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You won’t find too many people who don’t like chocolate. What you will find though, is an eclectic range of tastes, from those who enjoy it dark and bitter, to others whose tastes like towards the milky end of the spectrum. Possibly no one would have actually liked the early form of chocolate, made about 2,500 years ago. The word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Aztec word chocolātl. The ancient Mexicans — the Olmecs and Maya peoples — are thought to have been the first to cultivate cacao beans, and by around Year Zero, they were practised farmers, who ground up the beans to make a hot and bitter liquid they believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover the cacao bean on a mission to Americas in 1502. He took it back to Europe with him, where some genius decided to add sugar, and chocolate took off like a rocket. By the mid 19th century, Lindt, Nestlé, Cadbury and Hershey’s were all in the business of chocolate confectionary.

Today, cacao beans are grown in Latin America and the Caribbean, but around two-thirds are produced in Western Africa. The worldwide consumption of chocolate is estimated to be at least 7.2 million tons every year. That’s a lot of chocolate. If you want to add to the total, read on.

Chocolate gift boxes

Chocolate gift packs and boxed chocolate gifts add that little extra something when you’re choosing a chocolate gift. Our collection of gourmet chocolates is not only made with premium ingredients, they come in beautiful packaging, including limited-edition collectible tins and chocolate baskets, making them even more unique and personal. A chocolate gift box can be made up of all sorts of different chocolates, packaged together in a presentation box or hamper basket. Or you might choose a gift box that has chocolate as the hero, with a supporting cast of goodies such as Champagne, wine, cookies, nuts, pretzels or other snacks. If your chocolate gift recipient is partial to a particular type of chocolate, take a look at the dedicated chocolate gift sets themed by milk, dark, white and vegan chocolate. Or instead of a bouquet of flowers, consider a bouquet of chocolates. They may not last any longer, but they’re a whole lot tastier!

Why chocolate is good for you

Eating dark chocolate offers you a good mix of minerals, including magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and copper. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help protect from inflammation, improve brain function, and generally boost your immune and heart health. The antioxidants in dark chocolate help to lower bad cholesterol, while the flavonoids are good for lowering blood pressure. Dark chocolate can also give you an energy boost and enhance your mood, in a similar way to caffeine.

Chocoholics take note: the reason why we keep saying ‘dark choclate’ and not just ‘chocolate’ is that the purer and darker the chocolate, the greater the benefits. It’s those cocoa solids that count. Fifty per cent cocoa solids and you’re on the right track. Ninety per cent and now we’re talking. In comparison, milk chocolate comes in at a lowly 10 to 30 per cent, and as for white chocolate, well that’s pure cocoa butter and doesn't offer any health benefits whatsoever. Whatever chocolate you enjoy, it’s unsurprisingly high in calories, and should be enjoyed in moderation. Sorry.

Chocolate gifts not for eating

What? Chocolate that you can’t eat? Well, yes. Some gifts rely on that tempting fragrance of chocolate rather than the flavour. At Hardtofind we have a great range of chocolate scented candles, room sprays, diffusers and oils that fill the house with a subtle chocolaty scent, so you can enjoy a chocolate fix without the calories! And there are also chocolate gifts that depend simply on the sight of chocolate — think earrings or other jewellery with a chocolate theme.

Personalised chocolate gifts

Personalised chocolate gifts make great gifts for friends, family and significant others. It’s a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion with chocolate gifts for teachers or chocolate Christmas gifts. Or then again it could just be a sweet little gift designed to raise a smile for no particular reason. Choose from selection of personalised chocolate gifts with messages that show you care. (When searching for your personalised gifts at Hardtofind, check the ‘Can be personalised’ box in Special features for an instant curation.)

Five reasons to give the gift of chocolate

  1. Chocolate gifts are so versatile, from a small token of appreciation for a colleague or neighbour, to a flamboyant romantic gesture.
  2. Chocolate is made for sharing, so when you give someone chocolate, you’re probably making a couple of other people happy too.
  3. Once chocolate has been eaten, it’s gone. That has to be good for the planet, right?
  4. Choosing special chocolates, from the artisan to the beautifully wrapped, shows how much you care.
  5. Everybody loves chocolate!

So now you’re sold on the virtues of chocolate gifts! Not that it took much persuasion, right? In these pages, you’ll find a selection of the best chocolate gifts Australia-wide. You’ll also discover a wide range of other gift ideas for friends, colleagues and loved ones such as thank you gifts, birthday gifts, corporate gifts, personalised gifts and hampers.

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