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When New York magazine’s The Cut recently pondered ‘What’s the next Status Candle?‘ – a slick pink package was at the top of their list. Made in LA but distributed here in Oz by hardtofind seller The Candle Library, Boy Smells is ready to replace the old guard of status candles (think the flowery perfume of Diptyque and the classic luxury of Cire Trudon) with its more earthy scents and iconic millennial pink packaging.

‘Conceived beyond the gender binary’, Boy Smells began in 2016 as an experiment in candle-making in the kitchen of co-founders and real-life partners Matthew Herman and David Kien. With a goal to ‘burn up expectations’, the duo created unexpected scents like Cinderose (a blend of rose, oakmoss and smoke), Kush (green and bright with a hint of cannabis flower) and St Al (where sandalwood meets exotic florals and frankincense).

Their fresh spin on traditionally masculine fragrances is one thing, but it’s Boy Smells instantly recognisable branding that has made them so covetable. Every candle is developed and mixed in the founders’ home in Los Angeles with fragrance and natural oils, all-natural coconut wax and beeswax. They’re hand-poured in a reusable glass vessel, hand-labeled and beautifully presented in their signature sleek pink and black packaging – ready for a permanent position on your bedside table.


Shop Boy Smells

1. Kush Candle by Boy Smells 2. Ash Candle by Boy Smells 3. Cinderose Candle by Boy Smells 4. St Al Candle by Boy Smells


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It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: Louise from Bookishly.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… bookish quotes on vintage book page prints and personalised map of the stars prints.

Right now I’m inspired by… working with my amazing design team to create new things. I used to do all this on my own but having a team to bounce ideas off makes the world of difference.

My favourite part of the making process is… when you get a print in a frame with no dust first time around – it’s a glorious thing!

I work from… a workshop in Northamptonshire, UK, with a team of 10 other lovely people.

A typical day for me involves… the school and nursery run, then arriving at work about 9.30am. I do emails and chat with the team and then move on to whatever projects are working on. It might be working out how many temps we need for Christmas or how many frames we need to make in advance, or planning the contents of our next subscription box. I’ll catch up with the design team on what they are working on and give feedback. Jo runs customer service and she might have something I need to know about, or just something hilarious to relay (it comes with the job!) and I’ll need to give Beth (our marketing superstar) the two factor authentication code for Instagram multiple times each day! I leave work in time to pick the kids up from after school club and nursery and then it’s straight into the chaos of teatime and bedtime. I’ll occasionally do a little more in the evening but generally I try to switch off and spend some time with my husband (if I can drag him away from whatever his latest hobby is – it’s currently 3D printing!).

My proudest business moment was… it’s rather general, but I’m really proud of my team. Every single one of them is great and my goal in life is for Bookishly to provide meaningful careers for as many of them as possible. To build a business big enough to employ 11 people is something I never imagined would happen, and now it has I just want to keep going!

When I started my business, I wish I’d known… to employ an accountant sooner and start handing over the things I’m not good at to other people.

I’d describe my personal style as… at home I love a bit of mid-century modern with a hint contemporary boho. Ladderax plus IKEA plus a Persian rug and grey Scandi sofa. Fashion-wise, I’m a sucker for a botanical print dress, metallic Converse, thick rimmed glasses and laser cut jewellery. I’m a bit of a ‘creative’ stereotype I’m afraid. I’ve even got the pink hair!

My last purchase was… children’s clothes! It’s always children’s clothes.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… check my email for overnight hardtofind sales. That time difference!

The motto I live by is… the JM Barrie quote ‘Always try to be a little kinder than is necessary’ is Bookishly’s motto. It’s a massive poster on the wall in our studio and it’s written into our staff contract. It’s how we treat our staff, suppliers and customers, and how I try to treat everyone in life.

I’m hoping 2019 will bring… growth. I want to keep building Bookishly so that we can expand and create more cool stuff. World domination basically!

Everything tastes better with a little… CHEESE!! Is there any other possible answer to this question?!


Shop Bookishly

1. ‘May Your Shelves Overflow with Books’ Book Lover Print 2. Personalised Star Chart Print 3. ‘You Are Our Greatest Adventure’ Map Print 4. ‘She Is Too Find of Books’ Book Quote Print


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Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 5: Plan a new tradition…

We all have our own Christmas traditions – whether it’s six serves of Aunty Pam’s Pavlova or a round of backyard cricket with that bat your brother found in 1996, how your family celebrates on December 25 is probably totally awesome and unique to your clan. But if you want to shake things up and do something a bit different this year, consider adding some new festive fun into the mix. Here are a few activities we think will become instant traditions…


Create a Christmas Eve box

This sweet night-before-Christmas tradition will get your little one (even more) excited for Santa’s arrival. Here’s how it works: You fill a special Christmas Eve box with things to wear, read or do before bed. From festive PJs, to a personalised tree decoration and a Christmas-themed storybook, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for things you can add to your box here. There’s even the grown-up version: a Christmas Eve wine box!


Throw down a games challenge

Nothing says ‘fun-filled Christmas celebration’ like a furious clash of competitive personalities. If you’re looking for something to do after all your Christmas Day feasting (that preferably doesn’t involve too much physical movement), bring out a game that the whole family can play. Whether it’s backyard boules, a cheeky card game or old-school bingo, it’ll be even more fun if you put some prizes on the line. Warning: Combine these games with Prosecco at your own risk.


Dress for the occasion

You know what they say: The family that wears matching Christmas tees together, stays together! (Or something like that.) Have fun with your Chrissy Day dressing and show up to lunch wearing matching festive get-ups. It’ll boost your holiday spirit by around 10000% and guarantee a great photo for next year’s Christmas card.


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

Week 1: Make a gift list

Week 2: Deck the halls

Week 3: Buy at least one gift

Week 4: Ace the Kris Kringle

An easy way to score points with your friends? Host an good old-fashioned game night! A fun spin on entertaining at home – it’s less formal than a dinner party and a great way to get raucous with your favourite people. It might even become a regular event…


The right mix of guests

How many peeps you invite to your game night will depend on what you’re planning to play. (Because an odd number of players and a game that’s played in pairs means someone’s left out of the action!) Want to expand your usual friend list or get to know some new folks? Game night can be a great opportunity to introduce people who don’t already know each other – with everyone focused on the game, there’s less pressure on making small talk.


Easy-to-play games

Word to the wise: Game night may not be the best time to school your guests on how to play Settlers of Catan. Instead, stick to classic games that are familiar and super easy to play – think old-school bingo or board games like Cluedo, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Cards are also a fun option. A Texas Hold’em kit with profesh decks and poker chips will up the stakes, or have fun with a simple but cheeky card game like F*ck. The Game.


Snacky fingerfood

Trying to keep track of your bingo board while you chow down a four-course meal can be tough, so when it comes to game night food, bite-size options are best. Guacamole and corn chips, mini sliders, quiches, sushi rolls or a charcuterie board are easy to munch on and will keep your guests’ tummies filled (because, take it from us, competitive and hangry is not a good mix).


A place to play

Clear off the coffee table and make space for your guests to spread out and have fun. Think about seating, whether it’s chairs around the dining table or big floor cushions in the living room – you want your mates to be comfortable, but easily able to reach and be part of the game. Also, consider where you’ll serve food and drinks. Set up some side tables or pouffes with trays to keep bevvies away from the board games!


