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What does Father’s Day mean to your family? It might be a day out, lunch with the clan or dinner for two. And of course, those thoughtful gifts for Dad! But the best Father’s Day gifts aren’t always the ones in the biggest packages. Here’s our round-up of 25 messages to write on a Father’s Day card — because a well-worded card can be the most valued gift for Dad.

Simple messages to write on a Father’s Day card

Sometimes a few words can say it all. If you want to keep it simple but still let him know how much you care, try one of these classic lines:

  • Thanks for being awesome
  • Dad, you’re the greatest
  • You’re a cool dad
  • Love you to the moon
  • To the best dad in the world
  • Have the best day — you deserve it
  • Happy daddy day
  • Thanks for everything you do
  • You’re a brilliant dad

Meaningful messages to write on a Father’s Day card

Want to tell Dad just how much he means to you? Sometimes it’s easier to write it down. Here’s a bit of inspo to get you started:

  • Thanks for everything you’ve done for me
  • Thanks Dad, I wouldn’t be me without you
  • You mean the world to me
  • Thank you for helping me grow
  • Thanks for being there all my life
  • Dad, I will always look up to you
  • Thanks for believing in me
  • Happy Father’s Day to my hero

Funny messages to write on a Father’s Day card

If your pa is one for a dad joke, he’ll appreciate a one liner so he can see his humour has been passed down a generation. These should raise a smile:

  • Thanks Dad — you’re like a father to me
  • To the world’s best dad, from the world’s best kid
  • Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite parents
  • I didn’t get you a gift because you already have me!
  • Cheers for spending all your money on me
  • You’re the best Dad I’ve ever had
  • You’ve done a great job — just look at me!
  • I’m just here for the inheritance


Our top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


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Silly season is coming back around again (yes, we can hear the groans!).

And whilst we haven’t started playing Michael Bublé in the office just yet (it’ll be on heavy rotation along with Destiny’s Child’s ‘8 Days Of Christmas’ come October 1), we thought we’d channel our inner Buddy and share some festive decor inspo to help ease you gently into the Christmas spirit.

So whether you are going full kitsch and colourful with your Christmas tree this year or you prefer a more minimal vibe, we are confident that we have the perfect Christmas ornaments that will do your tree proud (even if it is a slightly wonky artificial one from Ikea…).

Also, don’t forget the presents to go under your freshly decorated tree! You can check out our full range of Christmas gift ideas here. Because the early bird catches the worm and all that jazz.


  1. Personalised rainbow glass dome bauble 2. Sparkly cactus bauble 3. Gingle bells floral gin baubles (set of 6) 4. Red wine bottle Christmas decoration


  1. Joy star ornament 2. Engraved love, peace, noel and joy ceramic baubles 3. Bauble gift tags 4. Personalised reindeer Christmas decoration


  1. Personalised star Christmas tree topper 2. Personalised set of hollow wooden acorn Christmas decorations 3. Personalised Christmas mirror name decoration 4. Personalised beard bobble hat Santa ornament

Make it personal

  1. Personalised fill me up bauble 2. Personalised dog ornament 3. Set of five personalised hollow wooden Christmas baubles 4. Emperor penguin bauble

PS. Start stockpiling those Christmas gifts now and the happiness edit


Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.

In this hectic world that we live in, it’s always good to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s ok to do nothing, or to have a day off and unplug.

Replying to the 144 unread messages in that group chat can wait until tomorrow, and if you don’t fancy socialising for one week no one is going to judge you for saying ‘no thank you, I need some me-time’.

Taking some time out for yourself is so important as if you don’t, you may well end up having a Britney circa 2007 moment and that really is no good for anyone.

It’s Mental Health Month coming up in October, so now is as good a time as any to do something kind for yourself and also to check in with friends, loved ones and colleagues to make sure they’re all doing ok too.

Check out our five top tips below for feel-good vibes and happiness, as life is too short to be stressed out and frazzled.


Whether it’s taking 5 minutes before bed to meditate (we love the headspace app), or spending a whole day at a spa, recharging your batteries is essential for your health and mind.

Even making the smallest of changes to your day can have a big impact on how you feel.

On your commute to work, for example, why not plug-in and listen to a podcast instead of the usual scroll on social media (more often than not resulting in stalking your best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend’s holiday pics and accidentally ‘liking’ one – criiinge).

Our fave podcasts in the hardtofind HQ at the moment include ‘She’s on the money’, ‘Crime Junkie’ and ‘Adulting’.

Know someone who could do with some de-stressing? We have a whole range of wellbeing gifts to shop for your loved ones here.

  1. Sleep mist 2. Natural eye and sleep mask in protea print 3. Bra off, hair up, wine poured extra large wine glass 4. She Chills mindful jigsaw puzzle

At work

We spend the majority of our week in the office, and our colleagues often know more about us than our partners do (oversharing is a common theme here at hardtofind HQ!)

Creating a fun, inspirational working environment is important for team bonding, idea creation and overall happiness in the workplace.

Having plants in the office is not only good for filtering the air but can also be an excellent, natural mood-booster. Just remember to water your colleague’s when they’re away to keep your best-work-pal status.

A daily walk around the block is also a great (and free!) way to get some fresh air and vitamin D at lunch and have a catch up with your work wife about her weekend antics.

You could also organise a bake-off one month, or a Tupperware party, where your team each bring in a dish for a lunch time sharing feast.

  1. A cup of tea solves everything mug 2. Eva Solo self-watering flower pot in grey 3. DOIY nigiri bento box 4. Personalised teal cake tin

At home

Create your own little zen space for you to come home to and unwind in after the craziness of the day.

We’re talking candles, cosy cushions, music and mood lighting galore.

  1. Crosley voyager portable turntable in dune 2. Zimi natural hammock 3. Ceramic diffuser + essential oils starter kit 4. Marle throw

Family and friends

Hosting a games night with friends or family can make a refreshing change from just sitting around watching a movie and can be so fun (esp if there’s wine and snacks involved).

Stuck on what to do at the weekend? Why not each put an activity (visit a different beach to the usual, go to the local markets, try a new brunch spot etc) into a hat and draw one out for a spontaneous day out idea!

  1. Personalised reasons why you’re my bestie keepsake 2. DOIY what can I do today? Activity box 3. Personalised reasons I love you wooden jigsaw puzzle 4. Ridley’s games room – charades quiz

Wellness and fitness

Now it’s spring, the lighter mornings and evenings make exercise waaay more appealing (no more dragging ourselves out of bed and into the freezing, pitch black darkness for that 6am bootcamp class we promised our friend we’d do).

Walking around the park with friends or doing a class together is a fun way to combine catching up and exercise (and is a lot cheaper than brunch – win win!).

