Laila Nassar Taper from Mary and Marie
Laila Nassar Taper from Mary and Marie

Mary and Marie: the pursuit of the perfect handbag

Being organised is an obsession for Laila Nassar Taper, so when she was unable to find a handbag that met her needs, she teamed up with like-minded business partner Rachel Torti to create the ultimate functional accessory. Mary and Marie handbags feature a key clip, neoprene water bottle holder, elasticised wallet hook, mesh pockets and a plastic inside section for a clear view of all your essentials. They also sport fun movie- and song-inspired names, making these handbags a must-have accessory for summer.

Plus, until this Wednesday (December 18), you can nab one of these stylish bags for 30-50% off! Shop the full collection here.

Laila’s tips for choosing the perfect handbag

  1. A stylish handbag is key to a woman’s everyday appearance. The outside should be the same hue as most of your clothes or at least your shoes.
  2. Make sure you take notice of the in-built features when choosing a handbag – they’ll help keep your life in order.
  3. There’s no substitute for quality! You use your handbag all the time, so the last thing you need is it falling apart. Look for bags made from sturdy materials, such as Nappa leather.
Mary and Marie handbags
1. Chasing Amy handbag, $125. 2. From Dusk Till Dawn shoulder bag, $100. 3.  Cherry Bomb daybag, $49.50.
Mary and Marie clutches
1. Annie Hall clutch
, $84.98. 2. The Devil’s Own clutch
, $84.98. 3. Tide is High clutch, $48.30.
Mary and Marie beach bags
1. Acapulco Beach tote bag, $49.50. 2. To Rome with Love tote, $69.98. 3. Before Sunset tote, $69.99.

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