Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 5: Plan a new tradition…

We all have our own Christmas traditions – whether it’s six serves of Aunty Pam’s Pavlova or a round of backyard cricket with that bat your brother found in 1996, how your family celebrates on December 25 is probably totally awesome and unique to your clan. But if you want to shake things up and do something a bit different this year, consider adding some new festive fun into the mix. Here are a few activities we think will become instant traditions…


Create a Christmas Eve box

This sweet night-before-Christmas tradition will get your little one (even more) excited for Santa’s arrival. Here’s how it works: You fill a special Christmas Eve box with things to wear, read or do before bed. From festive PJs, to a personalised tree decoration and a Christmas-themed storybook, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for things you can add to your box here. There’s even the grown-up version: a Christmas Eve wine box!


Throw down a games challenge

Nothing says ‘fun-filled Christmas celebration’ like a furious clash of competitive personalities. If you’re looking for something to do after all your Christmas Day feasting (that preferably doesn’t involve too much physical movement), bring out a game that the whole family can play. Whether it’s backyard boules, a cheeky card game or old-school bingo, it’ll be even more fun if you put some prizes on the line. Warning: Combine these games with Prosecco at your own risk.


Dress for the occasion

You know what they say: The family that wears matching Christmas tees together, stays together! (Or something like that.) Have fun with your Chrissy Day dressing and show up to lunch wearing matching festive get-ups. It’ll boost your holiday spirit by around 10000% and guarantee a great photo for next year’s Christmas card.


Playing catch-up? Here’s what we’ve already done…

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