  1. The classic Margarita surfboard swing 2. Personalised name insulated water bottle in white 3. DOIY 30 day activity challenge 4. DOIY yoga mat in rug design

PS. 5 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for

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YOLO! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about seizing the day, living in the moment and never saying no to a hot cinnamon doughnut when it’s offered. But sometimes it’s good to think ahead – to do things today that are going to pay dividends tomorrow, a week from now or even years in the future. Want to do something that will make future you super proud? Here are five things you can do today that you’ll be high-fiving yourself for later…


1. Put some money away for a rainy day

We’re not saying you need to get $5K in bank by next Tuesday – but, when it comes to saving, every tiny bit helps. So kick off your rainy day fund with whatever change you’ve got in your wallet (or virtual change you’ve got in your bank account). Keeping a physical piggy bank on the benchtop can be a great reminder to collect all your stray coins and notes, and eventually they could add up to some serious dough. Ker-ching!


Personalised holiday money box + Llama money box + Personalised glass money jar + Personalised money box frame


2. Clean and organise your laundry

Maybe you’re awesome at laundry and wash everything immediately, iron it and put it neatly away… Or, maybe, you’re like us and you still have delicate items kicking around in the bottom of the washing basket, a load of towels that need to be put away and about six tailored shirts that are begging to be pressed. Carve out 90 minutes and go through everything , hand-washing those pesky delicates, sewing on any stray buttons, sending out the dry-clean-only items and restoring your laundry to a cleanly state of order.


Ironing board cover + Delicate wash liquid + Laundry wash tub basinSeagrass laundry basket


3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow

Growing your own greenery delivers a double pay-off – not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing your green thumb created new life (seriously, go you!), but you also get to enjoy the peaceful vibe and extra-fresh air created by your beautiful plants. Start with a batch of easy-to-grow herbs (we’re thinking basil, parsley, rosemary and oregano) and you’ll get the bonus benefit of having delicious fresh flavour-makers on hand.


Magnetic herb planter + Herb bag bundle + Self-watering potPersonalised concrete planter and pen pot


4. Start planning your holiday gifts, like, now

Christmas is coming (same time, every year!) so rather than getting caught off guard with a busy schedule and bulging credit card bill, start planning your gifts now. Keep a list of all the people you know you’ll need to buy for and figure out a loose budget. Then you can start putting money into a separate account and if you spot something on sale that you know your loved one will love? Snap it up! Then, when December rolls around, you’ll be smugly sipping Prosecco while everyone else does the mad Santa dash.


Personalised golf glove + Personalised headphones case + Personalised heart necklacePersonalised heart padlock keyring


5. Hit the kitchen for a little food prep

Whether you’re making tomorrow’s lunch, freezing frozen smoothie mixes or chopping up vegetables for this week’s dinner, prepping food in the kitchen when you have the time is definitely something you’ll be grateful for later. The key to making your food prep easy and fun? Investing in the right tools. Splash out on a set of good knives, a fun-but-practical chopping board and storage containers to keep all that yummy prepped food fresh.


Vegetable chopping board + Glass food storage box + Beeswax food pouchPersonalised breakfast jar


PS. Check out our five steps to your most-organised wardrobe and your autumn survival kit


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An easy way to score points with your friends? Host an good old-fashioned game night! A fun spin on entertaining at home – it’s less formal than a dinner party and a great way to get raucous with your favourite people. It might even become a regular event…


The right mix of guests

How many peeps you invite to your game night will depend on what you’re planning to play. (Because an odd number of players and a game that’s played in pairs means someone’s left out of the action!) Want to expand your usual friend list or get to know some new folks? Game night can be a great opportunity to introduce people who don’t already know each other – with everyone focused on the game, there’s less pressure on making small talk.


Easy-to-play games

Word to the wise: Game night may not be the best time to school your guests on how to play Settlers of Catan. Instead, stick to classic games that are familiar and super easy to play – think old-school bingo or board games like Cluedo, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Cards are also a fun option. A Texas Hold’em kit with profesh decks and poker chips will up the stakes, or have fun with a simple but cheeky card game like F*ck. The Game.


Snacky fingerfood

Trying to keep track of your bingo board while you chow down a four-course meal can be tough, so when it comes to game night food, bite-size options are best. Guacamole and corn chips, mini sliders, quiches, sushi rolls or a charcuterie board are easy to munch on and will keep your guests’ tummies filled (because, take it from us, competitive and hangry is not a good mix).


A place to play

Clear off the coffee table and make space for your guests to spread out and have fun. Think about seating, whether it’s chairs around the dining table or big floor cushions in the living room – you want your mates to be comfortable, but easily able to reach and be part of the game. Also, consider where you’ll serve food and drinks. Set up some side tables or pouffes with trays to keep bevvies away from the board games!


Your game-night essentials

1. Personalised Silver Ice Bucket 2. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards

3. Games Room Poker Set 4. Kinetic Stemless Wine Glasses

5. Personalised Leather Playing Card Set 6. Chess Set

7. Ridley’s Bingo  8. ‘Cheese Please!’ Board

9. Table Tennis Set – Wooden Kids’ Play Table 10. Negroni Cocktails


PS. Gifts for your boozy mates and make a signature party tipple!

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Whether winter is your favourite season (cosy scarves, doona days and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows… what’s not to love?) or reluctantly sending you into a three-month hibernation, the cool weather is good for one thing – it’s a totally valid reason to update your wardrobe and living space.

Whether you opt to embrace a rich winter palette of forest green and navy or introduce a bit of a luxe texture (hello, velvet!), this year’s top winter trends make it easy to create that warm vibe you’re craving… even if the temps outside are below 10 degrees!


1. Heavy metals

Think gold, think brass, think bronze…  These bold metal finishes exude an elegance that will perfectly accent your winter colour palette.

1. Raw Brass Display Box

3. Metal Tube Bronze Pendant Light 4. Metallic Gold Spice Side Table

4. Candelabra in Brass 5. Bull Wine Stopper


2. Velvet

It doesn’t just look lush, velvet is soft to touch and the perfect texture to warm up your look. Try incorporating the trend with scatter cushions or accessories.

1. Scarlett Mary Jane Pump Heels

2. Elwyn Square Velvet Cushion 4. Wouf Clutch in Leaves Print

4. Velvet Map Embroidery Hoop  5. Just Like Honey Quilt Cover Set


3. Moody hues

Spring florals can take a backseat – this season it’s all about rich shades of navy, forest green and burgundy teamed with neutrals like taupe, grey and tan.

1. Leather Glasses Box

2. Luxury Wool Cashmere Cape 3. Personalised Map of the Stars Print

4. Body Oil in Rose Geranium and Lavender 5. Personalised Love Birds Hardwood Serving Board


4. Tan leather

We already told you this bag should be on your wishlist, but our obsession with tan leather extends to your home, too. It’s classic but refreshingly cool.

1. Tan Tote Bag

2. Single Deck Case for Playing Cards 3. Pages Quilted Square Cushion

4. Mushroom Suede Leather Strap Shelf 5. ‘Dad and Me’ Personalised Leather Apron Set 


PS. Wall art for every style and more so-2018-right-now trends

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Our real-life princess dreams might have gone up in smoke when Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle, but we’re still determined to level up our commoner lifestyle and start living like royalty. (Jeeves, bring around a plate of cucumber sandwiches!)

And if you, too, think that you ought to have born into the Mountbatten-Windsor clan, we’ve got a few hot tips for how you can live like the king or queen of your own royal family…

1. Put something on your head. A tiara, a hat, a crown – all royals know the ultimate accessory is a statement headpiece. (See also: Gloves.)

