Our marketing manager, Erin, recently jetted off to Morocco for what she called a ‘holiday’ but we secretly suspect was just a three-week mission to make us all jealous. And it worked. We were about one tiled-pool Insta shot away from pressing ‘unfollow’ when she finally got back to the office. But while she was in Morocco, she fell in love with the vibrant colours, mosaics and intricate textiles… oh, and those sunsets! And she brought back a stack of fresh decorating inspo in the 5,732 pics on her iPhone camera roll.

We wanted to share it here… But, brace yourself, because you are going to want to blow about nine grand on a trip there (factor in $$ for shopping at the amaze markets, obvi).


No spare annual leave? Don’t worry, these Moroccan buys should help you scratch that brightly-coloured, desert-themed itch, minus the 22-hour plane trip…

The key to making a modern Moroccan look work at home? Play with patterns and texture – think tile motifs and geometric shapes alongside embossed metallic tableware and rag-style rugs. Be brave with your colour palette, too. Vibrant shades of red, gold, orange and pink work beautifully, as do cool shades of teal, blue and white (don’t shy away from the colour clash!).

1. Mosaic Bar Table 2. Ines Napkins


3. Morocco Kaftan 4. Moroccan Throw in Tangerine


5. Objectify Blue Tile Wall Clock 6. Charm Necklace


7. Roundie Rug in Desert Rose Red And Orange 8. African Desert Tribal Cushion Cover


9. Silk Pants – Thira 10. Blue Tiles Linen Table Runner


11. Cashmere Bahia Tile Scarf 12. Mojave Candle


13. Black Bone Inlet Cabinet Table 14. Moroccan Drop Earrings


15. The Moroccan Ritual Antioxidant Toner And Oil Kit 16. Moroccan Glass Teapot


PS. Another country inspiring our homewares and this HTF staffer took a trip, too!

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