KatyJane Designs’ colourful range of stationery is perfect for the young and young-at-heart. Pictured: ‘party bunting’ invitation pad & stickers (pack of 20), $21.95. Click here to shop.
Katy Metcalfe-Gibson and Jane Chambers create modern stationery with a vintage twist. Pictured: ‘air mail’ letter pad & stickers (pack of 20), $21.95. Click here to shop.
Bringing back the art of letter writing to the digital generation. Pictured: ‘vintage bluebird’ letter pad and stickers (pack of 20), $21.95. Click here to shop.
Rainbow letter pack
We love these bold, eye-catching designs. Pictured: ‘rainbow’ letter pad & stickers (pack of 20), $21.95. Click here to shop.

Beautiful kids’ stationery from KatyJane Designs

Remember the days before email, Skype and SMS? When birthdays meant cards instead of Facebook messages? Remember the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter from a penpal on the other side of the globe? Katy Metcalfe-Gibson and Jane Chambers of KatyJane Designs remember. With Jane’s graphic design experience and Katy’s background in business and marketing, this Fremantle duo is bringing back the art of letter writing with their nostalgic range of designer stationery, cards and party invitations for the young and the young-at-heart.

How did KatyJane Designs begin?
We met at a mothers’ playgroup after both relocating to Perth, Katy from the UK and Jane from the east coast of Australia. We both had very young children at the time, and were both pregnant with our second child, due six weeks apart!  The idea of starting up our own business seemed like a great idea – I think we went on the women’s intuition that we would work well together.

Tell us about your products.
We bring unique stationery, paper goods and accessories to life through stylish, fun, bold and colourful designs. Our products have a modern style with a vintage twist, which we’ve found appeals not just to kids, but also parents and grandparents, which is lovely. And we’ve developed a range of small and affordable gifts as well.

Where do you get ideas for your designs?
Often our children and their friends have been the basis of our inspiration for new products or designs.  They introduce new ideas to us (often without even knowing it) and take us back to our own childhood. Visually we’re drawn to simple, beautiful designs, coupled with patterned elements and bright bold colours.

Which is your favourite product?
Jane: We love our new letter pads! It’s so nice to create a product and watch children get so much enjoyment and value out of it. One of my proudest moments at KatyJane Designs was receiving a hand written thank you note on one of our letters from my 7-year-old nephew, Ollie. It was such a thrill to receive it in the post and I’m a grown up!

What are your top tips for throwing a great kids’ party?
Have fun with it! Be a bit out there and really allow yourself to get into a theme, kids love it and you will never have a better excuse to take a theme as far as you want. Give yourself enough time to get prepared with decorations, food and activities, so you know exactly what you are planning to do and you don’t get stressed out on the day.  And of course, a colourful, fun invitation sets the scene!

What’s the best thing about written letters?
As children, we loved receiving and sending post and we don’t think this has changed. We thought it was important to re-introduce letter writing to children, particularly at a time when our kids where learning to write. We wanted to provide something that is beautifully designed and appeals to girls and boys, to encourage them to write. There is still a place for the written word and we wanted to pass this onto children who are part of a digital generation.

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Jane's daughter Adelynn
Jane’s 8-year-old daughter, Adelynn, loves to keep in touch with her friends by writing letters (on KatyJane letter pads, of course!).


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