2. Wave at strangers from your car. Flap your hand at the masses while you’re riding shotgun and you’ve basically got yourself a royal processional.

3. Give yourself a new name. It’s not Sharon anymore, it’s HRH Sharon the Duchess of Balmoral. (Extra points if you live in a royal-sounding neighbourhood.)

4. Request a standing ovation. Tell your family and colleagues that when the Queen stands, everyone stands. A curtsey greeting goes without saying.

5. Always be paparazzi ready. One scandalous glimpse of thigh getting out of a taxi and you’ll be on the cover of Woman’s Day for a month.

6. Less supply, more demand! Say goodbye to your favourite Insta Stories filter, you’ll only be releasing official portraits on the ‘Gram from now on.

7. Accept gifts graciously. This is royal decree. So, go ahead and let everyone know that anything from the list below will be very well received…


1. Queen Bee A4 Print 2. Personalised Crown Ring


3. Personalised ‘Queen of Cheese’ Board and Knives 4. Personalised Queen Tea Towel


5. ‘Lizzy Stardust’ by Banksy Art Print 6. ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ Personalised Pillowcase Set


7. ‘No.1 Prosecco Queen’ Glass  8. ‘Chin Up Princess Or The Crown Slips’ Cushion


9. Personalised Royal-themed Children’s Art Print 10. Personalised ‘My Royal Baby’ Necklace


11. Personalised Queen of Make-up Bag 12. ‘Queen of Every F*cking Thing’ Mug


13. Princess Crown Brooch Pin 14. Personalised King Apron


15. Crown Mini Model Kit 16. Kiss A Frog Mug


Main image: ‘It Should Have Been Me’ T-shirt


PS. What to buy your queen this Mother’s Day and our favourite UK sellers

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Here at hardtofind, we love two things: shopping for gifts (it’s kinda our thing!) and OUR MUMS. Those lady legends who literally gave us life are some of our best friends and favourite people in the world! So, when Mother’s Day rolls around on May 13, you can bet we’re gonna spoil those hard-working mamas rotten.

Even though they all deserve brand new cars and a six-week trip to Hawaii, the truth is that when it comes to mums and gifts, it really is the thought that counts. (Remember when you gave her that finger painting on craft paper when you were six and she was positively thrilled? Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of unique gifts for mum that are step up from that.) From engraved jewellery to  framed photo prints and luxe leather accessories, it’s easy to find a bespoke gift for Mother’s Day that’s filled with heartfelt thought.

Need a bit of inspo? We asked five staffers to share what they’re buying their mums this year. Check out their picks, then browse through our curated Mother’s Day collection – it’s jam-packed with bespoke gifts for mum that will help you say ‘thank you very very very much’.


1. Personalised Make-up Brush Holder 2. ‘I Love You Mum’ Pana Chocolate Gift Pack 3. ‘World’s Greatest Mother’ Enamel Pin 4. Personalised Mum’s Measure Wine Glass 5. Glow Organic Herbal Tea 6. Felt Plant Cover


1. ‘Always In Your Heart’ Cushion 2. Personalised Special Occasions Photo Frame 3. Moroccan Ritual Kit Organic Skincare Detox 4. Personalised Minimalist Style Print Scarf 5. Personalised ‘Queen’ Oven Mitt 6. S’well Resort Collection Insulated Bottle


1. Neve Shirt in White Spruce 2. Tonic Relax Heat Pillow Dove 3. Unforgettable Wool Scarf 4. Personalised Mixed Gold Family Names Necklace 5. Soft Leather and Suede Trinket Box 6. Portsea Getaway Bag in Navy


1. Personalised Reversible Pleated Cashmere Scarf 2. Personalised Signature Make-up Pouch 3. Personalised Gumleaf Hardwood Serving Board 4. Personalised Heart Locket Necklace 5. All-natural Cosmetics Hand Kit 6. Personalised Small Leather Jewellery Box



1. Brodie Pyjama Set 2. B&O Play Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3. Personalised Initial Pastille Sautoir Necklace 4. Organic Hand Wash and Lotion 5. Bucket Bag in Nude 6. Pure Linen Stonewashed Robe


PS. These gifts have every mum covered and what’s trending right now…

Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.

What’s affordable, easy to put up with a 3M hook and can change the look of your whole room in 4.6 seconds? Der, wall art. These days, when it comes to ready-to-frame (or even better, pre-framed and ready-to-hang) wall art, you’ve got more options than the biscuit aisle of Woolworths. So, how to choose… We figure there’s only one way to make these big and important decisions: EMOJIS. Take our quick emoji quiz (you can do it while your boss is in the loo) and we’ll tell you exactly what wall art style you should be channelling.


1. Pick an emoji:

a) 🌿

b) 🌍

c) 📸

e) 📢

d) 💭

f) 💕


2. Pick another emoji:

a) 🌴

b) 🏡

c) 🖼

d) 💁

e) 🕶

f) 🎉


3. Pick a final emoji:

a) 🌵

b) 🗺

c) 🌊

d) 🆒

e) ◻️

f) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


If you answered mostly A… Go green!

All the plants, palm trees and succulents coming your way. And if your green thumb isn’t yet finely tuned, don’t stress – these prints never go brown and wilty!

1. Watercolour Leaf Art 2. Prickly Pear Print 3. Vintage Palms Print 4. Eucalyptus Leaves Print


If you answered mostly B… Location, location!

Whether you’re repping your local pride or keeping track of your travels, deck your walls with modern, minimalist maps and postcode prints.

1. Paris Minimalist Map 2. Postcodes Coordinates Personalised Art Print 3. Northern Beaches Minimalist Monochrome Map 4. Brooklyn Map Print


If you answered mostly C… Hey, shutterbug!

Maybe you’re a pro with the camera yourself or maybe you just know an awesome photo when you see one (thanks, Instagram)… These’ll make you want to double tap the wall.

1. Iceberg Framed Canvas Print 2. Pastel Doors Photographic Print 3. City Art Print 4. Sea Bliss Art Print


If you answered mostly D… Let’s get loud!

A print that says exactly what you’re thinking – it’s like a really stylish megaphone for your home. Find one that, er, speaks to you…

1. ‘For Like Ever’ Art Print 2. Billion Dollars Brush Lettering Print 3. Personalised Teacher Socrates Quote Print 4. ‘I Like Her Butt / I Like His Beard’ Monochrome Duo Prints


If you answered mostly E… Make it minimalist!

A lot of ‘stuff’ isn’t really your style, but minimalist doesn’t have to mean completely bare. Enter: Clean, monochrome prints Marie Kondo would approve of.

1. Eucalyptus Leaves #1 Art Print 2. Giraffe Limited-Edition Fine Art Print 3. ‘Prada Marfa’ Marble Art Print 4. Antibes By Peytil Art Print


If you answered mostly F… You’re super sentimental!

Don’t just fill your walls with any old art, make it something uniquely personal. Think cute family illustrations, a photo collage or framed milestone moments.

1. Personalised Cockatoo Family Print 2. Personalised Two Hands Print 3. Personalised Photo Collage Canvas or Print 4. Personalised My First Scan Frame


PS. 10 trends to watch and got an anniversary coming up? We’ve got gifts!

Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.

If you’ve been thinking ‘my life just isn’t 2018 enough’, well thank your lucky cornflakes because we’ve got a list of 10 top trends that will bring your style up to the second. From old-school terrazzo (with a new-school twist) to geometric wall art and must-sip brews, these trends have got everyone talking (when they’re not talking about Married At First Sight…).


1. Terrazzo’s trending

Playful, cool and with a look like confetti, ’60s-style terrazzo has moved beyond countertops and floors to feature on plant pots, clocks and yoga mats.

1. Terrazzo Coasters or Trivet 2. Terrazzo Large Original Pot 3. Woouf Pouch Large Black Terrazzo 4. DOIY Yoga Mat Terrazzo Print


2. On the fringe

Your clothes and interiors are about to get a swingy update with flapper-style fringing walking right off the international runways and into our homes.

1. Camilla Leather Fringe Skirt 2. Fringed Merino Wool Throw Rug 3. Sierra Fringed Earrings 4. Frances Fringed Bucket Bag


3. The colour purple

Pantone called it when they announced their colour of year: Ultra Violet. This year will be all about embracing vibrant purple hues and soft shades of lavender and lilac.

1. Pink and Purple Chanel Bottle Print 2. Jazzy Drop Earrings in Mirror and Lilac 3. Pink and Lilac Name Train 4. Luna Silk Scarf or Sarong


4. One and done

Good news for low-fuss fashion lovers everywhere, the jumpsuit is coming back in full force. Simple and easy to wear, this one-piece will be your 2018 style staple.

1. Tokyo Jumpsuit 2. Hazel Nude Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit 3. Linen Jumpsuit 4. All-in-One Lounge Jumpsuit


5. Super-size me

Drama, drama, drama! When it comes to accessories this year, think big and bold. From chunky necklaces to ear chandeliers, your statement-makers will do all the talking.

1. Sirena Asymmetric Gold Earrings 2. Resin Statement Earrings Gaia 3. Diamond Necklace Mystic Moon 4. Geometry Drop Earrings


6. Eco warrior

From reusable coffee cups to stainless steel water bottles and canvas shopping bags, being environmentally friendly and saying adios to waste has never looked so good.

1. Fairtrade Market Bag Natural 2. All-Natural Complete Cleaning Collection 3. Reusable Handblown Glass Coffee Cup 4. Hanging Gardens Planter


7. Making shapes

Update your home gallery with abstract geometric art – from large canvas pieces to smaller ready-to-frame prints, it’s a simple but eye-catching addition to your walls.

1. Melange No.1 Geometric Art Print 2. Layer Mirror in Teal 3. Eclipse Moss Art Print 4. Terrazzo Poster Sun Green Grey


8. Animal attraction

Don’t take your interiors too seriously! Quirky animal-inspired homewares add a light-hearted and surprising element to your space.

1. Animal Innuendo Coasters 2. Zuny Bookend Lion 3. Swanky Swan Ladle 4. Creaturewares Bubbles Fish Tin


9. Rattan revival

Remember when rattan chairs were exclusive to old people’s homes and council collections? Well, rattan has been resurrected and woven pieces are everywhere.

1. Double Layered White-Washed Basket 2. Rattan Blue and White-Washed Placemat 3. Ole Round Woven Shoulder Bag 4. Leafy Green Rattan Cushion Cover


10. Time for tea

Your daily cuppa is more than just a chance to take five – with healing herbal brews and green teas more popular than ever, it could also be a chance to nourish and rejuvenate.

1. Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Mint and Rose Herbal Tea Pouch 2. Goodnight Tea 3. Skin Food Beauty Tea and Bath Herbs 4. Glow Organic Herbal Tea


PS. Listen while you shop and create a new-season wardrobe…

Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.

Take a lil’ trip to Rancho Relaxo with our new Chill Zone playlist. Curated by our queen of chill, graphic designer Georgia, these laidback tunes like a modern take on ‘easy listening’ (no offence, Smooth FM). So, grab a drink, and all your cool mates and put it on shuffle for the perfect accompaniment to your casual Sunday sesh.



PS. Like what you hear? Get more hardtofind playlists…

Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.

The seasons they are a changin’… and so is your wardrobe! (Sorry, denim cut-offs, but your days are numbered.) If you’re ready to overhaul your look for autumn/winter, follow our four smart tips to shake up your style.


1. Take stock of what you have.

Haven’t read our awesome tips for a well-maintained closet? Read this immediately (do not pass go, do not collect $200). Now, we’re all on the same page, the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to do one of your twice-yearly wardrobe assessments, so set aside a chunk of time to go through everything taking up precious real estate in your closet. Pull out any knits and coats you tucked away during summer and move them into easily accessible spots. Then take note of gaps in your wardrobe (like, say, those ankle boots you wore to death last winter) and start getting ready to make a shopping list.


2. Create an inspiration board.

Style is constantly evolving (thank goodness – remember when we all wearing velour tracksuits in the 2000s?), so seize the start of the new autumn/winter season to re-evaluate your look. Check out the new collections from your favourite stores (ahem, hardtofind) and if you see an outfit you love online, pin it. Go over the images you’ve saved and edit them down until you’ve created all overall vibe you’d like to channel for the season ahead.


3. Invest in the right pieces.

Now that you know exactly what you have and what look you want to achieve, you can start planning your shopping list. Think carefully about your lifestyle and what you have planned for the coming season – there’s no point in buying up big on coats if you’re planning a six-week European summer vacay, and if you know you’ve got formal events on the calendar, it can be useful to plan ahead. For classic staples, choose quality over quantity. Invest in foundation pieces like a sweater, jeans, blazer, coat, blouse and knit dress to see you through the season, and have fun spending less on seasonal trend pieces.


4. Create a few go-to looks.

Once you’ve got your new-season pieces sorted, familiarise yourself with your new wardrobe. Go back to the inspiration board you created and start pulling together full outfits. Try on your clothes in different combos (paying attention to shoes and accessories!) and when you get a winning look, take a mirror selfie and keep it in an album on your phone. That way, when you’re unsure what to wear, you’ll have a stack of pre-planned looks at your fingertips.


Shop new-season staples…

1. Snow Knit 2. Round Tassel Earrings


3. Wasteland Leather Bag 4. Biker Leather Jacket


5. Indiana Shirt 6. Relaxed Mum Jeans


7. Tara Pump Heels 8. Silk Shirt in Egyptian Sands


9. Gemma Leather Pants  10. Poppy Silk Scarf


PS. Five steps to an organised closet and put this on your wishlist…

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Have you heard that the early bird gets the best gifts? Well it’s true for these five finds, which are always flying off our virtual shelves faster than we can restock them. From an Aussie whisky-tasting set to a family-friendly adventure tent, these hot buys have all had ‘sold out’ status, but right now they’re back in stock and ready for you to stop procrastinating…


1. Australian Whisky Tasting Set

With 12 local whiskies, packaged in sleek black sample bottles, this is the ultimate Aussie whisky taste tester. Featuring award-winning drops from Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, WA and Queensland (as well as a few under-the-radar faves), it also includes a guide book to give you info on the different whiskies and distilleries they hail from. Now, who’s up for a blind tasting?


