Want avoid a festive season freakout this Christmas? We’re here to help! Follow along for the next six weeks as we countdown to Christmas with easy-to-tick-off tasks. From stockpiling pressies to getting your home in the holiday spirit, we’ve got it your Chrissy prep covered. What are you waiting for? Press play on the Bublé and let’s get started!


Week 4: Ace the Kris Kringle…

Secret Santa can be equal parts ‘fun festive activity’ and ‘utterly terrifying undertaking’ depending on whose name you pull out of the hat (no one wants to be the person who gets the boss in your office gift grab). But don’t let it become a source of extra silly-season stress – you don’t need to be last-minute shopping when you should be sipping Prosecco. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your Kris Kringle ticked off the list early (also, no one wants to be the person who has to give their Secret Santa an ‘oops I forgot’ IOU).

A Kris Kringle gift usually floats somewhere in the $10-$30 mark (depending on how cashed-up your mates/colleagues are) and can go one of three ways:

  1. A quirky, slightly hilarious gift that’ll tickle their funny bone.
  2. A unique personal gift that says ‘I know more about you than just what brand of tuna you use in your lunchtime salad’.
  3. An all-round crowd-pleasing gift that could be for anyone.

If you get someone you know a bit about, options 1 and 2 are safe bets, but Kris Kringle becomes trickiest when you’re tasked with buying a gift for someone you’ve never even heard of. (Honestly, who knew there was a Dan in Accounts?) On those occasions, you need something that’s cool, versatile and will go down a treat with any recipient. Behold, our ‘I’ve got no idea who I’m buying for’ Kris Kringle picks…


1. ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Minimal Notebook 2. Black Truffle Sea Salt

3. Wine Holder 4. Lafitte Reindeer Socks

5. Think Cup in Mist 6. Vegan 100% Natural Shampoo Bar

7. Stay Fit Chocolate Box Set 8. Dirty Chai Coffee Body Scrub

9. Cubebot Ninja Micro 10. Aussie Slang Lingo Cards


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