It’s that time of the year, when festive decorations go up in the office, people start getting excited about Christmas break and you’re thinking about a way to thank your colleagues and clients for their ongoing support. Striking the right balance when it comes to corporate gifts can be tough – how do you find a professional gift that’s also memorable (and preferably won’t end up in the bottom of a desk drawer)? Here are a few things you should consider when deciding on your corporate gifts…


Who are you buying for?

It sounds simple, but this question can be tricky to answer – especially if you have a diverse range of clients or team members in your business. Make a list of all the people you want to thank and think carefully about the kind of gift they’d like to receive. Should it be something fun and celebratory, like a hamper or an engraved whisky glass; something functional, like a leather card holder or a ballpoint pen, or something more high-end, like a luxe laptop case? It’s also worth considering any cultural differences or company gifting policies.


What message should your gift send?

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to show your gratitude, but it’s also a chance to express your company’s values – so if there are things you are passionate about, find a way to work them into your gifting strategy. You don’t need to plaster your gift with overly-promotional branding to make your message visible. If your company takes an eco-conscious approach, a reusable coffee mug or stainless steel water bottle will align with those values. Similarly, if you run a workplace that’s focused on fun, a colourful speaker or novelty desk tidy will fit the vibe. Personalising gifts, whether it’s engraved glassware, embossed leather or a custom print, can also be a thoughtful way to make a memorable impression.


How will you go about delivery?

Delivering your corporate gifts in person can be a great way to keep you top-of-mind with clients – but if your gifting list is large, you might prefer to use a postal or courier service, in which case, you should consider the overall experience. Small details, from how the item is presented to the personalised note that accompanies it, can make all the difference. And if you are gifting perishables, make sure you place a call to the receiver on the day of delivery to ensure they’ll be there to accept it.


Corporate gifting ideas

We’ve compiled a collection of corporate gifts that will express your gratitude and make a lasting impression with your team, boss, suppliers and clients alike.



1. The Negroni Hamper 2. Mr Boho Acetate White Walnut Watch

3. S’Well Elements Collection Insulated Bottle 4. Hexagon Bamboo Fibre Desk Pots

5. Personalised Planku Australian Hardwood Serving Board 6. Zuny Classic Dachshund Bookend

7. Ted Baker Premium Ballpoint Pen 8. Leather and Canvas Tote Bag

9. Small Leather Desk Accessories Set 10. Urbanears Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

11. Leff Amsterdam Block Alarm Clock 12. Personalised Card Holder

13. Personalised Engraved Glass Tumbler 14. Suck UK Scull Desk Tidy

15. Eva Solo Coffee Tumblers (Set of 2) 16. Playing Cards

17. ‘I Need A Moment’ Loose Tea Pouch 18. Glitter 2019 Agenda

19. Black Maths Pencils 20. Soft Leather Tablet and Document Sleeve


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