Linen Quilt Cover, Duck Egg


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Double: To fit 200x200cm
Queen: To fit 225x220cm



Our linen is made in Europe from largely French and Belgian flax, which is known for its quality and strength. Unlike materials like cotton, linen can last for decades longer and is a wise investment.

Care instructions:

Linen is the strongest natural fabric known to man and it is traditionally known for its strength and durability.

Our linen is pure and has been woven with quality to become a family heirloom as it wears extremely well and is able to maintain its unique texture throughout its long life.

Your linen will remain in perfect conditions for years, provided a few simple steps are followed:


Linen increases in strength when wet, which is why it stands up well to the rough and tumble of repeated laundering. The more you wash your linen, the softer it gets, making the fabric ever more beautiful.

Select a gentle wash at 40C for coloured linen. White linen without special finishes can be washed at 60C. Choose a moderate spin cycle, especially if the linen has a special finish such as fringed edges.


Air drying your linen is always recommended. We discourage tumble drying as this can over dry the fibres and make ironing more difficult. Linen fibres are hollow and for this reason it naturally dries quickly anyway. However, if necessary you can light tumble dry in low head, but remove whilst still slightly damp and follow the ironing instructions below. We dont recommend tumble drying our fringed collections. Air dried linens can be simply folded and put away.


Pure linen doesnt have to be ironed, we personally like the attractive crumpled look of relaxed linen. If you enjoy a crisper finish, try ironing whist its still damp, first iron on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the natural linen sheen. Iron dark linens on the wrong side only. If your linen has already dried out before ironing, use a water spray to re-dampen it. A good steam iron will work best on linen.


One of the joys of pre-washing is that you wont experience any first wash shrinkage. If you choose a linen that hasnt been pre-washed, allow for 3-5% shrinkage. This includes our fabric by the metre.


Try to deal with stains quickly and wash the item soon afterwards. Never pour neat detergent or chlorine bleach onto coloured linens and avoid using salt which will set the stain.

Red Wine: Rub immediately with sparkling water or white wine.
Candle wax: Scratch off dried wax, absorb residue with blotting paper and warm iron.
Fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate: Rub with alcohol, white vinegar and ammonia.
Traditional remedy: spread the linen out on a sunny meadow or your back yard for a few days!

A note on cleaning products

Only oxygen-type bleaches should be used for white linen laundering, chlorine bleaches can damage to the fibre. Avoid bleach completely when washing coloured or embroidered linen as it can lead to discolouration or spotting. Use only bleach-free detergents, avoiding ones which contain Optical Brightening Agents (O.B.A) as they are particularly deleterious to natural unbleached linens, and are often hidden in stain busting treatments.

Soap works best in soft water and it is a good idea to add a softening agent if the water you use is hard. Do not overload the machine, linen items have to be thoroughly rinsed in plenty of water to remove all soap, detergent and residual soil and prevent the formation of the so-called age spots due to the oxidation effect.


1x Quilt Cover


These duvet covers have a simple style with no border and mother of pearl button closure at the base.
Our Pure bed linen range is pre-washed, softening the fibres to ensure a great nights sleep.
Linen is naturally hypoallergenic which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
Machine washable. 100% washed linen.


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