

Merci Maman or “Thank you Mummy”, is a nod to the creators’ French roots and the original celebration of the mother and child bond.

You can check out more personalised jewellery gifts for women here and for men here.

And don’t forget, we have thousands of brilliant gift ideas to shop for Christmas here.

Above: The annual Merci Maman Christmas team lunch wouldn’t be complete without a gingerbread decorating comp!


Clemmie’s top 10 picks for Christmas gifts:

1. Personalised leather braided bracelet


2. Personalised pearl drop necklace


3. Personalised ‘we are family’ key ring


4. Personalised gemstone cufflinks


5. Personalised eternity necklace


6. Personalised infinity bracelet


7. Personalised family necklace


8. Personalised triple beaded ring


9. Personalised sterling silver tie clip


10. Personalised eternity trio necklace


PS. 18 top Christmas gift ideas for kids and The happiness edit


Avoid any awkward silences during the family present opening this Christmas by getting the kids (whether they’re babies, kids or teens) gifts they genuinely want and will love.

At hardtofind we have gift ideas aplenty, but to make things a little easier for you we have rounded up the best ones of 2019.

Trust us, there won’t be any gift receipts needed with these top buys.

Shop hundreds more presents for youngsters here.

Baby love

  1. Personalised memory photo rocket keepsake 2. The day you were born personalised keepsake book 3. Mizzie the kangaroo teething toy 4. Botanical initial newborn keepsake box 5. Personalised birth details wall banner 6. Personalised shabby chic bird mobile.

Down with the kids

  1. Personalised Aussie animals glass clock 2. The WeDo family edition card game 3. Create your own mug design kit 4. Augmented reality T-shirt for anatomy 5. The Snowman and the snowdog personalised book 6. Personalised kids’ dressing gown.

Teenage dream

  1. Personalised block initials mini round jewellery case 2. Ridley’s games table tennis set 3. Recycled ocean plastics bodysurfing handplane 4. Solid oak personalised headphone stand 5. Sneaker cleaning kit by Pretty Useful Tools 6. Millenial slang playing cards.

PS. Christmas tree ornaments to suit any style and our favourite personalised watch stand seller MijMoj Designs share their top gift ideas

Over to Ashley from The Goodnight Co.:

We spend almost a third of our life asleep, and we need to. Having a good night’s sleep is imperative to functioning day-to-day and plays a huge role in your overall health and wellbeing.

Research has found sleeping well can help to boost immunity, increase productivity, reduce anxiety, facilitate weight-loss, improve your skin and hair, and more.

So, why wouldn’t it be a priority…

At The Goodnight Co., sleep is our priority and we want to share with you our top 5 tips for a good night’s sleep.

Tip one: Create a sleep ritual

If you only do one thing from this list, please make it setting up a sleep ritual!

Creating a ritual (or routine) helps to train your body and mind to relax when it comes to bedtime, which makes falling asleep, and staying asleep, easier.

One of the most effective ways to create routine is by breaking things down into small steps. Things like meditation, warm baths, essential oils, and tea are a great place to start when tackling poor sleeping habits.

By implementing consistent healthy sleep habits into your routine, your body and mind will sync – learning these signals mean it’s time to wind down and rest.

Tip two: Follow a sleep schedule

This tip is a flashback to a simpler, and more Wiggles-filled time in your life: it’s bedtimes, baby!

We hate to break it to you, but it’s important to go to bed and wake up at the same time every single night to allow your body to establish a healthy routine – sorry weekend sleep-ins.

By following a sleep schedule, research shows your health condition is improved and it drastically reduces the risks of those nasty sleep disorders.

If you’re a shift worker, this can be tricky – so do your best to keep it in line by still implementing your sleep ritual.

Tip three: You are what you eat

There are a few sleep superfoods which work to improve your sleep at night, namely nuts, leafy greens, fresh or frozen fruit, seafood and wholegrains.

These five foods contain all the goodness your body needs to help you get a good night’s rest, so you’re ready to conquer the day.

There are also a few foods to steer clear of – like spicy foods, sugary foods, high-fat foods, caffeine and alcohol.

These foods can hinder your ability to sleep as it takes the body a long time to fully digest them.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest, consider reviewing your diet throughout the day to make sure your body is ready for sleep.

Tip four: Consider your bedroom

For many, the bedroom can serve as a multifunctional room. It can be an office, a library, a theatre, or even a laundry room (#guilty).

In the end, the bedroom’s purpose really should be a sanctuary for sleep. It should be the most luxurious and personal space in any home – a soothing oasis that is conducive to relaxation and comfort.

To create a comfortable and relaxing environment, consider these tried and true tips: keep it clean and simple, experiment with all natural fibre bedding options, set a cool temperature, choose calming colours, find the perfect scent and make your bed!

Having a space you feel comfort and clarity will ultimately aid your magical sleep ritual. Don’t forget, a tidy house is a tidy mind!

Tip five: Keep hydrated

Sleep and hydration are heavily connected as water allows our bodies to stay healthy and nourished.

When your body lacks in fluids, you start to feel irritable and sluggish.

According to the Sleep Foundation, going to bed dehydrated can cause you to have a very disruptive sleep as both your mouth and nasal passages feel dry and disrupted, leaving you with a parched throat and hoarseness in the morning.

This means it is essential to focus on drinking at least 3 litres of water throughout your day.


