We know making time to exercise between work and social commitments and Netflix binges is a struggle. (Who has time to lift a weights bar when the actual bar is calling? With martinis.) But we also know it’s super important to get your body moving and your ticker pumping on the reg if you want to be healthy enough to attend Happy Hours for years to come.

Which is why we wanted to share with you our favourite ways to sneak in a workout sesh when you’re counting the minutes on the clock. After all, we’re not total fitness junkies (except maybe Martin, who hits the gym daily and makes us all feel bad) – we’re just regular peeps who have found fun-ish ways to squeeze a workout into our hectic schedules.

This is probably the bit where we’re supposed to go all Michelle Bridges on you and yell ‘NO EXCUSES!’ but we’re just going to leave these tidbits here for you to enjoy…


“I am obsessed with YouTube star Yoga With Adriene and her short, sharp yoga vids. She will lure me in with some yummy seated neck rolls and an extended child’s pose, and then before I know it – boom! I’m doing planks and ‘yoga bicycles’, which I found out the hard way is really just a cute name for a regular bicycle crunch…”

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“I’ve started running home from work, which I am loving. It takes exactly the same amount of time as it would for me to get public transport – but now, instead of being on a packed, sweaty train, I’m jogging through the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney. It’s my happy place!”

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“You don’t need a heap of time to make a gym workout worthwhile. I’ll pop down for half an hour in my lunch break and do a quick treadmill warm-up, followed by weights. My favourite combo is the lat pull down, chest press, cable bicep bar and hanging leg raise… (followed by my other favourite combo – a KFC two-piece feed!)”

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“Instead of scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed during ad breaks for My Kitchen Rules, I’ve gotten into the habit of hopping off the lounge and doing a few quick bodyweight exercises before my show comes back on. No trips to the gym required. It’s amazing how many squats and tricep dips you can knock out in four minutes!”

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PS. Five steps to an organised wardrobe and we wish this post was a scratch and sniff…

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