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Whether you’re looking for fine art prints, contemporary art or cool art prints for a teenage bedroom wall, we have everything you need to make your walls sing. In this collection of wall art prints, you’ll find the perfect piece to frame and hang.

Striking pictures and prints bring personality to a home, whether it's kid's paintings stuck on the fridge, vintage posters or wall art prints. We've got a huge collection of original artworks, ready-to-hang canvases and framed art prints. From typographic prints and inspirational quotes to personalised posters that capture your life and loves, we've got lots of unique ideas. Or if you’re feeling patriotic, you can choose from a great range of art prints Australia wide. From koalas to kangaroos, Aussie Kombi vans to retro Qantas prints, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe bring out your wild side and go for one of our many tiger and leopard prints (remember, it’s a jungle out there)

Wall art is like your signature. It injects your taste and personality into any space, which is no doubt why wall art prints are some of our most popular items

If you're looking for art prints to liven up your home, but not break the bank, you'll find all sorts of styles and genres from our affordable collection. There are some great engagement gifts and wedding gifts too; prints you can personalise with details about the couple and where they met. Or how about a birth print to commemorate a newborn? Just add details of the baby's name, weight and place of birth for a special christening gift they will treasure forever. And don’t forget to check out our huge range of beautiful giclee prints. Everything from native Australian flora to tropical fish, ocean scenes to famous landmarks, cute kids’ prints to vintage posters, we have literally hundreds of giclees to choose from in many styles, colours and frames.

How to choose the perfect art print

When selecting wall art prints, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Consider the space

First things first. You’ll need a blank wall (obvs) and a tape measure. Start by measuring the area and remember that if you’re hanging a framed print, you’ll need to take the frame dimensions into consideration. The space will determine the size of art prints you choose, for example, a large wall will look best with an oversized piece of art whereas a smaller wall will look out of proportion if you try to hang an artwork that fills the whole area. A good rule of thumb is to leave some at least 50cm of wall space on either side of your art prints.

Consider your decor

If your interiors are contemporary, go for modern art prints with a minimalist vibe and make sure you choose a simple wooden frame as traditional, ornate frames will clash with this look. Abstract art prints also look good in a modern setting, but make sure you choose an artwork with colours that match your decor. If, like us, you love the Hamptons look (who doesn’t?!), you’ll want to choose beach-themed landscapes, nature prints or art in neutral hues and soft blue colourways. In our collection, you’ll find hundreds of Hamptons wall art options and beach art prints to fill your walls. If you still love a beach-theme but you’re more boho than Hamptons, you’ll discover a beautiful selection of laid back boho art prints and macrame wall hangings for that quintessential Byron Bay vibe.

Consider colour

Once you’ve selected the perfect space on your wall and narrowed down your interior style, you’ll need to consider colour. Your wall art should complement the soft furnishings in your home, or it may be that you select your decorative pieces, like cushions and other homeware, to match a particular piece. A bright artwork looks fab with matching throw cushions and a vase with flowers in the same hues or a colourful accent like a unique candle holder. And a more neutral colour palette will work well with minimalist line art prints in black & white. If you like vintage colours, choose art deco prints in dirty ochres, greens and warm blues.

How to create a wall of framed art prints

We love the idea of displaying many framed prints on a single wall, but instead of hanging them in a uniform, grid-like fashion, try a mix of different sizes and frames hung at different heights for a truly unique look. Our following how-to guide will help you create the perfect art wall.

  1. Again, you’ll need to start by measuring the wall. Then, grab a newspaper and lay large double sheets of paper out on the floor to the same dimensions as your wall. This will help you with placement - stick the sheets together with sticky tape so they don’t move and begin step 2.
  2. Arrange your artworks on the paper. Play around with heights and positioning until the display feels balanced. You’ll also need to mix sizes, frames and colours, so take your time. If you have a larger print on the right of the display, try to balance it with a similar sized art print on the left, but arranged slightly higher or lower. Fill the gaps with smaller pieces, but again, change the heights around so there’s not too much symmetry. Take the same approach with frame types and colours to get the balance right. Stick to white, black and light wood frames like beechwood.
  3. Once you’re happy with the layout, take a photo on your phone so you have something visual to refer to. It’s now time to start hanging! Start in the middle and work your way out, as this will help you get the positioning right.
  4. Stand back and admire your wall of art!

Wall art prints also make great gifts. In our collection, you’ll find personalised art prints that make ideal gifts for kids, cute little nursery prints that make for perfect baby shower gifts and family word art prints for housewarming gifts with a difference.

Looking for true blue Australian art prints? In these pages, you’ll also discover prints to support your favourite football club, Australian flora and fauna art including our favourite ‘backyard Aussie birds’ print and map prints of your favourite suburbs and beaches. There’s even a family Kookaburra print that can be personalised with the names of every member in your clan.

So if you’re looking for the best art prints online, you’ve come to the right place.

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