Zoe Alexandria Jewellery

Zo Alexandria is a Sydney-based jewellery brand with a conscious. Each piece may be sparkly on the outside, but shines even brighter on the inside. Over the years, the brand has evolved and now proudly specialises in sustainable jewellery, ethically handmade in Australia.

The woman behind the brand, Zo Richardson, is the changemaker at the forefront of the slow jewellery movement. Slow jewellery is the response to the ever-increasing demand for sustainable practices amongst the jewellery industry. Consumers have clued on to the fact that not all jewellery is made ethically and now they want to know where and how each piece is being made, by whom, and with what materials.

Slow jewellery means really knowing where your pieces are coming from. It specifically relates to pieces that are both designed and then made, from beginning to end, by the same person. This is where Zo comes in.

Zo s jewellery is honest, raw, and authentic. Happiest at her studio in Sydney, Zo makes each piece by hand using recycled materials, and responsibly sourced gemstones - this is where meaning and sustainability perfectly collide. The outcome? Craftsmanship that is transparent from beginning to end and rooted in purpose, intention and quality.

By wearing a piece of Zo , you know that you're part of a bigger movement towards a brighter future for the planet, and the people.

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