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Sant and Abel go to the Cannes Lions Awards

We’re very excited to announce that our seller Sant and Abel has been nominated for a Young Director award at the prestigious Cannes Lions for their gorgeous summer collection advertisement. The ad shows a playful pyjama-clad couple at their beach house, and it has us pining for warm summer days. “The campaign is cheeky, fun, relaxed and colourful with a great sense of humour, just like our brand,” says Sant and Abel director Sophie Lovejoy, who also produced the ad. The 60-second advertisement was shot over two days at Sydney’s Whale Beach, “I wanted a campaign which reflected a relaxed Australian summer and lounging around all day in your pjs,” says Sophie. “I gave my superstar director, Tim Bathurst, a full brief of what I wanted to achieve and he drew up some storyboards. We were on the same wavelength immediately!”

And what will Sophie be wearing to the award ceremony in Cannes this Thursday? “A dress by a French designer Virginie Castaway. Her flagship store is in Le Marais in Paris and all of her designs are inspired by her time spent living in Australia.”

5 quick questions with pyjama designer Sophie Lovejoy:

What do you miss most about summer?
Mangoes, not being able to justify having a coconut gelati every day, and swimming the point-to-point at Bondi.

What do you love about winter?
Muddy paddocks and fires at the farm.

What’s worse, a doona hogger or a chronic snorer?
Chronic snorer for sure!

Favourite breakfast?
It’s between almond croissants and poached eggs with smoked salmon and avo. Tough choice.

What do you always take to bed with you?
Well Sant and Abel pjs of course! And either my current novel, cookbook or a really riveting read on how to improve my golf swing.

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The women’s collection: 1. ‘The candy contingent’ boxer shorts, $39.95; 2. ‘white Tartufi’ boxer shorts, $39.95; 3. ‘Piccadilly polka’ sleep shorts in ‘mint’, $45; 4. ‘the candy contingent’ pyjama pants, $49.95. Shop the collection here.
The men’s collection: 1. ‘Santorini sunset’ boxer shorts, $39.95; 2. ‘Mr Muster’ boxer shorts, $39.95; 3. ‘Basko man’ sleep shorts, $45; 4. ‘Vince, the man of the night’ pyjama pants, $49.95. Shop the collection here.
The kids’ collection: 1. ‘Polka’ pyjama set in ‘pink’, $55; 2. ‘polka’ pyjama set in ‘mint’, $55; 3. ‘Basko boy’ pyjama set, $55. Shop the collection here.

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