  1. Ceramic diffuser and essential oils starter kit 2. The Lily night shirt 3. Phlegmatic bath soak 4. Natural eye and sleep mask in protea print 5. Linen bedcover in golden ochre 6. No.3. Sleep body butter 7. Sleepy time baby skincare essentials set 8. Sleep ritual kit 9. Silk pillowcase twin set (various colours) 10. Relax moisturising face and body oil


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Silly season is coming back around again (yes, we can hear the groans!).

And whilst we haven’t started playing Michael Bublé in the office just yet (it’ll be on heavy rotation along with Destiny’s Child’s ‘8 Days Of Christmas’ come October 1), we thought we’d channel our inner Buddy and share some festive decor inspo to help ease you gently into the Christmas spirit.

So whether you are going full kitsch and colourful with your Christmas tree this year or you prefer a more minimal vibe, we are confident that we have the perfect Christmas ornaments that will do your tree proud (even if it is a slightly wonky artificial one from Ikea…).

Also, don’t forget the presents to go under your freshly decorated tree! You can check out our full range of Christmas gift ideas here. Because the early bird catches the worm and all that jazz.


  1. Personalised rainbow glass dome bauble 2. Sparkly cactus bauble 3. Gingle bells floral gin baubles (set of 6) 4. Red wine bottle Christmas decoration


  1. Joy star ornament 2. Engraved love, peace, noel and joy ceramic baubles 3. Bauble gift tags 4. Personalised reindeer Christmas decoration


  1. Personalised star Christmas tree topper 2. Personalised set of hollow wooden acorn Christmas decorations 3. Personalised Christmas mirror name decoration 4. Personalised beard bobble hat Santa ornament

Make it personal

  1. Personalised fill me up bauble 2. Personalised dog ornament 3. Set of five personalised hollow wooden Christmas baubles 4. Emperor penguin bauble

PS. Start stockpiling those Christmas gifts now and the happiness edit


You know what will kill your Christmas spirit faster than The Grinch? Getting a notice from your bank that your credit card is overdrawn. Cramming all your gift-buying into the last few weeks of December isn’t just a recipe for a mental breakdown, it can also lead to overspending as you buy the most convenient pressies at the most expensive prices.

The answer is to start for shopping for your Christmas gifts now. Yep, we said now. (And yep, we know it’s only September and mince pies aren’t even on the supermarket shelves yet.) But starting to stockpile a Chrissy gift haul early actually makes a whole lot of sense. Here’s why:


You can spread the cost out over three months.

Instead of putting all the pressure on your December pay packet to cover your Christmas expenses (with all that festive season socialising, it’s probably already shaping up to be the most expensive month of the year), start to shop for gifts as early as October. This means you can take a smaller chunk of cash from each monthly deposit and you’re less likely to wake up with a nasty credit card hangover on Boxing Day.


You don’t have to settle for a ho-hum present.

Fact: When you leave gifts to the last minute, bad things happen. You make hasty decisions, your judgement becomes be impaired by stress and panic, and you start thinking, ‘Yeah, I reckon Mum will totally like a hot pink, diamante-studded laundry basket.’ But when you have time up your sleeve, you can mull things over, you can listen for subtle hints and you can totally ace every gift on your list.


You’ll probably end up spending less.

One perk of having time on your side is you can jump on any sales and you won’t have to pay last-minute express delivery fees. Lots of hardtofind sellers offer fast courier but it’s a bit more exy than their regular free shipping option – so getting in early will save you precious dollars. Dollars that you can then spend on yourself!


How to ace the Christmas gift stockpile.

1. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for. Check it twice.

2. Decide how much you can afford to spend on each person and make a budget. (It’s a good idea to keep a little buffer in your budget for unexpected additions!)

3. You might want to also tally up your other Christmas costs, like that giant turkey, your party season outfits and the office Kris Kringle, and add them to your budget.

4. Divide your budget in thirds so you know how much to put aside each month. Then you’re ready to start shopping!



  1. Personalised bedside watch and phone stand 2. Men’s personalised premium leather golf glove 3. Personalised initials luggage tag 4. Australian craft beer box


  1. The Audrey camisole boxer set 2. Child’s actual handwriting necklace 3. Personalised block initials heart travel jewellery case 4. Leather wash bag with your child’s drawing


  1. Gold pyramid jewellery stand 2. Merge virtual reality headset and holographic cube bundle 3. Personalised blue canvas holdall 4. Personalised name insulated water bottle


  1. Personalised baby or child’s dressing gown in white 2. Personalised kids’ backpack (various colours) 3. Personalised kids’ wooden tool belt toy 4. Personalised alphabet height chart


  1. Personalised large pet blanket 2. Dog essentials gift box 3. Personalised Christmas dog wrapping paper (two sheets) 4. Bubble O Bill dog bandana


PS. Meet the makers – MiMoj Designs and 5 podcasts you should be listening to RN

If you haven’t already jumped on the podcast train, it might be time to get on board. Since Serial made podcasts a thing back in 2014, they’ve gotten sharper, more creative and more varied than ever before. That’s all good for your ears, but it can make the choice of which podcast to press play on a lot trickier. Not sure which one to download first? We hit up our hardtofind staffers for their podcasts suggestions to help improve your day… Download the app, plug in your headphones and start listening.


She’s on the money – Georgia, designer

“Living my best millennial life of $5 coffee and annual Euro trips. This podcast is teaching me spending boundaries and sticking to a budget!”


