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People use an Advent calendar Australia to countdown the days until Christmas, since it usually comes with a devotional phrase or a small gift or item that is revealed each day. Traditional Advent calendars look like rectangular cards you can hang on the wall or boxes with small sealed windows or doors meant to be opened in sequence on each day of Advent.

At Hardtofind, we have an extensive collection of Christmas Advent calendars, perfect as a holiday-themed gift. We also carry a selection of toy Advent calendar products that can serve as a stimulation or activity toy for young kids.

For example, we have a hanging kids advent calendar that includes 24 activities that will challenge them to do some act of kindness such as donating to charity, spending more time with loved ones, helping with chores, etc.

We also have Advent calendar Australia products that are more like an interactive activity book with scratchies and reusable stickers for the whole family to enjoy. Typically, they also come with ‘acts of kindness challenges’ and a stunning Christmas scene that the little ones can decorate themselves.
For additional Christmas gift ideas, visit Hardtofind and select from thousands of products based on the occasion, milestone, and recipient details like their age, interest, personality, and relationship with the giver (such as mother, father, son, daughter, and spouse).

What is an Advent calendar, and how does it work?

In a nutshell, an Advent calendar Australia is a tool to help you countdown each day in the season, creating a buildup of anticipation of Christ’s birth.

Most Advent calendars begin on December 1 and continue for 24 days. One page, window, door, drawer, or entry is designated for each day through Christmas Eve. With daily entries, these special holiday calendars tell a captivating story, challenge people to do acts of kindness every day, or reinforce the true meaning of Christmas for the whole family.

Aside from helping us count the days until Christmas, the best Advent calendars also remind us to take things slow, which can be a bit of a challenge because the season has always been associated with busyness since we need to do some decorating, shopping, partying, hosting family gatherings, and travelling together with our loved ones.

Since Advent calendars only present one goal or challenge per day, they can serve as a reminder that we should take things slow and just focus on the most important thing this season: Spend more time with our loved ones to create happy memories.

Why is an Advent calendar important?

A personalised Advent calendar Australia can make the holiday extra special. At Hardtofind, you can find Advent calendars for girls, boys' Advent calendars, and other variations that are perfect for holiday-themed gifts.

Some Advent calendars, meanwhile, aim to help us create new traditions that the whole family will surely enjoy. Just make sure that you put your calendar in a spot that is easily accessible to everyone. Then, choose a time each day when you can gather around it to talk about how you’re going to accomplish each challenge.

Where can I buy an Advent calendar near me?

Our online shop is specifically designed to simplify the gift shopping experience. With thousands of carefully curated gift ideas from reputable sellers who aim to create a more personal manufacture-to-customer experience, you can always find the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

When you visit our website, you’ll notice that our navigation menu is designed to make it easy to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for an Advent calendar Australia, a personalised homeware set, family gifts, gourmet chocolate boxes, sparkling wine and whisky products, a unique fashion piece, gifts for pets, or gifts for kids, you can always find something on Hardtofind.

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For an easy gift shopping experience, there is another option you can try. When you click a product, select the ‘or SEND AS AN INSTANT GIFT’ checkbox and enter the giftees’ email address and a special message for them. Fill out the personalisation form to make sure that your Christmas gift is memorable and unique.

Once the payment is complete, we’ll email the recipient, notifying them that you have just bought them a special gift. (Another possible option is to send the gift order to your email and print out the voucher, so you can personally hand it over to them.)

When the recipients redeem their gift by clicking through the email, we will send a voucher code to their cart. From there, they can enter their mailing address and wait for their gifts to arrive at their doorstep.

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