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There’s never a bad time to be thinking of a weekend away. If you live in the city, you might want to treat yourself to some downtime — driving out to the country in search of a quieter life where you can switch off and recharge. Or perhaps you’re heading for the city lights, to catch up with friends and party! Whatever your plans, you probably know exactly what you want to take with you. But what do you put it in? That’s where the perfect overnight bag, AKA weekender, comes in. Once confined to a sturdy leather Gladstone, the range of travel bags now on offer — in all materials, brands, shapes and sizes — can be a little overwhelming!

An overnight bag is an essential travel item to have ready for trips both last minute and long planned. At Hard to Find, you’ll find a large and eclectic range of men’s overnight bags, women’s overnight bags and children’s overnight bags. Weekender bags also make an excellent gift for that special someone who travels for work or play. Take a look at our selection of personalised overnight bags and other luggage items — adding a name, monogram or initials adds that extra thoughtful touch and makes your gift one of a kind.

Of course, there’s no such thing as the best bag for a weekend away, as it depends entirely on the occasion and the person who’ll be carrying it around. Here are our tips on how to find the perfect overnight bag for you — or someone else.

How big should a small overnight bag be?

First things first. What size overnight bag do you need? A weekender bag is designed to hold enough clothing, toiletries and incidentals for a one to three-day trip. As a rule of thumb, it should qualify as carry-on luggage on a flight, so according to Qantas, if you’re travelling economy, that’s 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. A bigger weekender or overnight bag will hold more of course, but will have to be checked in (and will be more awkward to sling jauntily over your shoulder).

What design should I choose in an overnight bag?

Style-wise, an overnight bag is a step up from that backpack you once loved or that perky little shell on wheels that the kids want to ride on at the airport. Generally rectangular and soft-sided, a weekender bag should have a wide, flat bottom so it's easy to load and unload in car boots and overhead lockers, and won’t roll around during travel. Take a good look at the straps. Ideally, you’ll be wanting a bag that has a handle for carrying short distances and a shoulder strap (often removable) if you’re walking further. Sometimes the interior can be just one large open space but you might prefer one with internal zippers and compartments. You might prefer a streamlined exterior design, although pockets on the outside are also useful if you need to access things such as books, electronics or paperwork on the journey without rooting through the whole bag.

How much should I pay for an overnight bag?

How long is that proverbial piece of string? Overnight bags start at around $100 for a cute vinyl overnighter, and you can pay up to $1500 or more for a top-quality respected brand. Obviously, you get what you pay for, so think about where you’re going, who you’re with, and how much you’re going to use it in the future. A fun nylon duffle might be the ideal pick for a couple of days at a beach house with friends. But if you’re looking for something to last longer than a few trips, it may well be worth paying more for a weekender bag that stands the test of time. And remember, this is no time to dismiss aesthetics! Yes, your bag needs to be functional, but you might want it to be beautiful, too. In a hotel lobby, your bag will have a lot to say about you as you edge forward in the queue.

Should I spring for a leather overnight bag?

A tough bag will last a lifetime (yes, you might even be handing it down) without showing too much wear and tear. Waterproofed canvas or nylon are both excellent choices that will survive a downpour as well as a party weekend. But perhaps the go-to if you want that timeless classic, is leather. Leather is sturdy and durable, will go with everything and may even start to look better with age. Leather does take a little looking after though. When not in use you should pack it so it keeps its shape (a pillow makes a good stuffer). Storing it in a dust bag will also keep your leather overnight bag in tip-top condition. If you don’t want animal skin but you still like the luxurious look and feel of leather, check out the vegan leather options — made from eco-friendly, cruelty free synthetics or natural plant fibres.

So now you hopefully have an idea about what kind of overnight bag you’re looking for! In these pages, you’ll find all the best men’s and women’s overnight bags Australia-wide. You’ll also discover a wide range of gifts, accessories and beautiful items for the home including tote bags, jewellery boxes, homewares, key rings, birthday gifts from our gift shop and wall hangings.


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