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2300966 Constellation Perfume for Women

Constellation Perfume for Women


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Your Star Sign in a Fragrance

StarSign Scents is a 100% natural fragrance specially blended with essential oils cleverly crafted to match your exact personality traits and bring out the best version of you

Incorporating your related star sign flowers and using only the best 100% natural essential oils that enhance your mood, improve your health and wellbeing and invoke confidence in the way you smell and feel.

100% Natural Perfume
100% Australian Made


Non-toxic, perfumes with natural libido lifting powers!

Matching His & Hers duo (Adam + Eve) perfumes that enhance your mood are now available for your purchase!

We all want to smell and feel sexy for ourselves and our partners, every day of the week and on special date nights, so we have specially formulated a saucy duo that naturally increases your libido with the power of essential oil’s that are natural aphrodisiacs creating a hypnotic scent that can spice up your sex life!

We have produced a matching and complimentary duo of quality Australian made perfumes that not only smell sexy, but they are a force 0f the pheromones!

The ability of Natural Essential Oils to renew energy and enhance your mood and libido through a special formulation using centuries-old medicinal powers is an invention in itself.

For most of us, the fragrance is powerfully evocative. Certain scents have the power to totally transport us to another feeling within ourselves or evoke memories, so we have cleverly crafted a miracle elixir of sexy natural twin set perfumes that work together in combination when both the male and the female wear them invoking a sensuous, sexy experience where the body draws on the oils combined in the specially formulated mix to take what it needs to arouse the senses through the powerfully strong sense of scent!

We worked with the fragrance specialists, bio alchemists, and aromatherapists who work exclusively with wildcrafted, organic botanical ingredients and certified natural essential oils, about the unique qualities needed for each fragrance to produce the perfect combination.

This thoughtful production like no other perfume range, called CONSTELLATION StarSign Scents, will have you enraptured in this 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic perfume duo set specifically designed for you and your partner in mind to attract the opposite sex and retain your soulmate through increasing the ‘love pheromones’ aptly called the ‘Fragrance of Pheromones’

When you spray every day, you not only smell divine, you are actually absorbing the natural medicinal benefits of nature’s best essential oils to give you a lift when you need it and we can all do with a bit of that!

Ingredient and Scent Descriptions…

What does eve smell like?

If you are wanting to spice up your love life, you will discover that this fragrance contains all the essential oils that gets you in the mood and aids in nurturing a healthy sex life.

The top note of Eve is musky with a touch of soft sweetness coming from the geranium and then develops into a very delicious seductive, warm, evocative, softly spicy, perfume where the fennel comes through in a subtle licorice hint that has a hypnotic element…this is a ‘man magnet’ ladies so best you be getting this one on daily!

What do the oils do to raise your libido I hear you ask?

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is considered an aphrodisiac, it keeps sadness under control as well as that sense of uselessness that blocks personal initiative.

Clary Sage research has shown that this oil can decrease stress hormones when applied aiding in clary sage helping set the mood for sex.

Clove stimulates sexual behaviour and increases libido.

Fennel oil can help give you the sense of focus needed to be productive. To take advantage of the energizing aroma of Fennel oil to get in the mood!

Geranium reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension, enhances concentration, improves cognitive function, and balances the emotions as well as the hormones which can all help get you in the mood when you just don’t feel like it but know you need to make an effort for him!

Lavender has been proven through scientific study that the scent of Lavender is a powerful aphrodisiac and many men cannot resist it.

Vetiver aims in calming the mind and body which can set you in the mood through relaxation

What a potent, hypnotic, sexy combination!

Ladies, if you haven’t bought this already, you want to be getting this sexy scent as much for you as for him!

Ingredients; Ingredients: Distilled water, clary sage, cinnamon leaf, vetiver, clove leaf, eucalyptus, fennel, lavender, geranium.

Grab this sexy set now and spice up your life!

Watch this short video review on the amazing products here on the link



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This item will dispatch from StarSign Scents' warehouse on 23rd Jun 2021. Normal delivery times from Australia will then apply. Shipping options available at checkout

Delivery to Australia Delivery from dispatch Price
FREE standard shipping 2–7 days FREE
Standard shipping (tracked) 2–7 days FREE

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