99% invisible – Debbie, financial controller

“This podcast is all about designs and architecture that go unnoticed in our world and has some rather surprising stories! Check out episode 363 – Invisible Women, to start you off.”


The Joe Rogan experience – Martin, head of customer experience

“Joe Rogan’s podcasts are brilliant. They allow you to deep-dive into a subject that you may have zero prior knowledge about. You can get subject experts explaining topical things in a very relatable style. Joe also has a very natural way of interviewing which puts both the interviewee and audience at ease – knowing they’re in a safe pair of hands.”


Crime junkie – Sarah, social media and content manager

“I am, quite literally, true crime obsessed. The presenter of this podcast, Ashley Flowers has such a personable tone of voice and is so passionate about telling the stories of all these terrible, often unsolved, crimes. It’s particularly interesting hearing about some of the older crimes being solved, thanks to DNA and new technology. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait for a new episode to be released each week!”


The J-Files – Fordo, head of curation

“I love listening to the J-Files on Double J as they cover such diverse artists. Everyone from Joy Division to Hot Chip, it’s so interesting to hear in-depth details on their musical histories.”



You’re going to need a way to tune in

  1. Tracks headphones in black 2. VAIN STHLM in-ear headphones in dusty pink 3. Kreafunk aHead white edition Bluetooth headphones 4. AIR zen black wireless in-ear headphones


PS. The happiness edit and five things you can do today that your future self will thank you for




In this hectic world that we live in, it’s always good to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s ok to do nothing, or to have a day off and unplug.

Replying to the 144 unread messages in that group chat can wait until tomorrow, and if you don’t fancy socialising for one week no one is going to judge you for saying ‘no thank you, I need some me-time’.

Taking some time out for yourself is so important as if you don’t, you may well end up having a Britney circa 2007 moment and that really is no good for anyone.

It’s Mental Health Month coming up in October, so now is as good a time as any to do something kind for yourself and also to check in with friends, loved ones and colleagues to make sure they’re all doing ok too.

Check out our five top tips below for feel-good vibes and happiness, as life is too short to be stressed out and frazzled.


Whether it’s taking 5 minutes before bed to meditate (we love the headspace app), or spending a whole day at a spa, recharging your batteries is essential for your health and mind.

Even making the smallest of changes to your day can have a big impact on how you feel.

On your commute to work, for example, why not plug-in and listen to a podcast instead of the usual scroll on social media (more often than not resulting in stalking your best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend’s holiday pics and accidentally ‘liking’ one – criiinge).

Our fave podcasts in the hardtofind HQ at the moment include ‘She’s on the money’, ‘Crime Junkie’ and ‘Adulting’.

Know someone who could do with some de-stressing? We have a whole range of wellbeing gifts to shop for your loved ones here.

  1. Sleep mist 2. Natural eye and sleep mask in protea print 3. Bra off, hair up, wine poured extra large wine glass 4. She Chills mindful jigsaw puzzle

At work

We spend the majority of our week in the office, and our colleagues often know more about us than our partners do (oversharing is a common theme here at hardtofind HQ!)

Creating a fun, inspirational working environment is important for team bonding, idea creation and overall happiness in the workplace.

Having plants in the office is not only good for filtering the air but can also be an excellent, natural mood-booster. Just remember to water your colleague’s when they’re away to keep your best-work-pal status.

A daily walk around the block is also a great (and free!) way to get some fresh air and vitamin D at lunch and have a catch up with your work wife about her weekend antics.

You could also organise a bake-off one month, or a Tupperware party, where your team each bring in a dish for a lunch time sharing feast.

  1. A cup of tea solves everything mug 2. Eva Solo self-watering flower pot in grey 3. DOIY nigiri bento box 4. Personalised teal cake tin

At home

Create your own little zen space for you to come home to and unwind in after the craziness of the day.

We’re talking candles, cosy cushions, music and mood lighting galore.

  1. Crosley voyager portable turntable in dune 2. Zimi natural hammock 3. Ceramic diffuser + essential oils starter kit 4. Marle throw

Family and friends

Hosting a games night with friends or family can make a refreshing change from just sitting around watching a movie and can be so fun (esp if there’s wine and snacks involved).

Stuck on what to do at the weekend? Why not each put an activity (visit a different beach to the usual, go to the local markets, try a new brunch spot etc) into a hat and draw one out for a spontaneous day out idea!

  1. Personalised reasons why you’re my bestie keepsake 2. DOIY what can I do today? Activity box 3. Personalised reasons I love you wooden jigsaw puzzle 4. Ridley’s games room – charades quiz

Wellness and fitness

Now it’s spring, the lighter mornings and evenings make exercise waaay more appealing (no more dragging ourselves out of bed and into the freezing, pitch black darkness for that 6am bootcamp class we promised our friend we’d do).

Walking around the park with friends or doing a class together is a fun way to combine catching up and exercise (and is a lot cheaper than brunch – win win!).

  1. The classic Margarita surfboard swing 2. Personalised name insulated water bottle in white 3. DOIY 30 day activity challenge 4. DOIY yoga mat in rug design

PS. 5 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for

As part of our meet the makers series, we’ve been asking some of our rad sellers to showcase their favourite products on hardtofind. The result? An awesome array of gifts and finds to (hopefully) inspire and delight!

First up, is lovely Welsh duo Sean and Gafyn from MijMoj Designs.

