What’s affordable, easy to put up with a 3M hook and can change the look of your whole room in 4.6 seconds? Der, wall art. These days, when it comes to ready-to-frame (or even better, pre-framed and ready-to-hang) wall art, you’ve got more options than the biscuit aisle of Woolworths. So, how to choose… We figure there’s only one way to make these big and important decisions: EMOJIS. Take our quick emoji quiz (you can do it while your boss is in the loo) and we’ll tell you exactly what wall art style you should be channelling.


1. Pick an emoji:

a) 🌿

b) 🌍

c)Β πŸ“Έ

e)Β πŸ“’

d)Β πŸ’­

f)Β πŸ’•


2. Pick another emoji:

a) 🌴

b) 🏑

c)Β πŸ–Ό

d)Β πŸ’

e)Β πŸ•Ά

f)Β πŸŽ‰


3. Pick a final emoji:

a) 🌡

b) πŸ—Ί

c) 🌊

d) πŸ†’

e) ◻️

f)Β πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦


If you answered mostly A… Go green!

All the plants, palm trees and succulents coming your way. And if your green thumb isn’t yet finely tuned, don’t stress – these prints never go brown and wilty!

1. Watercolour Leaf Art 2. Prickly Pear Print 3. Vintage Palms Print 4. Eucalyptus Leaves Print


If you answered mostly B… Location, location!

Whether you’re repping your local pride or keeping track of your travels, deck your walls with modern, minimalist maps and postcode prints.

1. Paris Minimalist Map 2. Postcodes Coordinates Personalised Art Print 3. Northern Beaches Minimalist Monochrome Map 4.Β Brooklyn Map Print


If you answered mostly C… Hey, shutterbug!

Maybe you’re a pro with the camera yourself or maybe you just know an awesome photo when you see one (thanks, Instagram)… These’ll make you want to double tap the wall.

1. Iceberg Framed Canvas Print 2. Pastel Doors Photographic Print 3. City Art PrintΒ 4. Sea Bliss Art Print


If you answered mostly D… Let’s get loud!

A print that says exactly what you’re thinking – it’s like a really stylish megaphone for your home. Find one that, er, speaks to you…

1. ‘For Like Ever’ Art Print 2. Billion Dollars Brush Lettering PrintΒ 3. Personalised Teacher Socrates Quote Print 4. ‘I Like Her Butt / I Like His Beard’ Monochrome Duo Prints


If you answered mostly E… Make it minimalist!

A lot of ‘stuff’ isn’t really your style, but minimalist doesn’t have to mean completely bare. Enter: Clean, monochrome prints Marie Kondo would approve of.

1. Eucalyptus Leaves #1 Art Print 2. Giraffe Limited-Edition Fine Art Print 3. ‘Prada Marfa’ Marble Art PrintΒ 4. Antibes By Peytil Art Print


If you answered mostly F… You’re super sentimental!

Don’t just fill your walls with any old art, make it something uniquely personal. Think cute family illustrations, a photo collage or framed milestone moments.

1. Personalised Cockatoo Family Print 2. Personalised Two Hands Print 3. Personalised Photo Collage Canvas or Print 4. Personalised My First Scan Frame


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