Your game-night essentials

1. Personalised Silver Ice Bucket 2. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards

3. Games Room Poker Set 4. Kinetic Stemless Wine Glasses

5. Personalised Leather Playing Card Set 6. Chess Set

7. Ridley’s Bingo  8. ‘Cheese Please!’ Board

9. Table Tennis Set – Wooden Kids’ Play Table 10. Negroni Cocktails


PS. Gifts for your boozy mates and make a signature party tipple!

Mention hardtofind to someone new and they’ll probably come back with this: ‘Oh, I’ve seen your little booklets in magazines!’ Yep, we’ve created made mini catalogues for every season and special occasion – but the jewel in our catalogue crown is always the Christmas edition.

And the 2018 Chrissie catalogue is a real beauty (you can totally judge this book by it’s cover – it’s amazing). Jam-packed with gift ideas for everyone on your list, from your impossibly practical hubby to your fusspot teen, this year’s Christmas catalogue will make you more popular than Santa come December 25.

Want a glimpse at how that gorgeous cover image comes to life? We went behind the scenes with our graphic designer-slash-stylist extraordinaire, Georgia, and photographer, Nigel, to see how they got the perfect shot. Hint: There’s a lot of painting props, a lot of moving things around and a lot of um-ing, ah-ing and yeah-nah-ing…

Check out our behind-the-scenes pics below!


Haven’t got your mitts on a copy yet? You can shop the whole Christmas catalogue right here.

Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 4: Ace the Kris Kringle…

Secret Santa can be equal parts ‘fun festive activity’ and ‘utterly terrifying undertaking’ depending on whose name you pull out of the hat (no one wants to be the person who gets the boss in your office gift grab). But don’t let it become a source of extra silly-season stress – you don’t need to be last-minute shopping when you should be sipping Prosecco. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your Kris Kringle ticked off the list early (also, no one wants to be the person who has to give their Secret Santa an ‘oops I forgot’ IOU).

A Kris Kringle gift usually floats somewhere in the $10-$30 mark (depending on how cashed-up your mates/colleagues are) and can go one of three ways:

  1. A quirky, slightly hilarious gift that’ll tickle their funny bone.
  2. A unique personal gift that says ‘I know more about you than just what brand of tuna you use in your lunchtime salad’.
  3. An all-round crowd-pleasing gift that could be for anyone.

If you get someone you know a bit about, options 1 and 2 are safe bets, but Kris Kringle becomes trickiest when you’re tasked with buying a gift for someone you’ve never even heard of. (Honestly, who knew there was a Dan in Accounts?) On those occasions, you need something that’s cool, versatile and will go down a treat with any recipient. Behold, our ‘I’ve got no idea who I’m buying for’ Kris Kringle picks…


1. ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Minimal Notebook 2. Black Truffle Sea Salt

3. Wine Holder 4. Lafitte Reindeer Socks

5. Think Cup in Mist 6. Vegan 100% Natural Shampoo Bar

7. Stay Fit Chocolate Box Set 8. Dirty Chai Coffee Body Scrub

9. Cubebot Ninja Micro 10. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

Week 1: Make a gift list

Week 2: Deck the halls

Week 3: Buy at least one gift

Before they snuggle into bed to wait for the big man in red, create a little magic for your kids with a festively-filled Christmas Eve box! Packed full of thoughtful treats, this special box will get the whole fam in the Christmas spirit. Here’s how to put together a beautiful Christmas Eve box and maybe even make it a much-loved holiday tradition…


Festive pyjamas

Pop a pair of Christmas PJs at the top of the box, so your kids can change straight into their fresh jammies before exploring what other treats are in store!

Personalised Christmas Eve Pyjamas


Tree decoration

You decked out the tree weeks ago, but there’s room for one more ornament, right? Turn the lights on and play carols while they choose the perfect spot to hang their special decoration.

Personalised Wooden Christmas Decoration


Santa sack

Next up, a personalised sack or stocking for Santa to fill. Prepare for excitement levels to rise – laying out this fun keepsake will be almost as thrilling as waking up to all the pressies!

Personalised Christmas Santa Sack


Snack plate

Don’t forget to leave something yummy for Santa (we hear he loves chocolate chip cookies…). Load up a Christmassy plate with treats for Mr. Clause – and carrots for the reindeer, of course!

Father Christmas Personalised Treat Plate


Christmas mug

It’s time to start winding down, so fix the littles a hot drink in their special Christmas mug, then put on a family-friendly holiday movie (we love old-favourites The Santa Clause, Elf and Miracle on 34th Street!) and put your feet up. Christmas socks, optional.

Personalised Children’s Christmas Eve Mug



Santa can’t come until all the little boys and girls are fast asleep, so help your kids nod off with a personalised Christmas storybook that’ll have them dreaming of tinsel and holly.

Personalised Christmas Eve Children’s Story Book


Box it up

You can’t make a Christmas Eve box without, um, a box! We’ve got you covered with beautiful, personalised options that are fun, festive and ready to fill…

1. Festive Woodland Christmas Treat Box 2. Personalised Christmas Eve Box with Festive Pattern


3. Personalised Christmas Eve Box for Teen or Adult 4. Personalised Large Trees Christmas Eve Box


5. Personalised Christmas Eve Chest 6. Personalised North Pole Special Delivery Christmas Eve Box


PS. 100 of the best Christmas gifts for every budget and have you got your gift checklist?

Looking for a Christmas pressie that’s a bit more naughty than nice? Whether you’re shopping for your bestie, your bedroom buddy or yours truly, these sexy not-for-kids stocking stuffers will put the ‘Oh!’ under your Christmas tree…


1. Dame Eva II

Small, lightweight and simple to use, it’s perfect for hands-free fun.


2. Iroha Zen

Touch, twist and tease for a variety of sensations.


3. We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Ring

This multi-player toy can be enjoyed solo or with company.


4. Deep Purple Heart Vibrator

Discreet but playful, with 10 variations of good vibes…


5. Crescendo Smart Bendable Vibrator

A bendable massager that can adapt to any body shape.


6. Lola Li Versatile Vibrator

Sleek silicone ears deliver intense vibrations right where you want them.


7. Insideout Pressure Air Technology Stimulator

Like Goldilocks, it creates a pulsating air pressure that’s just right.


8. Xena Rabbit Vibrator

Use the heat function to warm it up, because some like it hot! 


PS. The best Christmas gifts for wine lovers and something special for him

Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 3: Buy at least one gift…

Quick question: Have you started buying your Christmas gifts yet? If you’re like, ‘Yeah nah, I’ve still got heeeaaps of time for that…’ we’re going to leave this gentle reminder here: It’s only six weeks ‘til Christmas. SIX. WEEKS. To get all your gifts sorted. To organise your festive feast. To wrap up all your end-of-year work projects. To see every single person you’ve ever met, who suddenly wants to ‘catch-up before Christmas’.

So, if you want to avoid a heap of new grey hairs courtesy of a stressed-out festive season, you might want to start ticking gifts off your list, like, right now. No need to go overboard and finalise pressies for everyone. Keep it simple and start with one gift. Whether it’s something for your mum, dad, grandma or teenage cousin, locking down your first Christmas present will put you on such a super-organised high that you’ll practically feel like Santa.

Need a bit of giftspo to get you started? We’ve pulled together a collection of our favourite gifts for all your key peeps.