Tell us a bit about your business?

Shwmae! We are long-time university pals, Gafyn and Sean and together we own and run MijMoj Design along with a small team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen.

Collectively, we love to design and handcraft a range of beautiful personalised gifts from our studio workshop, based in North Wales and we are really proud to say, that they are now distributed and gifted right across the world with love.

Our passion is developing useful, original, design-led products. We love to work with hardwoods such as oak and walnut which are from sustainable sources and combine them with other materials such as glass and metal to add aesthetic detail and functional appeal.

We take every care to ensure our customers are always totally thrilled with their purchase or gift and love to hear their feedback, so we can continually improve and develop new products.

What are your top three things to shop for online?

Between us we are not massive shoppers, but we always default online for gifts.

There is always something unique and thoughtful just a few clicks away if you know where to look and it’s great that you can buy and send a gift direct to the recipient.

  1. Wouf travel case 2. Personalised koala couple print 3. Personalised child’s dressing gown 4. Personalised birthday bangle

We love travelling so shopping for holidays is up there too, but that’s something that never happens often enough!

We also shop for tools for the business online to help improve the finish and quality of our products, so quite often get lost in machine and tool websites!

What’s your favourite item in your hardtofind store and why?

We really love our range of handcrafted solid oak watch stands to store from three to five watches.

Personalised solid oak watch stand (3, 4 and 5 watches)

We love making these, and as one of our original designs as a partnership (a MijMoj Design classic) they have become one of our most sought after product ranges.

We love the honesty and simplicity of their form, the storage functionality and the opportunity it gives the buyer to add thoughtful and meaningful personalised messages to the watch stand for the recipient.

They make great gifts for watch collectors for birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversary and wedding thank you gifts.

What’s your favourite item on hardtofind (not in your store) and why?

There’s nothing like a proper beer shared with friends so we are hoping Nia and Sarah (our wives) will take the hint and get us one of these this Christmas on behalf of our kids.

We had never heard of a ‘beer growler’ before… we love the name and are left wondering if it’s designed to say ‘don’t try and take our beer away!

Personalised beer growler and glasses set

Sean and Gafyn’s top 20 gift ideas from hardtofind

  1. Personalised bedside watch and phone stand 2. Personalised craft beer flight tasting set 3. Classic leather wash bag 4. Personalised solid oak micro plant pot 5. Mette dipped vase 6. Horizon watch in black and brown 7. Beer cap map wall art 8. Personalised distressed leather apron 9. Personalised mini round travel jewellery case 10. Personalised double guitar stand and plectrum holder in solid oak 11. Personalised photograph metal wallet keepsake card 12. Booze bangle in rose gold 13. Field tiered serving platter by Helen Kontouris 14. Matching dad and child balloon piggy back T-shirt twinset 15. Personalised solid oak watch box (6 or 10 watches) 16. Personalised stamped leather wrap bracelet 17. Rear bicycle light by Bike Balls 18. Solid oak personalised glasses stand 19. The WeDo family card game 20. Crosley cruiser deluxe portable turntable + free record storage crate


PS. Meet more of our makers + creators and how to be the best wedding guest!


Call us helpful, lovely, amazing, whatever… but we wanted to make Father’s Day gift shopping easy for you this year, collating our best ever collection of dad gifts in one, easy-to-shop place.

So, whether you’re buying a pressie for a rad step-dad, your boyfriend (aka no.1 dog dad to your pooch) or a special grandpa (or all of the above!) then check out our top picks below.

Want more, totally ace Father’s Day presents? Click here for collection of 1000 + rad dad gifts!

P.S. You owe us all coffees as we are pretty confident dad is going to be super chuffed with these awesome buys.


1. New dads

Dad to be mug + Personalised identity bracelet + Personalised Peppa Pig book: My daddyDad fuel beer tankard


2. Hubby (aka #1 dad to your kids!)

Personalised solid oak watch stand + Best dad personalised wallet card keepsake + The bank of dad T-shirt + Personalised #1 key ring


3. Dog dad

Personalised my dog photo socks + Unisex human’s alligator BBQ tee + Wise(ish) words for dog lovers: personalised gift book + Dog lovers tea towel


4. Bonus dad

World’s best step dad slate coaster + Personalised wine glass for step dad + Personalised step dad socks + Bonus dad mug


5. Grandad

Personalised Premium Cabretta leather golf glove + Personalised made with love wooden serving board + The grandfather men’s T-shirt + Solid oak personalised glasses stand


P.S. Our top 20 all-time favourite gifts for dad and How to choose the best corporate gifts


He’s put up with a lot over the years… from wiping bums, soothing tantrums and building your year five diorama at 11pm on a Sunday night; to dealing with teenage moodiness, being bank of dad and running a personal taxi service for you and your siblings.

So this Father’s Day, whether you want to wow your dad with a unique gift he won’t forget in a hurry, or tug on his heart strings with something a little more personal, we’ve knocked our heads together and come up with a shortlist of the 20 best gifts for dad (you can thank us for favourite child status later…).

Want more totally ace Father’s Day presents? Click here for collection of 1000 + rad dad gifts!

