Jivo go gear kit for GoPro & action cams (11 piece kit)


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* 13 Anti-shock water resistant EVA protective case
* Set of short and long screws
* Enhanced Bike Mount Kit with 3-way Pivot
* J Hook Mount
* Anti-slide Float Bobber
* Wrist/Arm Mount
* Elastic Chest Strap Mount with storage bag
* Elastic Head Strap Mount
* Suction Mount
* Mini Tripod
* Monopod

Product Description:
Jivo Go Gear Universal Action Camera Accessory Kit
Jivos Go Gear Universal Action Camera Accessory Kit is an essential purchase for anyone looking for top of the range accessories for their action camera (including GoPro). The stylish kit comes with everything you could possibly need to make optimum use of your camera. The 11 piece kit includes high quality, durable gadgets with endless uses and applications. Whilst some of the accessories are already fitted with a GoPro connector, the Kit includes a female GoPro adapter to screw so that all accessories can be used with any action camera. There is also a second adapter that will transform any standard connector to be compatible with GoPro cameras. The various modular accessories are interchangeable and a screw pack is included, enabling you to mix and match the various items. All you need is your spirit of adventure and a little bit of creativity.

Anti-Shock Water Resistant Case
The Go Gear Accessory Kit comes in a 13 anti-shock, water resistant EVA protective case. The 100mm deep case can be stored in most backpacks or can be carried with the included shoulder or wrist strap. The case features several netted pockets as well as elastic straps to secure all of the included high quality accessories, as well as an EVA section with purpose built compartments for holding your action camera, spare batteries, memory cards, waterproof housing, cables and much more. The durable case ensures complete protection for all elements of your action camera kit.

Chest Strap
One of the most popular accessories in the Kit is the adjustable Chest Strap. Made with high quality elastic nylon straps, the Strap can be adjusted to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes whilst remaining comfortable and unrestrictive. The mount is made of durable plastic and securely supports your action camera while you concentrate on your chosen activity. Compatible with the included J Hook Mount to obtain more points of view for your camera, giving a whole new angle to your videos. The Chest Strap comes with a handy storage bag.

Another widely used accessory that comes in the Go Gear Kit is the Monopod (or selfie stick!). Its made of lightweight aluminium with durable plastic connectors and a foam handle for comfort. With the ability to use the monopod at a variety of extensions (up to 90cm), you can take photos and videos from your chosen distance to achieve incredible viewpoints. Whether youre an avid selfie taker or are searching to achieve the ultimate extreme sports videos, the Monopod is an essential action camera accessory. The monopod also comes with a wrist strap.

Suction Cup Mount
Jivos Action Camera Accessory Kit also includes a Suction Cup Mount. Made of incredibly strong grade materials, the Suction Cup can be securely stuck to any glass or very smooth surface, a perfect accessory for the car. The ultra-strong grip will reliably stay attached, even when travelling at high speeds. The mount is compatible with the included J Hook, so as to achieve even more extreme points of view and can be used with action cameras in their housings.

Enhanced Bike Mount
Jivos Go Gear Action Camera Accessory Kit includes an Enhanced Bike Mount with 3-way pivot enabling you to get full use of your action camera. The 3-way pivot feature gives you the freedom to choose the angle so as to achieve the perfect shot whilst in motion. The easily adjustable mount can be attached to any pole measuring between 14 and 40mm, for example when skiing. The kit also includes a set of short and long screws for easy attachment (these can be used with any accessory in the kit).

Head and Arm/Wrist Strap Mounts
As well as the Chest Strap Mount, the Go Gear Action Kit also comes with a Head and Arm/Wrist Strap. Both Strap Mounts are fully adjustable and are made of high quality, durable elastic nylon. The Head Strap also features a rubberised grip for optimum comfort. The Strap Mounts will enable you to capture photos and videos from a variety of personal points of view for the ultimate movie experience. The Wrist Strap can also be used on your lower leg and on a variety of poles thanks to its adjustable Velcro attachment. Its plate can be changed to achieve different angles for videos.

Anti-Slip Float Bobber
Included in the Go Gear Kit is an anti-slip Float Bobber. Made of 100% waterproof plastic, it can be easily attached to your action camera to ensure that it doesnt sink when using in water. Featuring a high quality, rigid, anti-slip grip and a wrist strap, the Bobber enables you to capture brilliant images and videos without the worry of your action camera sinking and being lost forever. The Anti-Slip Bobber can also be used as an unobtrusive mini monopod. **Please note that in water a waterproof housing must be used in order to make your action camera waterproof**

Mini Tripod
Another top quality accessory in Jivos Go Gear Kit is the Mini Tripod. The tripod will allow you to set up your camera in the ideal position, letting you capture footage from a sturdy base. Extendable up to around 12, the Mini Tripod is quick to set up and disassemble.


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