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Medium Love The Earth Locket Necklace

by Posh Totty Designs



Birthstone Heart Locket Necklace In Gold

by Lisa Angel



Flaming Heart Locket Necklace

by Scream Pretty Australia



Love The Earth Large Locket

by Posh Totty Designs



Small Hamsa Hand Locket

by Posh Totty Designs



New Baby Storybook Locket Keyring

by Maria Allen



Personalised Storybook Locket Keyring

by Maria Allen



Large chakra locket

by Posh Totty Designs



Personalised Photo Envelope Necklace With Bird

by Maria Allen



A locket that opens to reveal your photograph or a lock of your hair is the perfect present to give to your love, so that they may carry you with them always.

The distinguishing feature of a locket is its pendant charm that hinges open like a book to display two faces. These halves typically reveal something personal to the wearer, be it a miniature painting, a photo image or a meaningful engraved message. Wearing a locket is a special way to keep one’s memories close to their heart.

Order a unique locket for sale by browsing our beautiful collection of jewellery and accessories, crafted by the best small retailers from Australia and around the world. Choose from a variety of traditional finishes such as gold or silver, or find a piece that’s more ornate such as a mother of pearl or semi-precious stone-encrusted locket.

In these pages, you’ll also discover a range of stunning jewellery pieces to match your locket, such as fashionable bracelets, hoop earrings, or rings to suit every style and budget. And don’t forget to check out our fab range of jewellery storage options - a must-have to keep your precious jewellery collection safe, organised and dust-free. Here at Hardtofind, we have all the women’s fashion accessories you need. Scroll through our marketplace now and receive free shipping Australia-wide!

What does a locket symbolise?

Jewellery lockets symbolise different types of love and special relationships, and gifting a locket is typically seen as a romantic gesture. Generally, the shape of the pendant on the locket dictates its symbolism. Here are some specific examples locket shapes and their different meanings:

A heart pendant locket symbolises a romantic type of love, where each half of the heart represents each lover and when put together, symbolises becoming whole with one another. Personalised heart-shaped lockets make for romantic anniversary or Valentine's Day gifts that your special someone will treasure forever.

Oval lockets symbolise a deep friendship. Unlike heart pendant lockets, oval lockets have a uniform shape and size and represent the organic, balanced love that can be found between best friends.

And storybook lockets symbolise foundational and familial love. The shape of these pendants show that a relationship has been strong and consistent from the beginning. They also help to portray life as a story; with both people in the relationship as the main characters. Most likely, the giver and the recipient of a storybook locket have close family ties and have seen each chapter of the other’s life unfold.

How to pick the right locket?

Picking the right locket involves the consideration of size, material, and use case. All of these aspects will help you choose the perfect locket for that special person in your life.


The size of the locket is important as it determines how you can personalise it. Lockets with smaller dimensions have less capability of being customised. The smaller the engravable locket, the fewer meaningful words can be placed in the inner area. Likewise, if the locket has an inside section where pictures can be placed, then only small ones can fit inside. This is not ideal if you want to place a specific or larger photograph within.

A solution to this problem would be to give an envelope locket. This type of locket is designed to have a photograph slid inside the envelope shape. This way, there would be ample space to store personal images. The ingenious design of an envelope locket allows for safe storage without the drawback of crumpling or cutting the picture to fit the frame.


Not all lockets are created the same, some are made out of metal while others have a gold finish. Choosing a locket based on material is important, as mixing jewellery metals can clash with the recipient’s overall style. For this reason, make sure you pay attention to the existing accessories the recipient already owns, as this allows them to wear the locket you gave them as a complementary piece, rather than a stand-alone one.

Use Case

The last item to consider when picking a locket is use case. Give a locket that can be worn on either formal or casual occasions. If the recipient is looking for a stunning jewellery accessory for day-to-day wear, a simple, plain locket that blends well with casual wear is just the ticket. However, if they have more sophisticated, dressy tastes, an ornate or intricately-designed locket will suit them best, especially if they often attend formal events. A statement locket is the ideal accessory for refined, elegantly pared-back formalwear.

What is the safest way to clean a locket?

The safest way to clean a locket is to use simple and organic home ingredients. Harsh chemical cleaners and polishers are not fit for all types of jewellery as they could tarnish the outside layer if used in excess.

When cleaning metal lockets such as a plain gold locket, start by adding one part lemon juice with one part water in a container. Submerge the chain and pendant into the mixture and wipe the stains away using a gentle microfibre or smooth cloth.

If there are still some leftover stains, use the baking soda method. Begin by filling a bowl with warm water, then adding two or three tablespoons of baking soda. Make sure that the water is warm enough to quickly dissolve the baking soda, but not too warm that it burns your hands. Lastly, submerge the locket in the mixture for a few minutes and then dry with a microfibre or smooth cloth.

Whether it’s high time for some “to me, from me” gifting or there’s a special birthday approaching, you’ll find that just-right treasure in our collection of lockets. A personalised locket makes a heartwarmingly thoughtful gift, and we’ve got unique contemporary styles that’ll bring joy to your own jewellery box. Plus, every one-of-a-kind find has been made or sourced with love by one of Australia’s best small businesses.

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