Gifts for mum

1. XL Clutch in Leaves Print 2. ‘Hiding Out From Little People’ Decanter 3. Mumma and Mini Matching Swimsuit Set 4. Personalised Family Tree Necklace


Gifts for dad

1. Personalised Leather Watch Box 2. Two of a Kind Negroni Cocktails and Glasses Set 3. ‘I Couldn’t Pick A Better Dad’ Engraved Guitar Pick 4. Silicone Toiletry Organiser


Gifts for grandma

1. Personalised Gardening Gloves 2. Personalised Family Names Heart Necklace 3. ‘My Favourite People Call Me Grandma’ Ceramic Mug 4. Hand Wash and Body Wash Gift Set


Gifts for grandad

1. ‘The Grandfather’ Men’s T-shirt 2. Personalised Whisky Glass Tumbler 3. ‘Best Grandad’ Personalised Message Handkerchiefs 4. Personalised Solid Oak Photo Frame


Gifts for teens

1. Pretty Useful Tools Manicure Kit 2. Edition K 1,000-piece Puzzle 3. Commute Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 4. Personalised Boys’ Thongs


Gifts for kids

1. Personalised Rocket Bento Box 2. Personalised Circus Name Train 3. Colour-In World Map Pillowcase 4. Personalised Children’s Wooden Tool Belt Toy


Don’t forget the added extras!

While you’re on Mission: Christmas Gift Buying, don’t forget all the little extras you’re going to need before you pop those presents under the tree. Think cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, sticky tape and ribbon. Wrapping gifts as soon as you buy them is a great way to avoid that last-minute gift wrap chaos – plus, it’ll keep your pressies protected from any prying eyes that just happened to find their way to the back of that top shelf in your wardrobe…

1. Bauble Gift Tags 2. Personalised Christmas Dog Wrapping Paper 3. Personalised Narwhal Christmas Gift Tag 4. Christmas Card (Set of 10)


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

Week 1: Make a gift list

Week 2: Deck the halls

What pairs well with end-of-year-craziness and festive-season stress? A giant glass of vino! (Also, maybe, some Camembert cheese and gourmet crackers.) So, treat your favourite wine lover to a tipple with a little something extra this Christmas. We’re talking bold, fun, booze-tacular gifts – like a shower holder that lets you sip chardy while you scrub, a vintage merlot salt that’ll flavour your food or a Christmas candle that’s made from reclaimed wine bottles.


1. Shower Wine Holder


2. ‘Bring Me Some Wine’ Socks


3. Red Wine Bottle Christmas Decoration


4. Personalised Hexagonal Wine Glass


5. ‘My Favourite Salad is Wine’ Oven Mitt


6. Vintage Merlot Salt


7. Rosé Wine Tote


8. Evi O. Sorbet Mini Wine Barrel


9. Australian Wine Regions Tea Towel


10. Christmas Red Wine and Chocolate Hamper


11. ‘Tonight’s Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine’ Nail Polish


12. Wine Glass Holders (Set of 2)


13. Personalised Wine Rack


14. Mountain Pine Christmas Edition Wine Bottle Candle


15. Personalised ‘Walk Down The Wine Aisle’ Jumbo Wine Glass


16. ‘A Guide To Pairing Red Wine With Food’ Tea Towel 


PS. More unexpected pressie ideas and these Christmas decorations double as gifts

It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: adorable designer (and dog lover!) Heather Alstead.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… since last month, I’d have to say our new personalised Christmas Dog wrapping paper! Thank you so much for making it our number-one seller in less than a week, guys!

Right now I’m inspired by… life! I tend to design for what’s happening in my life – my first ever card was produced for my mum, we started doing personalised baby wear as soon as I became an aunty, and I drew the first dog image when I bought my first pup three years ago.

My favourite part of the making process is… a lot of our designs are handmade by us in our family run studio, which is time consuming but amazing. It’s so fun being able to produce our designs and seeing them grow from an idea into reality. We have built up a collection of machines as the business has grown and are now able to produce personalised baby clothing, mugs, prints, wrapping paper and Christmas jumpers, all in-house! We still have a list of suppliers (all in the UK) to create our non-personalised products, which gives us the freedom to design a wide range of products that we could never produce alone.

I work from… an old barn! I started the business just after finishing uni (seven years ago now!), when I was still living at home. I am very lucky that my parents have an old barn – my gran used to live in here, and prior to that a donkey! It was converted before my gran lived in it… 😉 This has been my workspace from the very beginning, I hired my mum and we all work in here. We have a couple of stock rooms/machine rooms and our office space where we pack the orders. All in a little village outside of York, England. I love it as I get to take my two labs, Luna, and our latest addition, Fleur, to work each day.

A typical day for me involves… up at 6am (now we have a new puppy) get ready, faff around, have breakfast, load the dogs in the car, and drive to the studio only four miles away. Then it is the all-important cup of tea, before printing out our online orders, answering our enquires and starting to make orders. I do the wrapping paper, mugs and baubles, my mum does the prints and baby grows. We do help each other out, and switch and change, but that’s the routine now. Our post is collected at around 3pm, then it is onto either trade orders, or now, Christmas planning, before I head home to make dinner, and chill out with a cheeky gin, my husband and pups.

My proudest business moment was… going full time. I began right out of uni with no idea about anything to do with starting a business. I worked part time to begin with but, after two years, I went full time and that was the turning point. I finally started to believe that this was my actual job and I could make it work.

When I started my business, I wish I’d known… that it would work! It would have saved my parents’ sanity. I would ask them most days, ‘are you sure I am not wasting my time?!’ I still harbor this fear and never get complacent about how lucky I am to do something I love. We are always looking at ways we can evolve and move with markets.

I’d describe my personal style as… Scandi and I’ll buy anything with an animal on it.

My last purchase was… a leopard-print Whistle’s jumper – I love their clothes.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… avoid eye contact with the dogs. They like to eat as soon as they hear the alarm.

The motto I live by is… love what you do and you will never a work a day in your life

I’m hoping 2019 will bring… more of the same, to continue to do a job the I love and be happy!

Everything tastes better with a little… cake/chocolate/gin/rum.


Shop Heather Alstead Design

1. Personalised Christmas Dog Wrapping Paper 2. Personalised ‘All You Need Is Love And A Cat’ Mug 3. Baby Bear Personalised Baby Grow 4. Personalised Dog Ornament


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Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to December 25 with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 2: Deck the halls…

Nothing says ‘I’m ready for the festive season’ like turning your home into Santa’s cave, with more Christmas decor than Mrs Claus could rustle up. But there’s a fine line between delightful holiday decorating and too much tacky tinsel. So, how do you get the balance right? That’s where we’re here to help, starting with the big one…


The Christmas tree

You might be a few weeks away from pulling your trusty tree out of storage, but if you’re planning on some new decorations for this year, now is when you should be thinking about them. Are you sticking with your previous colour scheme or going with something new? Are there any new family additions or memorable moments you want to mark with a keepsake ornament? Decide on what it is that you need, and our trusty guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree will help you pull the whole thing together.

1. Australian Christmas Tree Wall Decal 2. Christmas Reindeer and Gingerbread Toy 3. Personalised Initial Christmas Tree Bauble 4. Personalised Clear Polar Bear Mr and Mrs Decoration 5. Christmas Felt Ball Garlands 6. Happy First Christmas Ceramic Baubles


The holiday table

Whether you’re hosting Christmas Day lunch at your place or having all your mates over for a boozy silly season barbie, setting the tone with the right table decor is key. Think table runners, napkins, ice buckets and glassware. Want to create something extra special for your nearest and dearest? Use personalised ornaments as place settings that double as Christmas keepsakes.

