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Laguiole (La-YOLE) is a small town in the Aubrac mountains of south-central France and has been the centre of artisan knife production for centuries. The symbol of Laguiole is the bee which is on all Laguiole items.

Louis Thiers delivers traditional French elegance with the timeless Laguiole shape. The Louis Thiers company upholds the tradition of designing and manufacturing Laguiole cutlery, knives and utensils to the highest of standards. The quality and craftsmanship of their products is recognised worldwide.

Laguiole has become a generic term to describe a style of cutlery and is not restricted to any one maker, company, brand, trade name or place of manufacture.

A Laguiole set that is packaged in France can be labelled as made in France . The item may have been made in France, Hungary, USA, China, Thailand or India and it may be high, medium or low quality. Please note the price will often reflect the quality.

The higher quality Laguiole sets are produced from a heavier gauge of stainless steel. The recommended stainless steel gauge is 1.8mm or greater, which lasts longer than lesser gauges and resists breakage.

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