You know one thing we love even more than seeing our sellers on hardtofind? Meeting them IRL. And that’s exactly what Sarah and Sarah did during their recent sojourn in Europe! (They called it a ‘work trip’ but we have our doubts…) The two Sarahs paid a visit to the lovely guys behind Dutch leather brand WITLOFT, stopped by Posh Totty Designs‘ London store to drool over some beautiful jewellery, did some taste-testing at Pana Chocolate (hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) and checked out the latest poetry offerings from Bespoke Verse.

Check out their pics and try to contain your jealousy knowing that for basically two whole weeks they were doing work eating croissants… (We couldn’t.)


WITLOFT create all of their aprons by hand, making each one extra special.


Sarah Curtis gives the WITLOFT team (and their signature leather apron) a 10/10!


Personalising the Dutch saddle leather requires a steady hand.


Did we mention they hand-stamped a key ring for both Sarahs? Nice folk, those WITLOFT folk…


The girls visited Posh Totty’s London store and (only just) resisted the urge to buy one of everything!



You can’t pass the Pana Chocolate range without trying every flavour, right?


The Sarahs can confirm this is seriously delicious stuff.


Fancy a peek at the new range from Bespoke Verse? (We KNEW you would.)


Went on a work trip to Europe, came back with a wishlist 20 pages long…


Pretty much all of Bespoke Verse’s awesome poems come from creator Joanna’s brain!


PS. Meet more of our sellers and the Sarahs wish they’d had this checklist pre-trip!

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