1. Red Wreath Personalised Christmas Table Runner 2. Set of Personalised Vintage Fork Cheese Markers 3. Personalised Reindeer Christmas Napkin 4. Personalised Silver Ice Bucket 5. Christmas Red Spot Linen Napkins 6. ‘Christmas Spirit’ Decanter


The advent calendar

Your official Christmas countdown begins on December 1, and whether you do it with a cute card advent calendar (no sugar high for the kids!), reusable baubles that let you add your own treats, or 25 days of gin or whisky samples, an advent calendar is a pre-Christmas gift that keeps on giving! (And don’t forget your four-legged friends waiting for Santa Paws…)

1. Fill Your Own Bauble Advent Calendar 2. Australian Whisky Advent Calendar 3. Personalised Christmas Advent Calendar Hanger 4. Pet Treat Advent Calendar 5. Christmas Advent Village 6. Personalised Shakies Nativity Advent Calendar


The sacks and stockings

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s going to need somewhere to put all those pressies the elves have been busy making. But a beautiful personalised sack or stocking isn’t just something you put out on December 24 – these sweet keepsakes deserve to be put on display in your home where they can boost your pre-Chrissy excitement.

1. Personalised Denim Christmas Sack 2. Personalised Luxury Velvet Christmas Stocking 3. Personalised Pet Paw Print Christmas Sack 4. ‘Ho Bloody Ho’ Personalised Christmas Sack 5. Personalised Mr and Mrs Faux Fur Stockings 6. ‘You’re On My Naughty List’ Christmas Gift Sack


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

Week 1: Make a gift list

It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: super mum Gem from Infamous Swim.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… matching mummy and mini swimsuits.

Right now I’m inspired by… our family travels. This is a big one for us – as a family we love to get away and get the kids out of the house and outdoors.

My favourite part of the making process is… starting right from scratch, sketching the designs, getting pencil to paper to the very raw design of our prints too. Watching it all come alive by the end is just unreal.

I work from… my lounge room, right now. I need a bigger space!

A typical day for me involves… I don’t even know where the 24 hours goes! With a 16-week-old bub, it just disappears. I start with the kids being dropped at school and getting my take away almond latte (a must), then it’s back home to have a daily chat with my warehouse manager about orders and how she
has gone the day before. After that, I get onto emails and social media contacts! I am loving being very personal with all of my followers right now – really engaging with them, answering any sizing or colour questions they might have. My following is mostly (but not only) mums of all ages and sizes. I help everyone that wants assistance with their size, because when you’re feeding a new bub, it’s nice to know that the person who’s helping you is going through the same things. When the emails are done, it’s all about managing my marketing/advertising and ad hoc things like photoshoots and bloggers. There really isn’t enough time in the day. As soon as 3pm hits, it’s school pick-up time, so my house is loud full of three boys! The rest of the night un folds with parental duties, finishing off with some nighttime answering of mail. Phewww!

My proudest business moment was… collaborating with the wonderful Marcia from notsomumsy! How exciting right?

When I started my business, I wish I’d known… it was going to get this big of a response so soon. I would have had a lot of processes sorted before realising I was about to sink!

I’d describe my personal style as… excitable (maybe too much), honest and open and funny! (Can you say that about yourself? I laugh at my own jokes, anyway… haha!)

My last purchase was… organic cleaning products. I’m a HUGE sucker for online buying.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… oh, gosh – I’ll fess up… check my phone. Eeekkkkk.

The motto I live by is… treat everyone like you want to be treated.

I’m hoping 2019 will bring… a calmness.

Everything tastes better with a little… almond milk.


Shop Infamous Swim

1. Candice Safari Leopard Mumma and Mini Matching Swimsuit Set 2. Mumma and Mini Matching Bikini in Red Polka Dot 3. Candice Military Green Mumma and Mini Matching Swimsuit Set 4. Candice Sunset Tropical (Not So Mumsy Collab) Mumma and Mini Matching Swimsuit Set


PS. Another new seller you should know about and meet more makers and creators!

It’s that time of the year, when festive decorations go up in the office, people start getting excited about Christmas break and you’re thinking about a way to thank your colleagues and clients for their ongoing support. Striking the right balance when it comes to corporate gifts can be tough – how do you find a professional gift that’s also memorable (and preferably won’t end up in the bottom of a desk drawer)? Here are a few things you should consider when deciding on your corporate gifts…


Who are you buying for?

It sounds simple, but this question can be tricky to answer – especially if you have a diverse range of clients or team members in your business. Make a list of all the people you want to thank and think carefully about the kind of gift they’d like to receive. Should it be something fun and celebratory, like a hamper or an engraved whisky glass; something functional, like a leather card holder or a ballpoint pen, or something more high-end, like a luxe laptop case? It’s also worth considering any cultural differences or company gifting policies.


What message should your gift send?

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to show your gratitude, but it’s also a chance to express your company’s values – so if there are things you are passionate about, find a way to work them into your gifting strategy. You don’t need to plaster your gift with overly-promotional branding to make your message visible. If your company takes an eco-conscious approach, a reusable coffee mug or stainless steel water bottle will align with those values. Similarly, if you run a workplace that’s focused on fun, a colourful speaker or novelty desk tidy will fit the vibe. Personalising gifts, whether it’s engraved glassware, embossed leather or a custom print, can also be a thoughtful way to make a memorable impression.


How will you go about delivery?

Delivering your corporate gifts in person can be a great way to keep you top-of-mind with clients – but if your gifting list is large, you might prefer to use a postal or courier service, in which case, you should consider the overall experience. Small details, from how the item is presented to the personalised note that accompanies it, can make all the difference. And if you are gifting perishables, make sure you place a call to the receiver on the day of delivery to ensure they’ll be there to accept it.


Corporate gifting ideas

We’ve compiled a collection of corporate gifts that will express your gratitude and make a lasting impression with your team, boss, suppliers and clients alike.



1. The Negroni Hamper 2. Mr Boho Acetate White Walnut Watch

3. S’Well Elements Collection Insulated Bottle 4. Hexagon Bamboo Fibre Desk Pots

5. Personalised Planku Australian Hardwood Serving Board 6. Zuny Classic Dachshund Bookend

7. Ted Baker Premium Ballpoint Pen 8. Leather and Canvas Tote Bag

9. Small Leather Desk Accessories Set 10. Urbanears Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

11. Leff Amsterdam Block Alarm Clock 12. Personalised Card Holder

13. Personalised Engraved Glass Tumbler 14. Suck UK Scull Desk Tidy

15. Eva Solo Coffee Tumblers (Set of 2) 16. Playing Cards

17. ‘I Need A Moment’ Loose Tea Pouch 18. Glitter 2019 Agenda

19. Black Maths Pencils 20. Soft Leather Tablet and Document Sleeve


PS. Christmas decorations that double as gifts and get set for Christmas

Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to December 25 with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 1: Make your gift list…

Santa’s already started making a list and checking it twice – and so should you! Your first task in our ‘get set for Christmas’ challenge is to figure out exactly who you need to buy for and what you can afford to spend. Set up a note in your phone, get an app to plan your pressies, or, if you’re more of a pen-and-paper gal, we’ve created a downloadable gift list that will help to plan what to buy, without breaking the budget.


