T-shirts have loooong been a wardrobe staple, sitting pretty in fashion’s royal box with old mates Jeans, Pencil Skirt and Leather Jacket. Having a few styles on hand that you know a) look good, b) go with lots of things, and c) are clean, is a great way to fast-track the daily ‘getting dressed’ caper. Throw on a basic tee with a metallic midi skirt and you’ve nailed the casual/dressy clash. Chuck a tee on with jeans and Cons and you’re ready to conquer the day in max comfort (picking up a few style points as you go). Layer a tee under a slinky ’90s-style cami dress and you’re sexy without really trying (even if you brainstormed that outfit for DAYS).

But as unshakable as your love affair with tees may be, even your favourite classic grey crew-neck can become a bit of a snooze-fest after the 86th wear – which is why we’d strongly recommend looking past the usual black, white, grey, stripe options and to a T-shirt with personali-tee (see what we did there?). Check out our picks for Best Supporting T-shirt below – or find even more tees (so so many tees) right here.


1. ‘Yay’ Unisex T-shirt 2. ‘No Rest For The With Kid’ Women’s Loose-Fit T-shirt 3. Heart Eyes Women’s Loose-Fit T-shirt 4. Cha Cha Tee


5. Grey And White Stripe With White Sequin Tee 6. ‘Lazy’ Women’s Loose-Fit T-shirt 7. Cat Face Women’s Fashion Tee 8. Heart Avocado T-shirt


PS. This lady knows her tees and a little something we reckon you’ll adore.

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