Great gifts at an arm’s reach

From forgetting about the birthday party that the kids are going to, to that unannounced friend popping over for a New-Year coffee – eek, what about her Christmas present!? Or perhaps you’re off to the soiree of the century and you need a little something for the hostess (the gift of presence may not be enough). Whatever your gifting debacle, we’ve got affordable present-drawer gifts to stock up and keep at arm’s reach all year round.

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Thank you gifts

From a friend helping you move house, to a colleague driving to you to work while the car’s at the mechanic, these gifts make the perfect little thankyou!

1. Tunisian cotton towels, from $14.95 each
2. ‘Thank you’ greeting card, $5.50
3. ‘Bergamot and geranium’ shea soap, $17.95
4. ‘Thank you marigolds’ gift of seeds, $8.95
5. Healing hand & nail cream, $21.95

 The present drawer

Gifts for the host

It’s always lovely gesture to thank the host, like the ‘ice ball’ maker, it’s a best seller and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

1. Round bamboo wine ‘tool case’, $39.95
2. Silicone ‘ice ball’ maker (2 pack), $27.95
3. ‘Dazzling dinner party’ 23-carat gold oil, $39.99
4. ‘Love the wine you’re with’ canvas tote, $48
5. Large apothecary soy wax candle, $59

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Housewarming gifts

Everyone loves decorating their new place, so give them something that’ll remind them of you every time they use it! Like these super-cute pastel-coloured cups, or a divine diffuser – they’ll love it.

1. ‘Deer’ tea towel, $29.95
2. Shakespeare quote framed print, $55
3. Bamboo ‘mini kitchen tools’, $13.95
4. Porcelain cups (set of 4), $54
5. ‘Champagne & pink grapefruit’ scented diffuser, $37.95

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For the birthday boy

We all know that the kids aren’t going to remind you to get their friend Billy a present for his jumping castle party this weekend, when all they can think of are the lolly bags and clown acts (can you blame them?). Think ahead and pop a few of these super cool-gifts into the present drawer.

 1. ‘My planes’ cardboard planes, $14.90
2. ‘Surf’ print, $20
3. ‘Aqua pop’ fabric gift bag, $10
4. Neon green sunglasses, $14.95
5. ‘Elmer’ spinning music box, $33.96

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For the birthday girl

These girly gifts work perfectly for any little lady, from nail polish to an adorable deer print –  you’ll be crowned Chief Present Giver (with only a brisk walk to the present drawer).

1. ‘Pansy’ silk string necklace, $19.95
2. ‘Woodland deer’ print, $25
3. Water-based non-toxic nail polish pack, $22.95
4. ‘Minilabo bird’ iPhone 5 case, $17.50
5. ‘Dotty’ canvas tote, $45

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Christmas gifts

Christmas – no how prepared you are, there seems to be always one person you’ve forgotten. Avoid present-less shame and pop a few of these great Chrissy gifts into your present drawer.

1. Gold ‘otto’ linen napkins, $48
2. ‘Reindeer’ cards (pack of 8), $18.95
3. Iconic ‘Aussie Christmas’ decorations (set of 5), $40
4. Chocolate and macadamia Christmas pudding, $50
5. ‘Orange, nutmeg & cinnamon’ soy wax candle, $39.95

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