Decide who’s getting gifts.

Start by making a list of the people closest to you (think family, friends, significant others) and work your way out from there to include other potential gift-getters (we’re looking at you, teachers, neighbours, babysitters and office Kris Kringles). It’s a good idea to think about…

  • Hostess gifts – it’s party season and a good guest never shows up empty handed!
  • Charitable pressies for any toy or gift drives you might like to contribute to.
  • Kris Kringle gifts for your colleagues, family or group of friends.
  • Teacher gifts (don’t forget, you’ll need to get these sorted before the end of term, which is as early as December 13 in some Aussie states!)
  • Emergency back-up gifts for anyone who gives you something totally unexpected.
  • Thank you gifts – whether it’s for your personal trainer, your babysitter, your boss or the guy who delivers your newspaper, it can be nice to show your appreciation.


Make a (realistic) budget.

Next, think about what these gifts are going to cost. When it comes to setting your budget, think big picture: How much can you afford to spend in total this Christmas? Then pencil in a rough figure next to each person’s name on your list. It’s wise to leave a little wiggle room in your budget for any unexpected gifts – and don’t forget all your other holiday expenses. Holiday parties, festive decor and travel around the end of the year can all add up!

The best bit about prepping for Christmas eight weeks out is you can spread out the cost of your silly season splurges over multiple pay packets. But don’t overcommit. Be realistic about what you can afford – maybe it’s something small, like a bottle of wine in a personalised wine bag, or ready-to-grow herbs. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!


PS. Some gift ideas to get you started

Ah, the silly season. A glorious time of year when you want to frock up and look a bit fancy, but you also want free reign on the canapés and cocktails. The trick is finding a dress that will let you do both – pretty enough to impress but floaty enough that it won’t judge you if you go back for seconds (or thirds). Looking for this season’s party-season staple? You can’t go wrong if you follow our golden rules to Christmas dressing…


Rule #1: No tight waistbands.

This is a fashion rule we’d campaign for year-round, but especially when Mum brings out her 12-hour turkey on Chrissy Day (after we’ve already scoffed down a dozen goat cheese tart starters). A restrictive waist band is only going to cramp your eating style and prevent you from saying ‘yes’ to a second serve. If you really must cinch in the waist for your hourglass silhouette, do it with a belt or a tie that you can loosen over lunch courses – because turning down Aunty Joan’s signature pav is just not the polite thing to do.


Rule #2: Keep it lightweight.

Christmas in Australia is no sweater-fest – unless you’re talking about the sweat that’s dripping down your neck while you’re scoffing prawns in the summer sun. So it pretty much goes without saying that your festive season style should be floaty, lightweight and cool as a cucumber. Our go-to? Cotton – it’s a great all-rounder for dry heat or humidity and the natural fibre allows air to circulate through like a wearable air-con. Team your loose-fitting cotton frock with a pair of strappy sandals and a festive red pedi and voilà!


Rule #3: Look for bold prints.

Want to distract from a food baby? Well, the humble pattern can be a master of disguise. Everyone will be too busy complimenting you on your bold choice of florals to be worried about whether that bump is a second bread roll or a second trimester bub. Prints are also a great way to fancy up a simple shift dress for those Christmas Day photos (just imagine your frock accessorised with all that beautiful jewellery Santa’s going to bring…).


Try these on for size…

1. Liberty Navy Cotton Dress


2. Sienna Tunic in Fallen Leaves


3. Flare Sleeve Gingham Dress


4. Minka Asymmetrical Long Cotton Dress


5. Alexa Long Dress in Ash


6. C.A. Dana Dress


7. Kindred Wrap Dress in Stone Grey


8. Dom Denim Dress


9. Tinctoria Dress


10. Totka Navy Silky Contrast Ruffled Dress


11. Havana Lace Dress in Dusty Rose


12. The Katie Swing Dress


13. Denice Dress


14. Weekend Shift Dress


PS. A few Christmas ideas for her and these decorations make great gifts

This year, hardtofind turns 10! And to celebrate we’re eating our weight in birthday cake and party pies. But we’re also taking a trip down memory lane and recapping some of our top products from the last 10 years. After a decade of supporting small, creative businesses, founder Eri has seen some pretty awesome things pass through hardtofind HQ – here are her top 10 favourite ever finds…


1. ‘My Dad’ Personalised Book for Fathers

“My youngest daughter asked me to buy this for my husband last year for Christmas. She wrapped it up all by herself and proudly gave it to him on Christmas day. He absolutely loved it, and it’s now the story my daughter chooses most nights to read before bed.”


2. Personalised Shooting Stars Ear Climbers

“I have the gold pair of these star ear climbers, and every time I wear them I get so many comments! They sit nice and flat against my ear, which I like, and they’ve never tarnished.”


3. Personalised Map Location Square

“We have this framed, personalised map in our living room. I chose Italy for the map because I’m half Italian, so Italy is very close to my heart. It’s also where my husband proposed to me! We were able to take the kids to the very spot in Fiesole where he proposed, last year – a very special family holiday.”


4. Personalised Grey Kit Bag

“This personalised duffle bag continues to be my go-to buy for blokes. I’ve bought one for my husband, one for my teenage son, and quite a few as birthday presents for my son’s mates.”


5. Personalised Script Socks

“I seem to have collected about three pairs of these personalised socks over the years! They are super warm and comfy – perfect for lounging around in – and they make great stocking fillers.”


6. Body Surfing Handplane

“The design and craftsmanship of these body surfers is exquisite. I bought one for my son a couple of years ago, and he loves it. My dad has one, too. At our last Christmas market, these handplanes sold out!”


7. Personalised Couple Boudoir Cushion Cover

“This personalised cushion sits on our bed at home. The lovely lady who cleans our house once a fortnight fell in love with it, so I bought one for her. Then all her friends started asking her to ask me to buy them one, too! Quite funny – I think I’ve bought four or five of these cushion now…”


8. Iconic Treat Sequin Purse

“This sequin purse is one of my favourite products on the site. It reminds me of fairy bread, and of being a kid. For a trip down memory lane, I highly recommend checking out this seller.”


9. Tour De France 1950 Print

“We have this framed on our wall at home. My husband loves to cycle, and he loves watching the Tour de France! I’m mad for vintage prints.”


10. ‘Super Cool and Fabulistic Sexy Mama’ T-shirt

“I bought myself this T-shirt recently and I love how soft the material is. The slogan says it all, really…”


PS. Get to know Eri and meet some of our makers and creators

There are bad surprises, like finding out someone ate the last of the office birthday cake or accidentally stepping in chewing gum on your way to dinner. Then, there are good surprises, like when someone catches you off-guard with a truly amazing gift. Whether you want to treat your wife/girlfriend/mum/grandma/sister to a surprise of the very best kind this Christmas, we’re here to help with 20 of the best gifts for her that your lucky lady will never see coming.


1. Shower Wine Holder

Whether she likes to sip a Chardy while she has a soak or wants to pre-game while she’s washing her hair, the Shower Wine Holder is a fun and surprisingly practical pressie. Made from a unique silicone compound that grips to shiny surfaces like glass, mirror or shower tiles, it leaves no residue and won’t lose its stick.

