Anne Black portrait
Danish ceramist Anne Black
Anne Black's studio reflects her simple, yet beautiful style
1. ‘Seam’ small dot vase, $49.95; 2. ‘Knots’ silver hoop earrings, $70; 3. ‘Black is blue’ tray, $105.95; 4. ‘Light my fire’ tealight holder, $46.95. All available on hardtofind. Click the picture to shop.

Meet Anne Black

We love beautiful objects at hardtofind. Every Monday morning, we compare notes on the little curiosities we discovered over the weekend that have now found a new home on our bookshelves and side tables. But when beauty meets functionality, that’s when we get really excited. So it’s no surprise that we are huge fans of the works of Danish ceramicist Anne Black. Anne creates gorgeous homewares and jewellery that seamlessly combine her clean Scandi style with interesting, yet practical, forms. Here, she lets us in on how she got started and what inspires her.

How did Anne Black ceramics start?
I have always found great joy and peace working a craft. The quality and sustainability of a product is also a very high priority for me. In ceramics I found a meaningful combination of the two, creating beautiful products to be used every day. I trained as a ceramicist, but like so many others, 
I had a hard time making money. The turning point came in 2002 when I met economist Jesper Moseholm who later became my husband. Together we set out to create a business. Today we have 10 employees in Copenhagen and 60 in Vietnam who all work with craftsmanship, creativity and artistic expression.

Why do you love ceramics?
I always enjoyed the possibilities of clay, but I fell in love with porcelain at first sight. I love its duality of crisp fragility and strength. I’m inspired by the material every day.

What are your favourite parts of the job?
I really love to forget myself and my surroundings. To become so absorbed in the design process so that nothing 
else exists.
What is your favourite product? The ‘black is blue’ collection: regular shapes with a classic blue pattern painted on the inside to show that beauty comes from within.

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Anne Black in her Danish studio
1. Ruth M ‘blue landscape’ tile serving plate, $43; 2. ‘Knots’ necklace, $55; 3. Ruth M ‘landscape sugar’ bowl, $43; 4. ‘Black is blue’ large pitcher. All available on hardtofind. Click the picture to shop.

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