Drum roll please…

1. Personalised solid oak watch stand


2. Personalised est. date whisky glass


3. Personalised leather golf glove


4. Personalised message leather wallet


5. Personalised layered leather straps bracelet


6. Personalised ‘cut the cheese’ serving board


7. Personalised tan weekender bag


8. Crosley lancaster turntable


9. Shower beer holder


10. Personalised sundial compass keepsake


11. Personalised brushed bar cufflinks


12. Personalised cricket wicket toilet paper holder


13. Personalised shark socks


14. Personalised wooden dad dice


15. Personalised leather wash bag


16. The bank of dad T-shirt


17. Personalised daddy and me print


18. Top 10 tinnies gift box


19. The epic beard game


20. Personalised king of… beer tankard



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YOLO! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about seizing the day, living in the moment and never saying no to a hot cinnamon doughnut when it’s offered. But sometimes it’s good to think ahead – to do things today that are going to pay dividends tomorrow, a week from now or even years in the future. Want to do something that will make future you super proud? Here are five things you can do today that you’ll be high-fiving yourself for later…


1. Put some money away for a rainy day

We’re not saying you need to get $5K in bank by next Tuesday – but, when it comes to saving, every tiny bit helps. So kick off your rainy day fund with whatever change you’ve got in your wallet (or virtual change you’ve got in your bank account). Keeping a physical piggy bank on the benchtop can be a great reminder to collect all your stray coins and notes, and eventually they could add up to some serious dough. Ker-ching!


Personalised holiday money box + Llama money box + Personalised glass money jar + Personalised money box frame


2. Clean and organise your laundry

Maybe you’re awesome at laundry and wash everything immediately, iron it and put it neatly away… Or, maybe, you’re like us and you still have delicate items kicking around in the bottom of the washing basket, a load of towels that need to be put away and about six tailored shirts that are begging to be pressed. Carve out 90 minutes and go through everything , hand-washing those pesky delicates, sewing on any stray buttons, sending out the dry-clean-only items and restoring your laundry to a cleanly state of order.


Ironing board cover + Delicate wash liquid + Laundry wash tub basinSeagrass laundry basket


3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow

Growing your own greenery delivers a double pay-off – not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing your green thumb created new life (seriously, go you!), but you also get to enjoy the peaceful vibe and extra-fresh air created by your beautiful plants. Start with a batch of easy-to-grow herbs (we’re thinking basil, parsley, rosemary and oregano) and you’ll get the bonus benefit of having delicious fresh flavour-makers on hand.


Magnetic herb planter + Herb bag bundle + Self-watering potPersonalised concrete planter and pen pot


4. Start planning your holiday gifts, like, now

Christmas is coming (same time, every year!) so rather than getting caught off guard with a busy schedule and bulging credit card bill, start planning your gifts now. Keep a list of all the people you know you’ll need to buy for and figure out a loose budget. Then you can start putting money into a separate account and if you spot something on sale that you know your loved one will love? Snap it up! Then, when December rolls around, you’ll be smugly sipping Prosecco while everyone else does the mad Santa dash.


Personalised golf glove + Personalised headphones case + Personalised heart necklacePersonalised heart padlock keyring


5. Hit the kitchen for a little food prep

Whether you’re making tomorrow’s lunch, freezing frozen smoothie mixes or chopping up vegetables for this week’s dinner, prepping food in the kitchen when you have the time is definitely something you’ll be grateful for later. The key to making your food prep easy and fun? Investing in the right tools. Splash out on a set of good knives, a fun-but-practical chopping board and storage containers to keep all that yummy prepped food fresh.


Vegetable chopping board + Glass food storage box + Beeswax food pouchPersonalised breakfast jar


PS. Check out our five steps to your most-organised wardrobe and your autumn survival kit


As the temps start to drop and hibernation season closes in, it’s time to start prepping for the cool change. So how do you make it through the big chill? With the help of these autumn survival kit essentials…


1. Baking dish

If summer is for salads, then winter is for carbs. Think potato, think pasta, think endless loaves of sourdough toast. Preheat your oven and get cooking your heartiest recipe – that winter bod isn’t going to happen on its own…


2.  Woollen fedora

You know what comes with the autumn/winter cool? Wind. (Otherwise known as ‘your hair’s worst enemy’.) Do yourself a favour and invest in a sweet woollen fedora that’ll keep your noggin’ warm, while keeping your tresses under control.


3. Bath caddy

For those nights when your only plan is to cancel your plans (seriously, who wants to go out when it’s < 16 degrees?)…. embrace the JOMO jump in the tub. Enter: this clever bath caddy, which will hold your wine while you soak.


4. Decanter and glass set

New season, new spirit! (Sorry to love you and leave you this way, Aperol Spritz…) Whether it’s whisky or red wine, pouring your winter drink into a decanter makes it extra fancy – and it tastes better, too. Gotta let that bevvie breathe.


5. Hydrating face cream

As the Starks would say, ‘Winter is coming’ – and your skin needs to prepare for the harsh winds, freezing temps and super-drying heated air-con. Give it a hope it in hell of staying dewy by slathering on a natural hydrating face cream.


6. Moody scented candle

Nothing says ‘autumn is here’ like a rich scented candle, flickering away on the coffee table, while you watch 10 hours of Netflix straight. Just shelve the summery scents – you don’t need a seaside smell taunting you till August.


7. Stripe sheet set

The days are getting shorter, which means more time you-know-where. (BED. MORE TIME IN BED.) Cosy up with some fresh cotton sheets and not even that annoying snooze alarm every nine minutes will be able to rouse you.