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 1


2. ‘This Is F*cking Delicious’ Oven Mitt 3. Women’s Personalised Socks


4. The Edie Boxer Pyjama Set

Go ahead and file this one under ‘top Christmas gift ideas for women’… PJs might be a classic pressie, but this lightweight and luxuriously soft Edie Boxer Set is not as predictable as you might think! Personalise the pyjamas with your choice of initials and they’ll arrive packaged in a beautiful gift box with a complimentary eye mask.

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 4


5. Edition K 1,000-piece Puzzle 6. Leather Purse With Child’s Drawing 


7. Personalised Amethyst Necklace

We reckon most women would agree that jewellery is always a good surprise. Especially when it’s as pretty as this Personalised Amethyst Necklace, stamped with her initial. She’ll love keeping this stone (which is said to bring clarity to the mind and encourage calmness, inner peace and natural intuition) close to her heart.

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 7



8. Personalised Rectangle Signet Ring 9. Undercover Lovers Mixed Sheet Set


10. ‘Mums Are The Best’ Chocolate Box Set

If it’s presents for mum you’re after, let us give you a hot tip: Chocolate. It helps make the mum gig a whole lot sweeter! The quirky ‘Mums Are The Best’ Chocolate Set comes with three delish chocolate bars (two milk and one dark), packed in vibrant wrapping that she’ll want to keep after she’s done getting her sugar fix.

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 10



11. Think Bottle in Stone 12. Havana Crotchet Sun Hat


13. Carousel Cup and Saucers Tea Set

A whimsical way to have a cuppa, this bona china Carousel Cup and Saucers Tea Set is inspired by a vintage fairground. With hanging mugs that feature animals riding a merry-go-round and matching gold saucers that stack up on the floor of the revolving carousel, it’s the perfect piece to keep on display.

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 13



14. 24-carat Gold Plated Make-up Brush Set 15. Personalised Name Silky Scarf


16. Personalised Hexagonal Gin Goblet

‘Tis the season for gin! (No, wait, that’s every season…) Which is why this Personalised Hexagonal Gin Goblet is one of our top Christmas gifts for women. Each glass is crafted by hand and custom engraved with her name and her signature tipple – just waiting to be topped up at happy hour!

gifts she won't be expecting this Christmas 16



17. Stacking Jewellery Box 18. Stitch Where You’ve Been Leather Passport Cover


19. Macrame Plant Hanger Craft Kit 20. ‘Greetings From Lake Wine’ Tea Towel


PS. We didn’t forget the blokes in your life and unexpected wedding gift ideas!

If you want a Christmas gift that’ll keep on giving (that holiday spirit all December long!), a very merry decoration should be at the top of your list. It’s thoughtful, it’s affordable and it’s 100% guaranteed to boost their festive cheer. Not sure which Christmas decorations make the best pressies? That’s what we’re here for – with a bunch of our favourite silly season accessories that also double as awesome gifts.


Christmas ornaments

First up, Christmas ornaments. Forget a 12 pack of basic glitter baubles, personalised ornaments are a beautiful and thoughtful way for your friends and fam to trim their tree! These custom keepsakes can also be a lasting memento of an extra-special Christmas – think matching couple ornaments for your favourite newlyweds or an engraved wooden keepsake to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas. Or keep it a bit silly with colourful accessories, like a personalised bauble that you can fill with sweet treats (just hang them above the grabbing level of little hands!) or a custom doggo ornament to include your best furry friend in the festive fun.

1. ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ Personalised Stars Bamboo Ornament 2. Personalised Mirrored ‘Mr & Mrs’ Polar Bear Decoration 3. Personalised Fill Me Up Bauble 4. Personalised Dog Ornament


Santa sacks and stockings

If you’re banking on a visit from the big man in red, you best give him somewhere to put all those gifts and stocking stuffers… That’s why personalised Santa sacks and Christmas stockings make such great pressies. Created bespoke with the name of your special person (or pet!), they’re not just something to put out on December 24 – these custom decorations-turned-keepsakes are pretty enough to put on display all December with your tree. Just clapping eyes on them will definitely up the pre-Chrissy excitement!

1. Personalised Gold Star Navy Christmas Sack 2. Personalised Christmas Stamp Hessian Sack 3. Dog Personalised Santa Sack 4. Personalised Handmade Christmas Stocking


Wearable Christmas cheer

Quick question: If you don’t wear at least one kitsch Christmassy item on December 25 can you really call it Christmas? We don’t think so. Which is why we’re completely in favour of gifting festively fabulous clothing and accessories. Think earrings that look like mince pies, T-shirts with hilarious pudding puns, a mistletoe oven mitt or a super-cute onesie that tells everyone it’s your first Christmas. We reckon Rudolph would agree it’s so much better than a stuffy button-up.

1. Mince Pie Studs 2. ‘It’s All Good In The Pud’ Men’s Christmas T-shirt 3. Santa’s Paw Single Oven Mitt 4. Typography ‘First Christmas’ Onesie


PS. More Christmas gift ideas and why you should start shopping for Christmas early

For us, festive-season stress is about 8% office party fashion choices, 12% turkey cooking pressure and 80% ‘what are we going to buy the blokes in our lives for Christmas?!’. Coming up with cool gift ideas for men can be tough on the ol’ noggin (why do you think Dad always ends up with his standard socks-and-jocks combo?), but this year we’re here to help.

We’ve trawled through hardtofind’s 1,500+ gifts for men to find the best presents for every fella on your Christmas list. From your hobbyless Dad to your surprisingly picky boyfriend and your really practical grandfather, we’ve got every hard-to-buy-for bloke covered in our collection of dude-approved gifts. (Trust us, they’re so good he’ll think you hijacked his wishlist.)

Our hot tip for successful guy gifting? Go personalised! Custom-created just for him, personalised pressies are ace gift ideas for men who have everything. Whether it’s engraved, embroidered, printed or embossed, putting a bespoke touch on his Christmas pressie will make it feel extra thoughtful and heartfelt. Ding ding ding ding!

If you want to go less sentimental more LOL, we’ve included a few quirky gift ideas that’ll tickle his funny bone. (And they’re guaranteed to get more laughs than that Christmas cracker joke he told over last year’s turkey lunch.) From a cheeky pun-tastic gardening tee to a boozy shower beer holder, they don’t make stocking stuffers like these in the North Pole.

So, put a red hat on us and call us Santa because our edit of the top 20 presents for men is going to make his Christmas Day…


1. Personalised Men’s Leather Zip Wash Bag 2. Personalised Craft Beer Flight Tasting Set

3. ‘Sexy and I Mow It’ Men’s Gardening T-shirt 4. Personalised Etched Glass Solid Oak Watch Box

5. Personalised Men’s Leather Wallet and Photo Card 6. Personalised Gym Duffle in Navy Canvas

7. Beer Cap Map Wall Art 8. Personalised Denim BBQ Apron

9. Men’s Personalised Socks 10. Famous Four Classic Cocktails

11. Eight + Bob The Original Aftershave 12. Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones

13. ‘I Couldn’t Pick A Better Dad’ Engraved Guitar Pick and Leather Pouch 14. Silver and Leather Coordinate and Date Bracelet

15. Leather Onboard Essentials Pouch 16. Rose Gold and Silver Deco Monogram Cufflinks

17. Mr Boho Metallic Classic Jet Leather Watch 18. Chess Set

19. Shower Beer Holder 20. Leather Wash Bag with Personal Message


PS. Why you should start stockpiling your Christmas gifts early and more awesome pressies for Dad

The tulips are blooming, the beach is starting to look more inviting, and Dad’s warming up the BBQ on the patio – there’s something about the start of spring that is filled with promise. And it’s making us want to press refresh on our homes… and our lifestyles! Here are five ways we’re pulling off the ultimate spring clean this September.

