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Mens UV Sleeves - Black UPF 50+

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If you love going outdoors but hate getting toasted under the sun, you need to protect yourself with sunscreen and sun protection clothing Australia.

At Hardtofind, we have an extensive collection of UV protective clothing products made of special fabric proven to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re an athlete who practices sports outdoors or someone who simply enjoys going to the beach and doing water sports activities, you must invest in this type of clothing if you want to look and feel your best far into the future.

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How does sun protection clothing work?

All apparel blocks ultraviolet radiation, even if the amount is small. But to ensure that you really enjoy adequate protection, your best bet is to invest in clothes with a high UPF rating, which is the standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials for labelling garments. Meanwhile, only products that have UPF of 30 or higher receive the seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

A sun protection clothing Australia with a seal of recommendation blocks most of the sun’s harmful rays. For example, sun protection tops with UPF 50 only allow 1/50th of the sun’s rays to reach your skin, while sun safe shirts with UPF 30 only allow 1/30th of the sun’s radiation to penetrate your skin. As you’ll notice, the higher the UPF, the more protection it provides.

Sun protection apparel is made of tightly woven fabrics, which are more effective at blocking the sun’s UV rays compared to loosely woven fabrics.

Hold the clothing up against a light source to see how tight the weave is. If the fabric lets a large amount of light pass through it, know that the weave is not tight enough to effectively block the sun's rays. 

But the tightness of the weave is not the only thing that offers sun protection. Many of our sun protection clothing Australia products are manufactured with chemicals that absorb UV light.

Meanwhile, certain fabrics are inherently effective at protecting you against UV rays even without additional UV-blocking chemicals; they include polyester, nylon, silk, and wool. By contrast, cotton, rayon, hemp, and flax, are not effective at blocking the sun’s radiation unless treated with added chemicals.

How to pick the right sun protection clothing?

Make sure that you choose sun protection clothing with UPF labels of 30 (and higher) or a seal of recommendation from trusted organisations like Skin Cancer Foundation.

Also, you may want to opt for sun protection clothing in Australia that has densely woven fabrics like denim or synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester. In contrast, avoid clothes with sheer or loosely woven fibres that allow UV rays to reach your skin.

For additional sun protection, you may want to stick to dark or bright colours that keep the harmful UV rays from reaching your skin by absorbing them rather than letting them pass through. However, this is not to say that you should automatically rule out light-coloured apparel. At Hardtofind, you can find light UV protection pants, tops and covers that offer high UPF protection thanks to their high concentration of certain premium UV-blocking dyes.

When you visit our online store, you’ll notice that our sun protection clothing comes in different types–e.g., UV sleeves, ‘sun shorts’, tunics, long summer dresses, ‘sun wrap’, tops and shirts, activewear, vests, and even jackets. This means that whether your giftee (or you) is into cycling, hiking, swimming, or simply strolling around, you’ll always find clothes and accessories that can protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

What is the best way to wash sun protection clothing?

Follow these care instructions to extend the lifespan of any sun protection clothing:

  1. Cold-water washing is gentler than high-temperature washing and is less likely to damage and shrink the fabric, which extends the lifespan of most garments.
  2. Choose a mild detergent. But what makes a detergent ‘gentle’? Make sure that you choose products with no dyes and perfumes or labels like ‘for babies’, ‘for sensitive skin’ or hypoallergenic.
  3. A gentle washing and spin cycle results in less friction that can damage the fibres. Another option is to hand wash your UPF clothes.
  4. Don’t wring out your sun protection clothing because doing so can stretch out their fabric, which reduces their UPF level. If you need to remove some moisture, one easy hack is to wrap them around a towel and soak up the excess water. Next, wash them as soon as you can.
  5. Rinse your sun protection clothing Australia after swimming as soon as you can. Take note that chlorine damages the fabric when left for too long. Also, this chemical can fade clothing and even turn some articles of clothing green when not washed properly.
  6. Air dry them. While you can hang your UV protective clothing to dry, keep them out of direct sunlight to extend their lifespan. You may also want to lay them on a clean surface to avoid stretching the fabric.

Now that you know how to pick the right sun protection clothing and how to care for them, why not visit Hardtofind now and choose from our extensive list of products? Shop now!

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