2. Midnight Ink Silk Dressing Gown

If you’re buying a gift for your mum/sister/grandmother/wife/BFF, call off the search party because this 100% silk dressing gown is a surefire winner. Super-soft with beautiful kimono-style sleeves, it’s digitally printed in a moody midnight ink design. Bonus: Its one-size-fits-most design means you don’t even have to sneakily find out her measurements…


3. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards

What a ripsnorter! These playing cards will let you triumph at Go Fish while you learn some good old Aussie slang. With practical translations, you can find out exactly what it means to ‘piss fart around’ Down Under. Already speak fluent ‘Strayan? Lingo Cards has decks in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Māori to continue your education.


4. UPF 50+ Adventure Shelter

Five reasons this is not your average beach tent… 1. It’s a cinch to put up (even with an antsy kid pulling on your beach dress). 2. It’s got a vented canopy for airflow, so it doesn’t heat up like a steam room. 3. The UPF 50+ coating helps keep those sun rays at bay. 4. It includes a handy internal pocket to keep your belongings sand-free! 5. The standout print means you’ll never lose sight of your spot on your beach.


5. Spin for Perfect Skin Face and Body Brush

How does 33% reduced pores, a deep cleanse and visibly clearer skin sound? This face and body cleansing system delivers all three, with changeable brush heads that thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and remove all the dirt and oil that gets trapped in your pores. The gentle-yet-effective micro-massage movement invigorates your skin for a spa-worthy glow.


PS. More top finds and flaunt your Aussie pride with these buys…

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We know making time to exercise between work and social commitments and Netflix binges is a struggle. (Who has time to lift a weights bar when the actual bar is calling? With martinis.) But we also know it’s super important to get your body moving and your ticker pumping on the reg if you want to be healthy enough to attend Happy Hours for years to come.

Which is why we wanted to share with you our favourite ways to sneak in a workout sesh when you’re counting the minutes on the clock. After all, we’re not total fitness junkies (except maybe Martin, who hits the gym daily and makes us all feel bad) – we’re just regular peeps who have found fun-ish ways to squeeze a workout into our hectic schedules.

This is probably the bit where we’re supposed to go all Michelle Bridges on you and yell ‘NO EXCUSES!’ but we’re just going to leave these tidbits here for you to enjoy…


“I am obsessed with YouTube star Yoga With Adriene and her short, sharp yoga vids. She will lure me in with some yummy seated neck rolls and an extended child’s pose, and then before I know it – boom! I’m doing planks and ‘yoga bicycles’, which I found out the hard way is really just a cute name for a regular bicycle crunch…”

1. Natural Rubber and Jute Yoga Mat  2. Alchemy Mist Collection (Set of 3) 3. Cork Yoga Block 4. Yoga 3/4 Pants


“I’ve started running home from work, which I am loving. It takes exactly the same amount of time as it would for me to get public transport – but now, instead of being on a packed, sweaty train, I’m jogging through the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney. It’s my happy place!”

1. Aqua Water Bottle in Turquoise 2. Roll-top Backpack in Olive Green 3. Super-soft 3/4 Modal Leggings 4. Kakkoii Tack Tack Health Watch


“You don’t need a heap of time to make a gym workout worthwhile. I’ll pop down for half an hour in my lunch break and do a quick treadmill warm-up, followed by weights. My favourite combo is the lat pull down, chest press, cable bicep bar and hanging leg raise… (followed by my other favourite combo – a KFC two-piece feed!)”

1. Active Gym Towel in Orange 2. ‘Off To The Gym’ Bag 3. Camo Squad Sports Bra 4. Air Diamond True Wireless In-Ear Headphones


“Instead of scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed during ad breaks for My Kitchen Rules, I’ve gotten into the habit of hopping off the lounge and doing a few quick bodyweight exercises before my show comes back on. No trips to the gym required. It’s amazing how many squats and tricep dips you can knock out in four minutes!”

1. ‘I Work Out’ Loose Tea Pouch 2. Santa Monica Shorts in Black and White 3. Terrazzo Print Yoga Mat 4. 30-day Challenge Activity Box


PS. Five steps to an organised wardrobe and we wish this post was a scratch and sniff…

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I think we can all agree that the best love anthems were made in the ’70s and ’80s, right? Right. And to celebrate the most lovey-ish day of the year (ahem, Valentine’s Day) we’ve compiled a playlist with some of our favourite classic love jams on Spotify. It’s got Meat Loaf, it’s got Sting, it’s got Bon Jovi, it’s got Phil Collins – the gang’s all here! So what are you waiting for? Grab a boombox and serenade your date, old school-style…



PS. How to layer your necklaces and start dropping hints for one of these!

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There’s a new bag sweeping in to replace your black totes and colourful clutches, and it’s the ever-faithful tan handbag. Back on the spring ’18 runways (after a hiatus from the ’90s), this neutral favourite is versatile enough to accessorise almost any outfit an, no matter the price point, carries an air of expensiveness.

So if you’re looking for an antidote to this season’s maximalist trend, the quietly stately tan bag might be just the ticket. From simple satchels to leather bucket bags and classic-style totes, check out a few of our favourite tan buys below…


1. Premonition Leather Bag in Tan 2. Tan Leather Shoulder Bag


3. Lincoln Deluxe Bag in Tan 4. Unique Leather Drawstring Backpack


5. Esmerelda 3-piece Bag Set 6. Shibui Oki Envelope Bag


7. Lola Reversible Shoulder Bag 8. Lana Leather Handbag in Tan


9. Leather Naver Big Shoulder Bag 10. Trooper Leather Satchel


PS. Organise your closet in five simple steps and another hot colour for 2018…

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When the colour pros at Pantone announced that their hue of the year for 2018, we weren’t expecting Ultra Violet. But maybe that’s kind of the point. This surprising, celestial shade is a vibrant beacon of creativity, positivity and spirituality – and it’s resurgence has suddenly got us embracing all things purple.

A colour that’s long been associated with royalty, wealth and counterculturalism, purple is a powerful and resonant hue – but it’s also still unexpectedly accessible. Whether it’s a bold floral-print wallpaper, a soft lilac rug or a violet accessory that makes a subtle statement, pops of purple are easy to incorporate into your home and wardrobe.

Team deep violet with opulent metals like gold and brass for a luxurious look, or opt for a more playful take on the trend with softer lilac hues and shades of green and blue.


1. Pretty Boy Violet Art Print 2. Refresh Luxe Candle in Lemongrass and Lilac


3. Indian Lantern in Lilac 4. Flannel Flower Damask Wallpaper


5. Pink and Lilac Name Train 6. Highlighter Stick in Icy Lilac


7. Python Leather Classic Leather Foldover Clutch 8. Santorini Girls’ Lilac Sandals


9. Mystic Rug in Lilac 10. Aura Soma Parfum 58


11. Deco Drop Earrings 12. Josephine Purple European Pillowcase


PS. 10 must-have buys of the moment and have you met our founder, Eri?

