Top picks for teacher gifts

As the school year draws to a close, it’s time for a tangible ‘thank you’ to the fine men and women who have endlessly told your kids to stop texting and drop the attitude educated and inspired your children’s fine young minds. It turns out expressing appropriate gratitude is a fine art when it comes to teacher presents. For example:

  • Bottle of Jim Beam and a couple of Valium – F, irresponsible, sets a bad example
  • Six month gift subscription to eHarmony – D-, judgemental, inappropriate
  • Go Elf Yourself eCard – C+, minimal effort, possibly mocking.

We present our fail-safe guide to the best gifts for teachers…

#1 The personalised wine bag

Personalised wine bag gift for teachersIdeally padded out by a bottle of Australia’s finest, you’re equally welcome to slip in a non-alcoholic option or even a beautiful quality olive oil. With the teacher’s name, plus your child’s name, class and school, it’s a really touching gesture for someone who’s made all the positive difference to your youngster’s year, turning into a keepsake for years to come. Buy now


Personalised mug gift for teachers

#2 The personalised mug

If you haven’t spotted a theme yet, personalised teacher gifts are *the* way to go to add that extra touch of special. This apple mug is a daily reminder that a student’s looked up to them, they’ve made a genuine connection, and that they’re darn good at what they do (which can feel miles away when they’re buried under admin avalanches or have had an especially authority challenging day). Buy now


Personalised engraved compact mirror gift for teachers#3 The engraved compact mirror

This manages to look extra special while not blowing your gift budget to smithereens. Add the teacher’s name and this year’s date to the uplifting, inspiring message, and you have an elegant present that they can keep with them every day. That style factor also makes it an ideal gift for high school teachers from older students. Buy now


Notebook gift for teachers#4 Poem notebook

Students of English teachers, look no further. Primed for jotting and journalling, this recycled craft paper notebook has a thoughtful, playful poem on its cover weaving together all of the elements of what makes a teacher terrific. The poem’s author – who works for the seller Bespoke Verse – is an ex-English teacher herself, so it takes one to know (and write for) one. Buy now


Handkerchief hanky bundle gift for teachers#5 Thankie hankies

Handkerchief bundles are some of our most popular gifts for teachers – especially when they’re by seller Boutique Heidi with their choice of Liberty prints for her and hipsterish symbols for him. Nothing fuddy duddy about them, they’re quirkily perfect for any teacher who’s got the creative touch.


And don’t forget the card…

Personalised card for teachersCard for teachersCards for teachers

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