You know the only thing better than getting a compliment on a new accessory? Getting a compliment on a new accessory that costs less than a couple of movie tickets.

Take it from us, the star sign medallion necklace by 2am The Label is a compliment magnet. First in our office to fall under its spell? Graphic designer, Georgia, who strolled into work one morning with a pisces pendant that caught all of our attention. There was much gazing, much swooning and much envy that we hadn’t been the first to spot it on hardtofind.

Because sharing is caring, Georgia sent around the link and a few days later, Sarah (also known as our seller production manager and resident cool Brit), had one in her own star sign glistening around her neck. Now, four of us have the necklace and it’s basically become the unofficial hardtofind uniform.

What makes this necklace so special? It might have something to do with the sweet twisted chain that’s subtle enough to layer with other dainty necklaces, but bold enough that it makes a statement all on its own. It might have something to do with the personal touch of your own cosmic sign (wear that lion charm with pride, Leo!). Or it might have something to do with the fact this necklace looks so much more exy than its $49.99 price tag. Either way, when we’re onto a good thing, we like to let each other (and you) know about it.


Star Sign Medallion Necklace


PS. More ‘it cost how much?!’ bargain buys and have you shopped this new seller yet?

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