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You know what feels 100 x better than rustling around in too-cramped drawers, trying to find something clean to wear that preferably won’t require ironing? Going into your closet and seeing all your options at a glance. Having your jewellery blissfully untangled. Having your laundry neatly tucked away in a chic, aerated basket. And the good news is, you don’t need to splash out for a walk-in-robe revamp. A few easy tweaks to your existing closet sitch can make a big difference. Try these five steps to create your most-organised closet yet…


Step 1: Declutter, declutter, declutter.

Fun fact: The average person only wears 20% of their clothes on a regular basis. That means 80% of your precious wardrobe space is being clogged up by one-wear wonders. Bag up anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months and send it straight to The Salvos. Then consider pulling out a capsule wardrobe of the items you have on high rotation right now (we’re talking that golden 20% of basic tees, jackets, jeans, skirts and shoes) – you want your most-used items to be accessible. If you have the space, hang these items on a clothes rack to make it easy for you to pick from your favourites in a pinch.


Step 2: Place like with like.

Getting dressed is like an equation: one top + one bottom + two shoes + accessories = a complete outfit! And because we hate maths around these parts, we like to make solving the equation as simple as possible. How do we do it? By placing like with like and pulling together items in key categories (tops, pants, skirts, dresses) and sub-categories (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, tees, blouses). If you’ve got an old tee you’ve relegated to ‘house’ status, keep it stashed away with your loungewear and PJs so it’s not getting in the way of your workwear.


Step 3: Find a spot for everything.

Some things are fine in drawers – undies, T-shirts, jeans – but other items don’t play so well cramped up with each other (we’re looking at you, tangle-prone necklaces). Invest in a few handy hooks for your bulky jackets and coats, a jewellery hanger for those delicate chains and dangly earrings, and some bag hooks for your handbag and clutch collection. They might take up a bit of room on your hanging rack but they’ll save you oodles of space (and stress!) in other parts of closet. Speaking of making space in your closet…


Step 4: Get creative with storage.

If you’re working with a small space, think creatively and bring your closet out to play. Repurpose storage pieces like bench seats and pouffes to stow away off-season staples and invest in a few wicker baskets in different sizes – they’re handy for storing things like clutches, sandals, hats and scarves, and are cute enough to keep on display. Got some cash to splash? A timber clothes airer like this one by Miss Glass Home is a useful laundry staple that doubles as a design piece, so you don’t have to rush to pack everything back away.


Step 5: Keep it neat and tidy.

Instead of dumping all your worn gear on the floordrobe (or that chair – you know the one…), get into the habit of putting dirty clothes straight into a laundry basket and returning clean clothes to the spot you created for them (let’s hear it for Step 2!). Make a date once a month to quickly go over your closet and make sure no sock drawers are getting out of hand and any out-of-season pieces are put on the back-burner. Then, you should only have to do a full maintenance makeover once or twice a year!


1. Industrial Clothing Rack 2. Whitewash Bamboo Laundry with Lid


3. Applicata Track Coat Rack 4. Clothes Airer


5. Earring Storage Hanger 6. Wooden Hanging Hook Rack


7. Handbag Hangers 8. Bamboo Storage Baskets


PS. Layer your necklaces like a pro and spruce up the rest of your pad

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If layering necklaces feels like a skill you need a certificate from Accessories School to master, you’re not the only one. But just because you don’t have a PHD in necklaces doesn’t mean you should stick to the safety of your single pendant chain – it’s easier than you think to freestyle this trend where anything goes. Think gold with silver, metal chains and bright beading, layered lengths or stacked statement pieces. The more inventive your necklace combos, the better! Try a few of these tried-and-tested layering trios on for size…



A few delicate strands can make a statement piece if you wear them together. Experiment with different lengths, shapes and pendants.

Personalised Flat Bar Necklace + Clear Quartz Necklace + Star Sign Medallion Necklace



Don’t be afraid to mix gold with beads. Teaming a bright beaded necklace with fine, layered chains will make your look fun and multi-dimensional.

Daffodil Necklace + I Love Woody Pendant + Grace Choker



This ’90s favourite is back in a big way – turn up the volume on the look with multiple chokers in different colours and materials.

Gigi Wrap Necklace + Felix Onyx Choker + The Precious Choker 



Silver, gold, rose gold, brass… who says you need to decide? Layer necklaces in clashing metals for a refreshing take on the trend.

Sparkle and Bone Necklace + Mini Triangle Drusy PendantFeather Charm Necklace



They say opposites attract! These two statement makers work when teamed together in the same shade.

Lariat Necklace + Oni Gold Choker + Gold Vermeil and Labradorite Diamond Lariat


PS. Top interior trends for 2018 and get a whiff of these…

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Quit walking around sighing about how your home is sooooo 2017 (nope? just us? shucks!) – we’ve got three top trends that’ll bring your space up to the second. Add a splash of earthy pink to your decor, rock out in the kitchen with a set of terrazzo trivets, or just chillax wearing the world’s comfiest loungewear, it’s never been easier to be on top of the trends.


The new nudes

You know that sweet shade of pastel pink that all the millennials have been going nuts for? Well, 2018 is the year we get to meet her sophisticated sister – a perfect blend of earthier tones that plays well with mustard, tan, navy, teal…

1. Large Ella Print 2. Teshvikiye Linen Towel 3. Swipe Right Nail Polish 4. Seti Geo Felted Rug 5. Liberty Tassel 6. Byron Bay Pink Paisley Short Set



Playful, cool and with a look like confetti, terrazzo is hotter than Chris Hemsworth right now. Traditionally created using chips of marble or granite that are set in concrete and polished smooth, this 60s-style material has moved beyond countertops and floors to feature on plant pots, clocks and even yoga mats.

1. Terrazzo Large Original Pot 2. Terrazzo Clock 3. Moon Mint Terrazzo Poster 4. Black Terrazzo Large Pouch 5. DOIY Yoga Mat in Terrazzo Print 6. Habitat Terrazzo Trivet Set



We’re going to call it now: 2018 is the year of being chill AF. Whether that means you carve out a reading a nook in your home, invest in some new comfy couch cushions or up your loungewear game, you’ll become a pro at staying in and relaxing.

1. Strike Quilt 2. Elwyn Square Velvet Cushion 3. ‘Spooning Partner’ Mug 4. Claudette Chunky Knit Throw 5. Hammam Kis Lounge Set 6. Tea and Book Club Subscription


PS. Six seriously cool Aussie sellers you need to know and start 2018 with a party!

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You know one thing we love even more than seeing our sellers on hardtofind? Meeting them IRL. And that’s exactly what Sarah and Sarah did during their recent sojourn in Europe! (They called it a ‘work trip’ but we have our doubts…) The two Sarahs paid a visit to the lovely guys behind Dutch leather brand WITLOFT, stopped by Posh Totty Designs‘ London store to drool over some beautiful jewellery, did some taste-testing at Pana Chocolate (hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) and checked out the latest poetry offerings from Bespoke Verse.

Check out their pics and try to contain your jealousy knowing that for basically two whole weeks they were doing work eating croissants… (We couldn’t.)


WITLOFT create all of their aprons by hand, making each one extra special.


