An easy way to score points with your friends? Host an good old-fashioned game night! A fun spin on entertaining at home – it’s less formal than a dinner party and a great way to get raucous with your favourite people. It might even become a regular event…


The right mix of guests

How many peeps you invite to your game night will depend on what you’re planning to play. (Because an odd number of players and a game that’s played in pairs means someone’s left out of the action!) Want to expand your usual friend list or get to know some new folks? Game night can be a great opportunity to introduce people who don’t already know each other – with everyone focused on the game, there’s less pressure on making small talk.


Easy-to-play games

Word to the wise: Game night may not be the best time to school your guests on how to play Settlers of Catan. Instead, stick to classic games that are familiar and super easy to play – think old-school bingo or board games like Cluedo, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Cards are also a fun option. A Texas Hold’em kit with profesh decks and poker chips will up the stakes, or have fun with a simple but cheeky card game like F*ck. The Game.


Snacky fingerfood

Trying to keep track of your bingo board while you chow down a four-course meal can be tough, so when it comes to game night food, bite-size options are best. Guacamole and corn chips, mini sliders, quiches, sushi rolls or a charcuterie board are easy to munch on and will keep your guests’ tummies filled (because, take it from us, competitive and hangry is not a good mix).


A place to play

Clear off the coffee table and make space for your guests to spread out and have fun. Think about seating, whether it’s chairs around the dining table or big floor cushions in the living room – you want your mates to be comfortable, but easily able to reach and be part of the game. Also, consider where you’ll serve food and drinks. Set up some side tables or pouffes with trays to keep bevvies away from the board games!


Your game-night essentials

1. Personalised Silver Ice Bucket 2. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards

3. Games Room Poker Set 4. Kinetic Stemless Wine Glasses

5. Personalised Leather Playing Card Set 6. Chess Set

7. Ridley’s Bingo  8. ‘Cheese Please!’ Board

9. Table Tennis Set – Wooden Kids’ Play Table 10. Negroni Cocktails


PS. Gifts for your boozy mates and make a signature party tipple!

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