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Whether you’re after a birthday gift for your little one or a Christmas pressie to add to Santa’s stash, buying gifts for kids can be equal parts really fun and ‘what the fudge do I get?’ frustrating. You want something they’ll love but you also want something they’ll get use out of (that’s the winning formula when it comes to gifts for children!). Well, we hear you. Our curated collection has some of the best gifts for boys and girls going around. And to make things that much easier, we’ve rounded up our top five tips on how you can find unique gifts for kids...

1. Make it useful. We’re not saying go out and buy little Tommy a multipack of sports socks (that’ll go down like a lead balloon), but when it comes to gift ideas for kids, thinking practical can pay off if you also make it fun. Take dog-print socks or cool animal motif tees, for instance. On one hand, they’re cool gifts for boys. On the other? Essential wardrobe staples. Win/win!

2. Make it educational. The best gifts for kids are ones they can learn from while they play. Looking for gift ideas for boys? Try a world map doona cover that they can colour in (the ink just washes out in the machine!) or a circuit scribe kit that’ll introduce them to how electronics work. Or if it’s presents for girls you’re after, a DIY straw inventor kit will get them using their noggin while a personalised notebook will give your little one plenty of space to jot down her big ideas.

3. Make it personalised. Whether it’s a piece of bespoke jewellery, an embroidered bath robe or a colourful customised cushion, adding your own personal touch will take cool gifts for kids to the next level – and ensure your pressie will still be treasured for years to come. Don’t know where to start? Our collection of personalised presents for kids is full of items you can customise with a name, date or special message. It’s too easy!

4. Make it crafty. Find a gift that’ll keep the kids busy for half an hour and it’s kind of like a gift for you, too! That’s why kid-friendly craft kits always top of our list of gift ideas for girls and boys. Our pick of the best gift for girls? We love the make-your-own magical unicorn, the rainbow tapestry kit and the children’s gardening gloves (inspiration to start their own veggie patch, perhaps?). And when it comes to crafty presents for boys, they’ll stay entertained painting their own DIY wooden boat kit, building a mega-bot or colouring in a set of pirate cards.

5. Make it fun. Nail the fun factor and you’ve got the perfect gift for boys and girls. From an edible mushroom farm to a mini-wedge skateboard ramp or a dinosaur egg cup, fun pressies are always gonna be favourites with the under 10 crowd. So, try not to take it too seriously and remember that finding gifts for girls and boys should be fun for you, too!

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