Sarah Curtis gives the WITLOFT team (and their signature leather apron) a 10/10!


Personalising the Dutch saddle leather requires a steady hand.


Did we mention they hand-stamped a key ring for both Sarahs? Nice folk, those WITLOFT folk…


The girls visited Posh Totty’s London store and (only just) resisted the urge to buy one of everything!



You can’t pass the Pana Chocolate range without trying every flavour, right?


The Sarahs can confirm this is seriously delicious stuff.


Fancy a peek at the new range from Bespoke Verse? (We KNEW you would.)


Went on a work trip to Europe, came back with a wishlist 20 pages long…


Pretty much all of Bespoke Verse’s awesome poems come from creator Joanna’s brain!


PS. Meet more of our sellers and the Sarahs wish they’d had this checklist pre-trip!

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Between Grandma Shirley, your moody teen cousin and your office Kris Kringle, there are a lot of people to remember when you’re making a Christmas gift list (now you know how Santa feels). So, to help you out, and make sure no-one goes giftless on December 25, we made this nifty printable. It’s got space to list all your peeps, present ideas, budget and running $$ total – just check them off as you get the gifts.

Click on the link below to download yours – and, if you need a hand deciding what to get, we’ve got loads of gift ideas for all your people and all your budgets. Here’s to your most organised Christmas yet!

Download to print your Christmas list!


PS. 20 unexpected gifts for guys and don’t forget yours truly!

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Australia has given the world so many awesome things: Pavlova, Bubble-O-Bills and a couple of smokin’ hot Hemsworth brothers, and that’s just for starters… But there’s some other seriously cool stuff emerging from this land of ours – from sleek fashion labels to beautiful accessory brands and hot homeware creators! We know it’s hard to keep track of what’s cool these days (one minute everything’s ‘on fleek’, next minute it’s ‘cool AF’) so we’ve compiled a list of six of the Aussie sellers who are so hip it hurts RN… Collect your street cred here.


The opposite of chain-store fast fashion, the team at Foundling are all about unique designs and quality craftsmanship. They illustrate all of their own fabrics, then ensure their pieces are ethically made by SEDEX-accredited manufacturers (no sweatshop labour!). They also believe in giving back – and donate generously to help people in developing countries.

1. Sacred Heart Smock 2. Bajaar Woven Leather Market Basket 3. La Reunion Slouch Pullover 4. Samsara Tea Dress


Effortlessly cool threads for you and your guy – that’s what Tee Ink is all about! Evolving from a simple tee to a full-blown fashion line (featuring easy-to-wear wrap dresses, relaxed shirts, slogan tees and men’s gear), this local label has you covered, no matter where the weekend finds you – the beach, the bar, away on vacay…

1. Retreat Hem V-Neck Dress 2. Wanderer Wrap Dress 3. We Are Weekend SS Tee 4. Buy Me A Beer Tee


This Aussie accessories brand has come a long way since it started in 2004 with just one style in five colours – now its collection of luxury leather bags, wallets and clutches has become seriously sought-after. Status Anxiety value form and function > fashion fads, and the result is stylish-yet-understated pieces made from ridiculously soft leather that will forever be on-trend.

1. Wasteland Leather Bag 2. Noah Leather Wallet 3. Fixation Leather Wallet  4. People Like Us Leather Backpack


Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and modernist design, Sly Australia creator, Lauren Finks, puts her own Aussie stamp on her cool range of homewares! Embodying the idea that the simple pleasures of life are the foundation of wonderful products, this Melbourne designer creates quality products using local materials and processes wherever possible.

1. Nomad Cushion 2. Habitat Terrazzo Trivet Set 3. Flux Linen Tea Towel 4. Alba Tray


Founded by Paris-trained designer, Teresa Tiong (who creates her pieces in a small Sydney studio), Au Revoir Les Filles’ signature is fine, beautiful jewellery with a sense of story and romance. Think intricate star and moon earrings, a modern take on timeless pearls and dainty micro stud earrings that are designed to bring a bit of magic to the everyday.

1. Celestial Star Moon Bracelet 2. Celestial Star Moon Earrings 3. Celestial Star Moon Micro Ear Studs 4. Margaret Pearl Necklace


Melbourne couple, arts marketer Bianca Lambert and carpenter Thomas Wilson, are the powerhouses behind Capra Designs. They create thoughtful, high-quality design pieces that are the stuff of Instagram dreams. Think powder-coated wire hangers, eco resin pots and vases and beautifully printed linen throws, tablecloths and napkins.

1. Crescent Plant Stand 2. Facet Tablecloth 3. Eco Resin Coasters 4. Marble Eco Resin Pot


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You know those people who just sail through the airport with the greatest of ease? Their passport is somehow always handy, they look super chic (but also super comfy) and they know those in-flight flicks sound 100% better if you bypass the complimentary in-flight earphones… They also know that the secret to nailing the whole travelling thing is having the right travel essentials in your arsenal.

It’s tempting to make your packing checklist all about your holiday looks (hey, Instagram basically requires a rotation of fresh threads!) but when you’re thinking about what to pack, it’s important to consider other all-important essentials for travel. Clever travel accessories, like a portable charger, hanging leather wash bag, comfy neck pillow and handy travel wallet can make all the difference to your trip – and if you splash out on a cool personalised option, can even make for extra Insta fodder!

Print out our ultimate travel checklist below and make sure you’ve got all your travel bases covered… (we’ve got a few suggestions if there’s something you’re missing!)



Second in importance only to your actual travel booking, the sturdy weekender is an essential. Make sure it’s roomy enough for all your gear (click here if you need a few tips on packing light!) and also looks chic enough to Snpachat from the Departures lounge.

1. Grey Canvas Weekend Duffle Bag 2. Duffle in Metallic Bronze 3. ‘Tres Cool’ Weekend Bag 4. Beltrami Brown Leather Weekender Bag


Keeping your passport, cards and any other admin essentials handy will save your sanity when you’re checking in and rolling through security. Invest in a travel wallet that’ll keep everything organised and you won’t be that person buzzing to ask the flight attendant for a pen…

1. Texas Complete Travel Wallet 2. Gwibiirr Travel Wallet 3. Personalised Leather Travel Folio 4. Navy Travel Wallet


Sure you could just use the flimsy cards they give you at the check-in counter, but we’ve watched enough airline-based reality TV to know you’re probably better off investing in a luggage tag that’s a bit more hard-yakka. These ones will earn you additional style points, too (sadly not redeemable for business upgrades).

1. Personalised Leather Luggage Tag 2. Personalised Ledro Leather Luggage Tag 3. Suitcase Luggage Tag 4. Personalised Basics Collection Personalised Leather Luggage Tag


All your toiletries can’t just kick around your bag separately, so a wash bag is less want, more need. A clever hanging style is super convenient if you want to keep everything organised (and away from wet bathroom counters), but a smaller dopp bag will also do the trick!

1. Denim Dopp Bag 2. Extra Large Travel Case in Blush 3. ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’ Wash Bag 4. Hanging Leather Wash Bag


Things you will most certainly need at some stage on your trip: a portable charger (there is no anxiety like the anxiety produced by a 18% battery), a waterproof phone case (for Insta pool shots, obviously), a set of wireless headphones (unless your fellow travellers love Tay Tay as much as you) and versatile power adaptors (so your travel hair dryer will work anywhere).