Spring clean your home

Out with the cold, in with the new! Whether you’re swapping out some of your cosier home decor for lighter, cooler pieces or just giving your place an annual deep clean, the start of spring is a great opportunity to freshen up your space. There are plenty of small, inexpensive things you can do to give your home a new spring vibe – splash out on a scented candle, buy a plant pot and fill it with greenery or change your bedding to something brighter and more fun. If you have an outdoor area, show it a little TLC to turn it into a space you really want to spend time in.

Spring clean your wardrobe

You’re getting ready to pack away your winter woolies to make room for summery shorts and lightweight linen shirts. While you’re shaking up your wardrobe, take a moment to single out anything you no longer wear or that no longer suits your style. If there’s a jumper that didn’t get a run over the winter months, sell it or donate it. If there’s a summer dress that’s not sparking joy (à la Marie Kondo), give it to a friend you know will love it. The aim of the game is to consolidate your wardrobe, so it’s full of only things you love and want to wear.

Spring clean your mind

If winter gave you the SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real struggle), spring is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. A regular meditation practice can help to increase mindfulness, decrease anxiety and improve concentration. Get your zen on with a 10-day beginner meditation course by Headspace or try a bit of moving mindfulness with a 30-day yoga challenge (you can find free ones on Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel).

Spring clean your skincare

We’re not just talking about washing those make-up brushes that haven’t seen a cleanser for months (although you should definitely do that), we’re talking about rethinking your skincare routine. You might want to swap out your creamy cleanser for a lighter foaming one and add an exfoliator to combat summer’s sweat and grime. You may find you don’t need a thick moisturiser as the weather warms up – instead hydrating toners or body mists can help keep your skin soft. Also, consider adding a sunscreen with high SPF (at least 30+) into your daily routine, if you’re not using one already, and don’t forget that if you’re applying tan, you’ll need to start using an exfoliating body scrub on the reg.

Spring clean your fitness

If your winter consisted of less half-marathons, more Netflix marathons, spring can be a great time to kick-start a new fitness regimen. The days are getting warmer, the sun is out for longer – getting outside is basically a no-brainer. If you’re keen to get active, start small with a 20 minute walk, a casual bike ride, an outdoor yoga flow or an exercise class at the gym. If you need a bit of extra motivation, sign up for a team sport, book in a session with a personal trainer (they’re not all screaming Commandos) or check out local running groups in your area.

Spring clean your admin

Life admin is not our favourite part of adulting, but it is necessary. If you haven’t already filed your tax return for 2017/2018, now is the time to book in with your accountant and get it done. Your big spring clean can also be an opportunity to scan your bank statements for any recurring charges and evaluate your subscription services – you might also want to take stock of your service providers and check that they’re still giving you the best possible rates.


Shop our spring picks

1. Rose, Pepper and Black Mint Wine Bottle Candle 2. Remi Linen Midi Dress

3. Crystal Kit for Wellbeing 4. Ladies’ Gardening Gloves

5. Active Gym and Yoga Towel 6. S’well Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

7. Palm Springs Doorway 3 Art Print 8. Himalayan and Lavender Body Scrub and Bath Salt

9. Meditation Mist 10. White Sneakers


PS. Give your walls a makeover and fix yourself a drink!

You know the only thing better than getting a compliment on a new accessory? Getting a compliment on a new accessory that costs less than a couple of movie tickets.

Take it from us, the star sign medallion necklace by 2am The Label is a compliment magnet. First in our office to fall under its spell? Graphic designer, Georgia, who strolled into work one morning with a pisces pendant that caught all of our attention. There was much gazing, much swooning and much envy that we hadn’t been the first to spot it on hardtofind.

Because sharing is caring, Georgia sent around the link and a few days later, Sarah (also known as our seller production manager and resident cool Brit), had one in her own star sign glistening around her neck. Now, four of us have the necklace and it’s basically become the unofficial hardtofind uniform.

What makes this necklace so special? It might have something to do with the sweet twisted chain that’s subtle enough to layer with other dainty necklaces, but bold enough that it makes a statement all on its own. It might have something to do with the personal touch of your own cosmic sign (wear that lion charm with pride, Leo!). Or it might have something to do with the fact this necklace looks so much more exy than its $49.99 price tag. Either way, when we’re onto a good thing, we like to let each other (and you) know about it.


Star Sign Medallion Necklace


PS. More ‘it cost how much?!’ bargain buys and have you shopped this new seller yet?

If you’re yet to clap eyes on the gorgeous birdlife prints by our newest seller Eggpicnic, prepare for some serious gallery wall envy…

Simple yet striking, their unique take on our winged natives is so good, they’ve gone from decking out homes to colouring the City of Sydney’s multi-storey construction sites. What started as a meeting of creative minds for design duo Chris and Camila has now become an iconic Sydney-based studio that actively works for change.

Photo by Robert Walsh

“Eggpicnic was born in Milan, when I moved in with Chris and arrived with a basket full of eggs some friends at my old place had left behind,” explains Camila. “We boiled, scrambled and poached them and went on a picnic to Parco Sempione, where we decided for the first time to join our abilities in graphic, industrial design and our love for the natural world.”

The pair then moved to Chile, where they started experimenting with different design projects – guided by what they felt was important to communicate to the world. By the time they touched down in Australia’s Harbour City to start their next chapter, Chris and Camila were ready to grow Eggpicnic and transform it into a platform that could offer quality products, while educating people about wildlife conservation. “We are a bridge, between the wild and humans, between NGOs and citizens, and between science and art,” says Camila.

Creating characters that tread a fine line between art, design and cartoon, Eggpicnic aims to capture the beauty of the natural world with the hope of inspiring others to protect it. “We began fusing design and conservation to talk about our unique fellow species in order to inspire change in people’s hearts and minds,” says Camila. “We believe we are all capable of shifting the future and that education is fundamental in doing so. If you can reach people you can change and empower them.”

Photo by Robert Walsh

The process starts with research. “We use scientific data to select and help decide upon which story we want to tell,” Camila explains. “We rely on the data developed by scientists to open up conversations about our wildlife and the problems they face. With this information we are able to identify and determine aspects that can engage citizens and ultimately make a change.”

Once they’ve decided what they story want to capture, Camilla creates a hand sketch of the design, which is then passed on into digital format for the application of colour. All of Eggpicnic’s prints are produced in-house in their Darlinghurst studio – created with the utmost care and attention to quality, and the finest art paper and archival inks. One look at their colourful, contemporary designs and it’s clear why the City of Sydney chose Eggpicnic to decorate their construction hoardings – a move that allowed Chris and Camila to involve the entire community in their work.

So what’s next for Eggpicnic’s dynamic duo? “Continuing to grow our collection,” says Camila. “Our work is becoming more established as large scale public art, with an upcoming project with Sydney Olympic Park being revealed later this year. These new formats and mediums are something we want to explore further. For us, being able to make a difference, no matter how big, is the most important. Having people say they cannot walk away without an Eggpicnic print because of how happy it makes them feel gives me hope because once we fall in love with something we fiercely want to protect it. This is a great time to take part in this change and we can make this happen. We just need people to understand it’s worth doing.”