8. Super-cosy scarf

Unexpected chills can you hit you at any time: A freezing cold movie theatre. An overly-air-conned office. Arm yourself with an incredibly wool blend scarf that’s big enough to double as an emergency wrap.


PS. Six accessories for any season and try our go-to cocktail recipes

Welcome to wedding season – that time of the year when you can pull the save-the-dates off the fridge door, because the date you saved is finally here. If you’ve RSVPed ‘yes’ to one or more weddings this autumn, chances are you’re thinking about how you can get yourself in best guest mode (also, how you can guzzle as many free Proseccos as possible in the five-hour reception window). We hear you. So, we recruited our head of content Alice – who has been to her fair share of hitchings, thanks to her side hustle as a marriage celebrant – to give us the downlow on wedding guest dos and don’ts.


DON’T show up late

That’s the bride’s schtick! If the ceremony is supposed to start at 3pm, then aim to get there at least half an hour before – that should leave you with enough time freshen up your lippie and spend at least eight minutes getting your ear gnawed off by Uncle Jerry before you find your seat. No one wants to be the guest pulling into the venue behind the bridal car…


DO respect the dress code

If the wedding invite says ‘black-tie’, get yourself into something fancy and floor-length (raid a mate’s closet or rent an outfit if you have to!) and if they tell you to keep it smart casual, take that as a license to chill on the wardrobe front. The couple have likely gone to a lot of effort, designing and pulling together this event (because that’s what you call a party that costs an average of $40,000+) and it’s a nod of respect to stick to the dress code they’ve requested.


DON’T just be an observer

Unless you were an obligatory work invite (sorry, Sharon from accounts), you’ve been invited to this wedding for one reason: Because the couple getting married really really like you. So don’t sit in the back row like an awkward Eddie, get involved. Clap and cheer during the ceremony, chat to some new people at your table and dance the Macarena like you were born to do it. (After a few free vinos, you won’t need much encouragement.)


DO find out the deal on photos

Every couple has a different idea of what they want when it comes to photos and sharing them on social media – and they’ll probably make it clear, with either signage or a few words from the celebrant before the ceremony. If they’re going unplugged all day, keep your phone tucked away, but if they’ve got a hashtag, it’s safe to assume they’re happy for you to go nuts on Instagram! Posting up a storm? Always use the couple’s # so they can find your photos later. They’ll appreciate it the next day, when they want to relive all the action, but don’t have their own snaps!


DON’T forget a thoughtful thanks

Being an awesome wedding guest isn’t all about the gift you get, but it is a little bit about that. Saying thank you to the newlyweds in a meaningful way is important, whether that’s with a card, a beautiful print or a personalised cheese board that they can pull out for anniversary celebrations for years to come.


1. Personalised Botanical Wine Box 2. Personalised ‘We Did’ Champagne Glass Set

3. Couple’s Wedding Ring Box 4. Personalised Oak Round Board

5. Couple’s Initial Monogram Print 6. Couple’s Leather Heart Key Ring Set

7. Personalised Couple’s Travel Bag Set 8. Personalised Wooden ‘Just Married’ Luggage Tags

9. ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ Prints (Set of 2) 10. Personalised Wooden Wedding Cake Knife

11. Personalised Monogram Cut Glass Tumbler 12. Personalised Initials Couple’s Cushion


PS. More pressie inspo for all your peeps and this seller is a gifting pro

Mother’s Day comes but once a year. (The second Sunday in May, so put that date in your dairy and underline it six times with a red pen.) But mums? They’re working like superheroes the whole year round – dishing out life advice, pushing broccoli on their unwilling offspring, and making sure no one in the family goes outside without a jacket. Yep, she deserves a really really good gift. Whether it’s a luxe leather jewellery case, embossed with her initials, a heart-shaped collage of her favourite happy snaps or a bespoke cake tin to store her famous apple pie (hint hint, Mum!), we’ve got Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll make her day – just like she’s made yours. All 365 of them.

You’ve heard Mum say that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ (along with her other faves, ‘Because I said so’ and ‘I’m not a taxi service, you know’…) and when it comes to the best gifts for mum, it should come as no surprise that Mama Dearest is absolutely right. Thoughtfulness is everything. Think about that hand-painted pasta necklace you made her in preschool that she actually wore. For several months. If you’re older than six, you might want to raise the bar from DIY dried-food accessories, but you can still create a present that’s unique and personal – you just need a little help from a secret weapon we like to call ‘personalised pressies’.

Our collection of personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas is chock-full of customisable accessories, homewares and gifts that she’s bound to treasure for years to come. (They’ll definitely be joining the pasta necklace in the gifting hall of fame.) With everything from a dainty bracelet to a leather wash bag, cotton PJs or a custom print, it’s quick and easy to make these pieces your own by adding a bespoke name, date or special message. Simply enter your chosen details into the personalisation fields as you order and it’s kind of like you made it yourself, with no craft skills required.

Need a little extra help coming up with the perfect gift ideas for Mum? Try searching for gifts based on your mama’s personality. Maybe she’s a keen baker who can make miracles with flour, sugar, butter and a wooden spoon? Maybe she loves to jet-set and always has an eye on her next destination? Or maybe she’s more interested in the fashion runway than the airport one. Whatever your mum’s style, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite gifts for mum Australia below, so you can treat your wondermum to something truly wonderful!


