You know those people who just sail through the airport with the greatest of ease? Their passport is somehow always handy, they look super chic (but also super comfy) and they know those in-flight flicks sound 100% better if you bypass the complimentary in-flight earphones… They also know that the secret to nailing the whole travelling thing is having the right travel essentials in your arsenal.

It’s tempting to make your packing checklist all about your holiday looks (hey, Instagram basically requires a rotation of fresh threads!) but when you’re thinking about what to pack, it’s important to consider other all-important essentials for travel. Clever travel accessories, like a portable charger, hanging leather wash bag, comfy neck pillow and handy travel wallet can make all the difference to your trip – and if you splash out on a cool personalised option, can even make for extra Insta fodder!

Print out our ultimate travel checklist below and make sure you’ve got all your travel bases covered… (we’ve got a few suggestions if there’s something you’re missing!)



Second in importance only to your actual travel booking, the sturdy weekender is an essential. Make sure it’s roomy enough for all your gear (click here if you need a few tips on packing light!) and also looks chic enough to Snpachat from the Departures lounge.

1. Grey Canvas Weekend Duffle Bag 2. Duffle in Metallic Bronze 3. ‘Tres Cool’ Weekend Bag 4. Beltrami Brown Leather Weekender Bag


Keeping your passport, cards and any other admin essentials handy will save your sanity when you’re checking in and rolling through security. Invest in a travel wallet that’ll keep everything organised and you won’t be that person buzzing to ask the flight attendant for a pen…

1. Texas Complete Travel Wallet 2. Gwibiirr Travel Wallet 3. Personalised Leather Travel Folio 4. Navy Travel Wallet


Sure you could just use the flimsy cards they give you at the check-in counter, but we’ve watched enough airline-based reality TV to know you’re probably better off investing in a luggage tag that’s a bit more hard-yakka. These ones will earn you additional style points, too (sadly not redeemable for business upgrades).

1. Personalised Leather Luggage Tag 2. Personalised Ledro Leather Luggage Tag 3. Suitcase Luggage Tag 4. Personalised Basics Collection Personalised Leather Luggage Tag


All your toiletries can’t just kick around your bag separately, so a wash bag is less want, more need. A clever hanging style is super convenient if you want to keep everything organised (and away from wet bathroom counters), but a smaller dopp bag will also do the trick!

1. Denim Dopp Bag 2. Extra Large Travel Case in Blush 3. ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’ Wash Bag 4. Hanging Leather Wash Bag


Things you will most certainly need at some stage on your trip: a portable charger (there is no anxiety like the anxiety produced by a 18% battery), a waterproof phone case (for Insta pool shots, obviously), a set of wireless headphones (unless your fellow travellers love Tay Tay as much as you) and versatile power adaptors (so your travel hair dryer will work anywhere).

1. Kreafunk toCharge Powerbank 2. Seaquatix Waterproof Case for Phone 3. B&O Play H4 Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones 4. Round The World Travel Adaptor


We can’t all afford to splash out on business-class seats, which is where a few genius in-flight essentials can come in very handy. Make a seated sleep (significantly) more comfy with a travel pillow, freshen up with travel-sized toiletries, keep hydrated with a water bottle and be the envy of everyone else in economy when you pull out your cashmere eye mask and socks.

1. Infinity Travel Pillow 2. Stow Away Travel Wash Kit 3. Frank Green Smart Bottle 4. Cashmere Travel Set


Packing clothes is hard! (Is it just us or does travelling give you the urge to pull out that never-worn bedazzled smock, because, maybe…?) Resist that urge, friends – the best way to pack lightly is by sticking to staples that can be mixed and matched for endless, chic outfit combos.

1. Henderson Culottes 2. Spinnaker Circle Tee 3. Salina Sandal 4. Charney Acetate and Wooden Sunglasses


PS. Not sure where to go? We’ve got a few ideas! We’ve got loads of nifty packing tips, too.

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