1. Kreafunk toCharge Powerbank 2. Seaquatix Waterproof Case for Phone 3. B&O Play H4 Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones 4. Round The World Travel Adaptor


We can’t all afford to splash out on business-class seats, which is where a few genius in-flight essentials can come in very handy. Make a seated sleep (significantly) more comfy with a travel pillow, freshen up with travel-sized toiletries, keep hydrated with a water bottle and be the envy of everyone else in economy when you pull out your cashmere eye mask and socks.

1. Infinity Travel Pillow 2. Stow Away Travel Wash Kit 3. Frank Green Smart Bottle 4. Cashmere Travel Set


Packing clothes is hard! (Is it just us or does travelling give you the urge to pull out that never-worn bedazzled smock, because, maybe…?) Resist that urge, friends – the best way to pack lightly is by sticking to staples that can be mixed and matched for endless, chic outfit combos.

1. Henderson Culottes 2. Spinnaker Circle Tee 3. Salina Sandal 4. Charney Acetate and Wooden Sunglasses


PS. Not sure where to go? We’ve got a few ideas! We’ve got loads of nifty packing tips, too.

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Before you can be rockin’ around the Christmas tree, you’ve gotta dress that baby up in her festive best! But where to start? Does the tinsel come first? How many decorations is too many decorations? Are coloured lights still on trend for 2017? If you’re totally overwhelmed by the thought of turning that bare fir into something from the pages of House & Garden, you need our top tips for how to decorate a Christmas tree…

1. Decide on a colour scheme. Will you go traditional with red and gold, minimalist with silver and white or make it modern with some hits of neon? Before you start investing in Christmas tree decorations, hit up Pinterest for some ideas and decide what you want to your finished product to look like. As they say in The Castle, it’s all about the vibe…

2. Start with lights. Before you start, plug them in to make sure they’re all working and replace any bulbs that need it. Then, starting from the bottom, wind the lights around the tree – try not to worry about it being too perfect, you want it to look random! Finish up by trying to conceal any unsightly wires by hiding them in the branches or under the tree.

3. Add your tinsel and trimmings. You’ve stepped back, surveyed your light sitch, and given it a big thumbs up. Now is the time to pull out any tinsel or garland you might have and, in the same way you expertly hung those lights, drape it around the tree, working from the base to the tip. You might even want to double up your garland for extra impact.

4. Last call for decorations! The stressful bit (lights and garland) is over, now it’s time to hang all those fun baubles and ornaments. How many you use to cover your tree is really a matter of taste, but it’s a good idea to opt for a range of shapes (round, teardrop, stars) and make sure you evenly distribute them around the whole tree. Hang them on various depths of the branches, and for the big finale – place the star at the top of the tree!

5. Pull out the presents. If you’ve been super organised and already hit up our list of 100 gift ideas for everyone on your list, you’ll already have a present or two to pop under the tree!


All the trimmings…

1. Personalised Star Christmas Tree Topper 2. Personalised White Glass Snow Bauble


3. Christmas Wishes Hanging Decorations (Set of 8) 4. Personalised White Reindeer Decoration


5. Wooly Llama Christmas Decoration 6. Baby’s First Christmas Moon Tree Decoration


7. Personalised Wooden Reindeer Tree Decoration 8. Personalised Gold Leaf Christmas Bauble


9. Personalised Reindeer Name Ornament  10. Wooden Koala Family Personalised Christmas Decorations


11. Set of 2 Personalised Glass Star Decorations  12. Personalised Bauble-shaped Snowman Ornament


13. Set of Personalised Wooden Acorn Surprise Decorations 14. Wooden Reindeer with Pom Pom Nose


Or try a non-traditional tree…

1. Noel Ladder 2. Australian Christmas Tree Wall Decal


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The earring that’s really having a moment right now? The humble hoop. If you haven’t worn a pair since Jennifer Lopez was Jenny from the Block, then now is the time to jump back on the bandwagon. Whether you go big and bold with slicked hair and shoulder grazers, or for something more petite (that’s a little bit more boho, a little less J.Lo), there’s no denying that a pair of hoop earrings will put the ! on your outfit.

Need some inspo for starters? We’ve pulled together 12 of our favourite hoops to add to your jewellery wardrobe. Wear them the 2017 way with just about anything, from a floaty summer maxi to a band tee and paperbag-waist shorts – and if you have multiple piercings, try experimenting with a double hoop! Coordinate two pairs in different widths for a more extreme take on the trend or accessorise outside the box with something not-quite circular.


1. Organic Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver 2. Hammered Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings


3. Tribal Hoop Earrings 4. Ball Hoop Earrings


5. Gold Mewar Hoops 6. Mitchell Hoop Earrings


7. Marrakech Ebony Hoop Earrings 8. Gold Stud Hoop Earrings


9. Eileen Hoop Earrings  10. Oni Hoop Earrings


11. Gold Indian Mewar Sleepers 12. Gypsy Hoop Earrings


PS. Make a jewellery capsule – and you know what goes great with earrings? A new top.

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Is it a dress? Is it a cape? Is it a kimono? Trick question – it’s all three (and then some!). The Kimocape is a straight-up style saviour, here to rescue you from wardrobe boredom with its (virtually) endless styling options. It’s hard not to be totally taken with a fashion piece that’s really comfy (that’d be the super-soft rayon fabric), guaranteed to score you compliments (thanks to the beautiful, easy-to-wear prints) and insanely versatile (did we mention there are six ways you can wear it? And that’s just for starters…). Plus, it only comes in one size – suitable for most ladies up to size 16 – so you don’t have to faff around getting your waist measurements bang on. This is fashion made EASY.

Not sure how to rock your Kimocape to max its styling potential? We hit up the Aussie seller Miss Lilly for her six favourite styling ideas…


1. Asymmetrical cover-up

How to: Use the buttons on the shoulders to create an asymmetrical top. Perfect for layering over swimmers, and a great option if you are breastfeeding as there are buttons on both sides!


2. Tie-up top

How to: Take the points of the fabric and tie it around your waist like a top. You can tie it high (as shown above) or loosely knot the tips of the fabric together for a more draped look.


3. Long cape

How to: No effort required for this look – simply throw it on over jeans and a cami to step up a casual outfit or dress it up for after dark with your go-to LBD and statement earrings.


4. Slimline kimono

How to: For a more slimline effect, take some of the bulk out of the fabric by tying the end points behind your back. No one will see the knot, and it’ll give your Kimocape a sleeker look.


5. Waterfall jacket

How to: Take each point of the fabric and button on the same side using the buttons on the shoulders. This will make the Kimocape shorter and more like a waterfall jacket.


6. Wrap dress

How to: Wrap your Kimocape over a slip or slimline T-shirt dress and use a waist belt to cinch it in, creating a boho-style dress that’s just begging to be taken out for a cocktail!


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Hardtofind is Australia’s leading online curated marketplace for gifts, fashion and homewares.