The baking mum

She’s like Nigella in the kitchen – cooking up feasts fit for a family of 50 (never mind that there’s only a few of you). As her sous chef, she’ll happily teach you how to poach the perfect egg, roast the perfect whole chook, and bake her signature lemon tea cake. Ask her for the secret ingredient, and she’ll tell you it’s a ‘sprinkle of love’…

1. Personalised Mum Cooking Apron 2. Retro Baking Label Collection 3. Personalised ‘Baked With Love’ Pyrex Dish 4. Personalised ‘Queen of Cakes’ Round Baking Board


The stylish mum

She’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum. She’s read the latest issue of Vogue from cover to cover and her credit card statement reads like a list of stores on the high street. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t tell her that you ‘borrowed’ her favourite linen shirt last season…

1. Monstera Clutch Bag 2. Palermo Summer Boater Hat 3. Personalised Monogram Cut Glass Tumbler 4. Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle Print


The homebody mum

She’s happiest when she’s at home in her cosy knitted socks, with the sweet scent of a calming candle filing the air. Her living space is her happy place, so she wants to fill it with beautiful pieces that spark joy (yep, you bet she watched that Marie Kondo series on Netflix!).

1. Crosley Soho Turntable Stand 2. Personalised Name Wine Glass 3. Peony Soy Candle 4. ‘Home Sweet Home’ Steel Sign


The green thumb mum

She’s always pottering around in the garden with a wide-brim sun hat and a pair of gloves. She can tell instantly why that hydrangea is wilting and will happily take it in for a little rehab under her supervision. She’s your on-call plant helpline – and, thanks to her green thumb wisdom, you’ll never confuse a weed for a flower.

1. Even Steven Large Original Pot 2. Ladies’ Gardening Glove 3. Personalised Luxe Copper Fork and Towel 4. Pot Plants Notebook


The travelling mum

Now you see her, now she’s in Tokyo. She loves being up in the air, whether she’s jetting out of town on business, taking the family on a trip interstate or escaping with the girls to sip mai tais Hawaii. Her passport is her prize possession – and it’s got more stamps than your primary school stamp collection.

1. Personalised Adventure Awaits Luggage Tag 2. Maya Dress in Midnight 3. New York Minimalist Map Print 4. Jet Travel Pouch


The super sentimental mum

She’s got photos of the family on every wall and she’d probably tear up if one of her kids gave her a recycled toilet roll. She’s all about gifts that are meaningful, personal and come straight from the heart – think engraved jewellery, a custom family print or a key ring with her child’s illustration. It’s all going straight to the pool room.

1. Personalised Family Illustration Print 2. Personalised Family Names Russian Ring Necklace 3. Personalised Colour-in Family Portrait 4. Personalised Family Tree Cotton Cushion


PS. Meet the new status candle and you can’t go wrong with something from this list for Mum

It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: Lucy Tapper at FromLucy.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… illustrated personalised gifts for all the family, including the ever-popular ‘The Day You Were Born’ book!

Right now I’m inspired by… whatever’s in my head! I try and be as original as possible. We’re constantly bringing out new products that are normally developed from an idea I’ve had sitting under a tree at the bottom of my garden (or sometimes in the middle of the night!).

My favourite part of the making process is… the original sketches in my sketchbook. I’m trying to keep my work ethic old school and originate to my sketch book. My two illustrators love working straight from the iPad, but us Generation X’s aren’t up to speed with that just yet!

I work from… a small studio in Tavistock, Devon with my wonderful team of creatives.

A typical day for me involves… getting up with my two gorgeous girls and husband, doing the school run, then heading into work. I try and keep my work hours between 9am-3pm, and then any time at home is strictly family time – although I am prone to sneaking my sketch book out if me and my husband, Steve, are watching TV in the evening!

My proudest business moment was… receiving an order from The Royal Family! Our ‘The Day You Were Born’ print is proudly hanging in HRH Prince George’s and HRH Princess Charlotte’s nurseries. There are SO many proud moments, but this one tops it all.

When I started my business, I wish I’d known… it’d be such a long process! I wouldn’t change anything for the world, but it’s taken me 10 years to get where I am today. With every success I reach, I create another goal.

I’d describe my personal style as… quirky and traditional. My little cottage is small and cosy, whereas my illustrating style is super personal. All of the patterns used for the illustrations throughout our personalised books are scans of my daughters’ clothes!

My last purchase was… a real life hedgehog! I’ve wanted a hedgehog ever since I was little, even more so since we created and published ‘Hedgehugs’, and we finally caved and bought one. Hattie will be joining our family very soon.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… TEA. The stereotypical Brit will give you this answer every time (or coffee!) but a cup of tea is the best way to start a day. Fact.

The motto I live by is… ‘You only get one chance at life so make the most of it. It’s better to say “oh well” than “what if” – you may end up saying “oh wow!”.

I’m hoping 2019 will bring… more success! I want this business to be the best it can possibly be, not only for myself but for my wonderful team.

Everything tastes better with a little… tea. Always tea. Lots and lots of it.


Shop FromLucy

1. ‘The Day You Were Born’ Personalised New Baby Book 2. Little Life Kit 3. Family Challenges Game 4. ‘Our Mum’ Personalised Book For Mothers


PS. Meet more of our makers and creators!

