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Art is hands down the best way to fill those empty walls. And while buying art can be a lengthy and expensive endeavour, you can give your home an instant lift with framed art prints, curated by one of the creative local businesses at Hardtofind. We’re huge fans of ready-to-hang art prints, mainly because we’re low on patience, and because buying unframed art is like being offered a chocolate cake and having to make your own fork. Cruel and unusual. Here, you can shop our collection of framed prints online, but first some arty tips to set you off on the right path.

How to choose the right framed prints

Black and white framed prints, framed beach prints, framed horse prints — whatever your personal favourite, framed artwork is a major part of the style of your home, and has the power to transform your living spaces. Not only does it express your personality, a feature piece can tie all the other elements together and make a room an inviting place for guests, or to just sit and be. While it might seem easy to just settle on the first picture that you like the look of, you should put as much thought into the process as you would to say, choosing a sofa. You don’t have to sit on it, but you do have to look at it!

When it comes to artwork, there are no hard and fast rules, but there are some guidelines:

  1. First, it’s important to choose something you love. It’s going on your wall, and chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at it, so make sure it’s something that evokes positive emotions and makes you feel at peace with your decision to give it top billing.
  2. Second, consider the style of your home. Is it traditional or modern? Does it have a coastal chic vibe or is industrial more your thing? The framed prints you choose will cement your home’s style, so choose accordingly. From Matisse framed prints or Chanel framed prints for a city pad, to Bally framed prints for an art deco theme, and calming framed beach prints for a coastal cottage, there’s something for every home here at Hardtofind. Remember that framed art prints can help evoke the feelings you want to experience at home, as well as reinforce the feelings you already have, so it’s up to you to set the theme. Also, take a look at the frame and make sure it fits the bill. A soft, light timber frame will be right at home among Scandi style furnishings, whereas a silver frame might work better in a sleek and modern living space. Another thing to consider when choosing framed prints is to look for pieces that tie in with your existing colour scheme. For a cohesive look, select an accent colour or two that are already present in the room, and let this steer you towards the art you buy. If your room has a largely neutral colour palette, home in on an existing statement piece and reflect this in your art. You can go pretty bold, as long as it ties back to your current scheme. A colour will feel more grounded if you repeat it in your framed art print.

What size framed print should I choose?

Size is important! Getting it wrong can disturb the balance of a room, so start your search with a size in mind rather than the other way around. The good news is this will act as a filter when you have so many options dancing before your eyes! Framed art prints should sit at least 150mm above the edge of your sofa back or other furniture. Measure the height of the walls so you can get it in proportion. Oversized pieces (those a metre or more in length) act as the focal point of a room. They look best placed above a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, dining table or bed. Medium-sized framed prints (600 to 800mm) are versatile as they can stand alone or you can hang a pair on a larger wall. Small frames are perfect for grouping together gallery style or as part of a picture wall.

How to create a picture wall

A picture wall, or gallery wall, is where small pieces of art are grouped together. It’s a creative alternative to filling a big space with one large print. Pieces by the same artist or in the same colour scheme will work well together, but a more eclectic collection can be impactful. A picture wall is a great way to create a focal point, and bring a dose of personality to your living space. The easy way is to buy a pre-curated set of framed prints in your chosen colour scheme and simply hang them on the wall. Or you can create your own theme and look for pieces that fit in with this and each other. Once you have your favourites, lay them out on the floor and create your pattern this way. It could be in regimented lines or fit together like crazy paving. Swap things around until you’re happy with the design, then take a photo so you can recreate it on your wall.

Personalised framed prints

Personalised framed prints make great gifts for friends, family and significant others. It’s a lovely way to celebrate a new family member, an anniversary or a memento of a special holiday. Choose from selection of personalised maps, watercolours that name family members, framed word searches and other quirky artworks that draw on your own personal experiences. (When searching for your personalised framed prints at Hardtofind, check the ‘Can be personalised’ box in Special features for an instant curation.)

So now you’re sold on the virtues of framed prints! In these pages, you’ll find a selection of the best framed prints Australia-wide. You’ll also discover a wide range of other ready to hang artworks such as stretched canvas, framed canvas prints, plywood art, paper-cut & origami, wall stickers and wall hangings.


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