Our real-life princess dreams might have gone up in smoke when Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle, but we’re still determined to level up our commoner lifestyle and start living like royalty. (Jeeves, bring around a plate of cucumber sandwiches!)

And if you, too, think that you ought to have born into the Mountbatten-Windsor clan, we’ve got a few hot tips for how you can live like the king or queen of your own royal family…

1. Put something on your head. A tiara, a hat, a crown – all royals know the ultimate accessory is a statement headpiece. (See also: Gloves.)

2. Wave at strangers from your car. Flap your hand at the masses while you’re riding shotgun and you’ve basically got yourself a royal processional.

3. Give yourself a new name. It’s not Sharon anymore, it’s HRH Sharon the Duchess of Balmoral. (Extra points if you live in a royal-sounding neighbourhood.)

4. Request a standing ovation. Tell your family and colleagues that when the Queen stands, everyone stands. A curtsey greeting goes without saying.

5. Always be paparazzi ready. One scandalous glimpse of thigh getting out of a taxi and you’ll be on the cover of Woman’s Day for a month.

6. Less supply, more demand! Say goodbye to your favourite Insta Stories filter, you’ll only be releasing official portraits on the ‘Gram from now on.

7. Accept gifts graciously. This is royal decree. So, go ahead and let everyone know that anything from the list below will be very well received…


1. Queen Bee A4 Print 2. Personalised Crown Ring


3. Personalised ‘Queen of Cheese’ Board and Knives 4. Personalised Queen Tea Towel


5. ‘Lizzy Stardust’ by Banksy Art Print 6. ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ Personalised Pillowcase Set


7. ‘No.1 Prosecco Queen’ Glass  8. ‘Chin Up Princess Or The Crown Slips’ Cushion


9. Personalised Royal-themed Children’s Art Print 10. Personalised ‘My Royal Baby’ Necklace


11. Personalised Queen of Make-up Bag 12. ‘Queen of Every F*cking Thing’ Mug


13. Princess Crown Brooch Pin 14. Personalised King Apron


15. Crown Mini Model Kit 16. Kiss A Frog Mug


Main image: ‘It Should Have Been Me’ T-shirt


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