60th birthday gifts

Personalised Nickel Wine Cooler

by Life of Riley


Leather Jewellery Box

by Life of Riley


Personalised Tide Clock

by ClimeMET


Leather Wash Bag (black)

by MAHI Leather


What should 60th birthday presents say? Get amongst it and don't take life too seriously at all anymore, if we're to be trusted. We've built a whole collection of 60th birthday gift ideas around presents that celebrate this milestone of milestones, and hey – Jagger is still touring in his '70s, so find a gift that encourages the birthday girl or guy to kick up their heels and enjoy all the pleasures they can get their paws on.

Give a nod to this big-deal birthday with something thoughtful that's fitting for this next decade! Maybe they're ready to kick off the big SIX-OH with a trip abroad? Help them travel in style with personalised leather luggage or accessories. Stay-at-home sixities will appreciate 60th birthday gifts with a cosy homebody vine – think record players to spin their fave retro vinyls or bespoke champagne glasses to cheers their milestone B'day!

Welcoming your folks into the 60 club? We've got your old man covered with 60th birthday gift ideas for Dad. Treat him to a personalised leather cufflinks box (perhaps with a pair of sixpence cufflinks inside, just sayin') or give him a mug to mark the special occasion – he'll think of you every time he's siping his tea or coffee... or cheeky nip of whisky! (We won't tell if you don't...)

And because we know mum's can be tricky to buy for when the stakes aren't 60 years high, we've curated a special collection of birthday gifts for her 60th. Make her birthday with a hamper of handmade delights or give her something that she'll keep in her heart (and maybe even on her couch) for years to come, like a bespoke word art cushion.

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