Quit walking around sighing about how your home is sooooo 2017 (nope? just us? shucks!) – we’ve got three top trends that’ll bring your space up to the second. Add a splash of earthy pink to your decor, rock out in the kitchen with a set of terrazzo trivets, or just chillax wearing the world’s comfiest loungewear, it’s never been easier to be on top of the trends.


The new nudes

You know that sweet shade of pastel pink that all the millennials have been going nuts for? Well, 2018 is the year we get to meet her sophisticated sister – a perfect blend of earthier tones that plays well with mustard, tan, navy, teal…

1. Large Ella Print 2. Teshvikiye Linen Towel 3. Swipe Right Nail Polish 4. Seti Geo Felted Rug 5. Liberty Tassel 6. Byron Bay Pink Paisley Short Set



Playful, cool and with a look like confetti, terrazzo is hotter than Chris Hemsworth right now. Traditionally created using chips of marble or granite that are set in concrete and polished smooth, this 60s-style material has moved beyond countertops and floors to feature on plant pots, clocks and even yoga mats.

1. Terrazzo Large Original Pot 2. Terrazzo Clock 3. Moon Mint Terrazzo Poster 4. Black Terrazzo Large Pouch 5. DOIY Yoga Mat in Terrazzo Print 6. Habitat Terrazzo Trivet Set



We’re going to call it now: 2018 is the year of being chill AF. Whether that means you carve out a reading a nook in your home, invest in some new comfy couch cushions or up your loungewear game, you’ll become a pro at staying in and relaxing.

1. Strike Quilt 2. Elwyn Square Velvet Cushion 3. ‘Spooning Partner’ Mug 4. Claudette Chunky Knit Throw 5. Hammam Kis Lounge Set 6. Tea and Book Club Subscription


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