Ah, the silly season. A glorious time of year when you want to frock up and look a bit fancy, but you also want free reign on the canapés and cocktails. The trick is finding a dress that will let you do both – pretty enough to impress but floaty enough that it won’t judge you if you go back for seconds (or thirds). Looking for this season’s party-season staple? You can’t go wrong if you follow our golden rules to Christmas dressing…


Rule #1: No tight waistbands.

This is a fashion rule we’d campaign for year-round, but especially when Mum brings out her 12-hour turkey on Chrissy Day (after we’ve already scoffed down a dozen goat cheese tart starters). A restrictive waist band is only going to cramp your eating style and prevent you from saying ‘yes’ to a second serve. If you really must cinch in the waist for your hourglass silhouette, do it with a belt or a tie that you can loosen over lunch courses – because turning down Aunty Joan’s signature pav is just not the polite thing to do.


Rule #2: Keep it lightweight.

Christmas in Australia is no sweater-fest – unless you’re talking about the sweat that’s dripping down your neck while you’re scoffing prawns in the summer sun. So it pretty much goes without saying that your festive season style should be floaty, lightweight and cool as a cucumber. Our go-to? Cotton – it’s a great all-rounder for dry heat or humidity and the natural fibre allows air to circulate through like a wearable air-con. Team your loose-fitting cotton frock with a pair of strappy sandals and a festive red pedi and voilà!


Rule #3: Look for bold prints.

Want to distract from a food baby? Well, the humble pattern can be a master of disguise. Everyone will be too busy complimenting you on your bold choice of florals to be worried about whether that bump is a second bread roll or a second trimester bub. Prints are also a great way to fancy up a simple shift dress for those Christmas Day photos (just imagine your frock accessorised with all that beautiful jewellery Santa’s going to bring…).


Try these on for size…

1. Liberty Navy Cotton Dress


2. Sienna Tunic in Fallen Leaves


3. Flare Sleeve Gingham Dress


4. Minka Asymmetrical Long Cotton Dress


5. Alexa Long Dress in Ash


6. C.A. Dana Dress


7. Kindred Wrap Dress in Stone Grey


8. Dom Denim Dress


9. Tinctoria Dress


10. Totka Navy Silky Contrast Ruffled Dress


11. Havana Lace Dress in Dusty Rose


12. The Katie Swing Dress


13. Denice Dress


14. Weekend Shift Dress


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