The tailored blazer. The white shirt. The skinny jeans. They’re your wardrobe classics – high-rotation pieces that will survive through the seasons. But what about those little finishing touches? While a fun slogan tote or a colourful beaded necklace can be an easy (and affordable!) way to embrace what’s trending, creating an accessories wardrobe that’s truly versatile starts with a solid foundation of classic pieces. Meet your six essential building blocks…


1. The subtle hoop

Sleek, simple and with the ability to transition seamlessly from day to night, the hoop is your jewellery box’s unsung hero. The trick to finding the perfect pair? Opt for something small or midsize (aka less Jenny From The Block circa 2002) in solid gold, rose gold or silver.


2. The black leather handbag

The tale of the ideal bag reads just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – not too big, not too small, but just the right size to fit all your essentials (think: phone, wallet, lipstick and emergency snacks). Pick a style in classic black leather and it’ll work back with any outfit.


3. The nautical boater hat

Shield your face from the summer rays (whether you’re at the seaside or in the city) with a boater hat. It’s a style that looks luxe and flatters most face shapes – and it’ll certainly score you some bonus points if you find yourself yachting through the harbour…


4. The tortoiseshell shades

A single pair of sunnies to get you through the seasons? Tortoiseshell shades reporting for duty! Timeless yet with a contemporary feel, the brown patterned frames will accompany any outfit (and complement any skin tone). They’re a better investment than stocks.


5. The sophisticated watch

You know what’s great? Being able to catch the time, without having to dig through your bag for your smartphone. And nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of an analogue watch face – even if it can’t also text your mate back about dinner…


6. The checked linen scarf

Whether you’re covering up from the sun or dealing with an unexpected chill, a lightweight linen scarf is an accessory that’ll work hard for you – and look good doing it. For ultimate versatility, embrace a monochrome palette and pared-back prints.


PS. Meet the new status candle and our latest swimwear crush

There’s nothing wrong with watching Love Actually for the 685th time (it is a turtleneck-filled masterpiece, after all), but if you’re feeling like your Christmas movie playlist is a bit been-there-seen-that, we’ve come up with a few festive film swaps that’ll go well with a spiked eggnog…


If you love The Holiday… try The Family Stone

What’s Christmas if not the perfect occasion to bring your conservative, uptight girlfriend home to meet every member of your free-spirited family? Needless to say, things get messy in this flick (and we’re not just talking about the breakfast casserole…).


If you love Bad Santa… try A Bad Moms Christmas

Put the ‘silly’ in silly season! If you agree that all holiday films are made better with borderline inappropriate jokes, then you’ll enjoy LOL-ing your way through this tale of three mums who struggle to make it through Christmas with their own unbearable mothers.


If you love Elf… try Fred Claus

When Santa’s grinchy big brother Fred is short on cash at Christmastime (we feel that pain), the big man calls him up the North Pole to hustle for his bonus. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely agree that Vince Vaughn is Christmas movie star we never knew we needed… See also: Four Holidays.


If you love Home Alone… try Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a mad toy store scramble and a fictional superhero called Turbo-Man… what else could you want in a holiday movie? This story about a desperate dad on the hunt for a sold-out-everywhere action figure is a modern Christmas classic.


If you love Die Hard… try Lethal Weapon

It’s not technically a yuletide flick, but the action in Lethal Weapon takes place during the Christmas season, and the movie’s soundtrack does kick off with with ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ends with ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’. It’s one for the I’m-not-wearing-antlers-ever types.


PS. Very festive gift ideas and everything you need to get set for Christmas!

Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 6: Prepare to party….

So, you’ve decorated your pad for the festive season (hello, Santa sacks and fairy lights!), got a jump-start on your gift shopping and come up with a fun new tradition for Christmas Day – now it’s time to pop the Prosecco, put your six-inch heels up and get ready to party. Whether you’re hosting a silly season soirée, getting your bonus in free drinks at the office party or just sharing a holiday date night with your love, we’ve got your essentials sorted.


What to wear

Being party ready means being ready to eat, drink and not worry about tight fabrics or constricting waistbands! Think floaty frocks that’ll give you the freedom to feast on canapés and comfy flats that’ll allow you to bust your best moves on the D-floor. If you’ve got a number of events on the calendar and you’re worried about outfit repeating, keep it simple with a neutral block colour dress and shake up your accessories to create a fresh vibe for each outing.

1. Biba Cotton Wrap Dress 2. Black and White Diamond Earrings 3. Personalised Make-up Brush Set 4. Katia Top 5. Column Drake Reversible Knee-Length Dress 6. Classic Clutch in Leopard Print Pony Hair


What to serve

If you’re hosting a Christmas party, you’re going to want to make sure your guests are well fed and well lubricated – so, stock up on bites and booze! Start by considering what kind of party you’re planning. Are you hosting a sit-down dinner with three courses, a laidback barbecue or a relaxed cocktail party that will allow people to mingle while they snack on finger food? Then think about what decor, serving dishes and glassware you need to make it happen.

1. DOIY Cheeseporn Cheese Board 2. Crosley Auto T400 Turntable 3. Rocky Road Table Cloth 4. Personalised Zinc Ice Bucket  5. After Dinner Fortunes 6. Atlas Crystal Whisky Decanter Set


Want some extra entertaining tips? Soak up the wisdom in these party-ready posts:


What to play

Every party needs a killer playlist – and that’s exactly what we’ve compiled. Featuring everyone from Usher to Culture Club, it’s two hours of iconic toe-tapping hits. Blast it to get you in the silly season spirit or to encourage your guests to throw some shapes…


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

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