Shop Eggpicnic…

1. Princess Parrot Print 2. Birds of Sydney Print 3. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Print 4. Superb Fairy-Wren and Banksia Print


PS. Meet more of our hardtofind sellers!

If the idea of getting your newly married mates a set of dinner napkins seems like a total snooze, go rogue from the registry and get the happy couple something unexpected but extra special. From a board game inspired by their favourite show to a custom constellation print for their marital home, these creative wedding gift ideas are a step up from the usual crockery and bath towel fare…


1. Games

You know what they say, ‘the couple that plays together stays together’… (Not sure ‘they’ ever played a heated game of Monopoly with their other half, but hey!) Upgrade the newlyweds’ game night collection with some fresh, fun activities – whether it’s a sleek set of playing cards, a new spin on a classic (Game of Thrones Cluedo, anyone?) or a creative puzzle that they can complete together. They also say ‘team work makes the dream work’!

1. Personalised Leather Playing Card Set 2. Games Room Poker 3. Game Of Thrones Cluedo Board Game 4. X-rated 1,000-piece Puzzle


2. Tech accessories

The perfect combination of super practical and ridiculously cool, the right tech gift will shoot straight to the top of their ‘favourite wedding gifts’ list. We’re thinking gadgets that mix the latest technology with a timeless façade – a sleek smart clock, a custom engraved solid oak charging dock, or a splurge-worthy Bluetooth speaker (you know, so they can replay their first dance song in the highest quality sound).

1. Lametric Time Smart Clock 2. Kreafunk Aplay Bluetooth Speaker 3. Personalised Family Charging Station 4. Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker


3. Custom wall art

More long-lasting than a congratulatory message on a card, a piece of personalised wall art is a keepsake that’ll remind them of their big day (and their favourite guest) for years to come. Map out the stars in their wedding night sky with a custom constellation print, combine their initials in a simple, statement design or mark their favourite location with a personalised heart-shaped map.

1. Personalised Map of the Stars Print 2. Custom Abstract Heart Print 3. Personalised Freesia Botanical Art Print 4. Personalised Cockatoo Couple Print


PS. How to add personality to your pad and up your housewarming gift game

It’s always fun meeting new people, which is why we came up with the idea of The HTF Hot Seat – a regular post to introduce you to the creative dynamites behind some of your favourite hardtofind products. This week’s seller in the spotlight: jewellery and gifting wiz, Lisa Angel.


I’m known on hardtofind for my… English design, personalised gifts, fine and delicate jewellery and men’s jewellery.

Right now I’m inspired by… wellbeing and feeling good. I’m loving all things earthy and natural, botanicals and the ‘namaste’ trend. These elements are a reminder to live in the present, be mindful, stay grounded and take time out from everyday stresses. It’s inspired me to create a range of products featuring hamsa hands, mandalas, inspiring quotes and natural materials.

My favourite part of the making process is… the development and creative inspiration behind each product. It all starts with collecting inspiration from films, catwalks and nature and thinking of new interpretations of existing or previous products for the new season. Once we have an abundance of ideas, it’s time to put pen to paper and create some really exciting designs, start thinking about possible personalisation and new techniques and styles to use to make them unique and different. It’s so exciting to see a product or range of products you’re crazy about, and think will be a big hit, go from inspiration to real life.

I work from… an office in Norwich in the UK. A few years ago I was working on my living room floor, but now I’m lucky enough to have a head office. I still work at home sometimes and in reality you can work wherever you are – whether it’s a car, train or hotel room. It’s hard, but it’s important to turn off sometimes.

A typical day for me involves… an early start at 6am. I enjoy puppy cuddles from Lucy, my Havaton, eat breakfast and do 20-30 minutes of yoga before the kids wake up. Once they’re up, it’s time to make breakfasts and lunches, get them ready for school and get myself ready for work.

Each day varies at Lisa Angel, but it’s always a busy one! You’ll often find me looking at production samples and shop reports, sending design briefs, writing to factories for samples and having meetings with department managers to check everything is going OK.

I’m home early before the kids and often sit cross-legged on the floor or sofa and get some emails answered. Then, it’s dinner time. I tag team with my husband, David, and between us dinner is cooked, homework is completed and urgent work texts are answered. After 7pm it’s no devices for the kids and time for a story. Once they’re in bed I do a bit more work, practise yoga and chill for half an hour before bed at 11pm.

January to May is my busiest time as there are the biggest buys happening during this period so will often get the kids to bed and spend the rest of my time doing work. I will make a list of things I’ve done in a notebook which is great as buying calendar as you know exactly where you are and know how to improve for next time. On the reverse is a to do list for the next day.


My proudest business moment was… wow, there have been so many highs! But there are three that stand out…

The hardtofind Christmas Market: I was nervous to go to Australia as I wasn’t sure how our products would go down. Plus, we were taking the time out at Christmas, which is always super-busy, so a big risk. Turns out it was absolutely amazing! It was really successful and well received and I felt that high you get when everything is going right. Customers were really happy, it was Christmas and sunny! They loved the English design aspect and were buying multiple gifts.

Topshop: We have opened concessions in three Topshop stores across the UK in Oxford Circus, Manchester and Norwich. I love the brand association – I’m from a fashion background so have always respected what they do and think this is target market for us. They’re about fast moving fashion and are always on trend which is similar to what we are doing.

My first store: Opening my first stand in Norwich’s shopping centre and opening my first store in the independent quarter of Norwich are two more proud moments as it was a step away from the craft stalls and my first step in to independent retail. It’s really something to look back on the craft market days and working from my living room floor to now.

When I’d started my business, I wish I’d known… to test trade and have clarity. When Lisa Angel was starting up I had a small house and large products. Needless to say, storage was an issue! I’d try and hide products behind the sofa which soon became impossible and I ended up with no lounge left. In all honesty, I went for products that I wanted and not products that were best for me or the market at the time. It’s important to test trade with limited stock, get feedback and then test again. Thinking with your heart is not always the best way to do business, but it is where the brand is born! You need to have a good balance of heart and head.

I’d describe my personal style as… casual, cosy and comfortable – but I do love to dress up, too. Striped tops and blazers are a go-to but I also love floral dresses and the boho lifestyle. My favourite stores are Topshop, & Other Stories and Anthropologie.

My last purchase was… a round rattan bag from All About Eve. Gorgeous!

The first thing I do when I wake up is… cuddle my puppy Lucy and practise yoga.

The motto I live by is… live in the present, everything will be OK and be kind. These work for business, too!

I’m hoping 2018 will bring… new challenges. I’m feeling optimistic and excited about the rest of 2018 and what’s to come in 2019. We will have a range of strong looks and great products for Christmas and I’m excited to see how they’re received. We have new store and concession openings and our brand is now exposed to London. We’re also looking at holding personalisation workshops which is something completely new to us.

Everything tastes better with a little… kindness and sunshine.


1. Personalised Shiny Vertical Bar Necklace 2. Personalised ‘Matured For…’ Whisky Glass 3. Men’s Personalised Layered Leather Straps Bracelet 4. Personalised Three-Drawer Wooden Jewellery Box


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