To market, to market

There’s lots to love about spring. Vibrant colours re-appear from the back of the wardrobe, brightly hued flowers open their petals to worship the sun, and tender spring vegetables come back into season.

Is there any better way to spend a Saturday morning than wandering around the local farmers’ market and finding freshly podded peas or taking in the sticky scent of new-season pineapples? Our favourite thing to do, is pick up a few ready-to-eat goodies, the laying out a picnic blanket in the nearby park and enjoying the

There’s something wonderful about being able to speak to the people to grow and produce your food, and the open-air setting beats the impersonal, fluorescent-lit supermarket every time. So when you next get a chance to visit your farmers’ market, make sure you bring a stylish sun hat, an oversized basket, and an appetite for all things fresh and local!

to market

1. ‘Panier’ basket bag in red & yellow, $90
2. ‘Bloom’ eco shopping tote, $13.99
3. Red shopping trolley, $49.95
4. Canvas backpack in ‘chestnut’, $79.95
5. ‘Flexi’ basket, $49
6. Classic palm basket medium, $53
7. ‘The shopper’ leather tote, $149.95


to market2

1. ‘Lipari’ sandals in tan, $114.95
2. ‘Rosalie’ hat, $100
3. Luxe essential cotton blend seamless leggings, $24.98
4. ‘Paisley’ dress, $179
5. ‘Splash’ earrings, $65
6. Limited edition Wewood odyssey watch, $124.99
7. ‘Mason’ sunglasses in ‘auburn tortoise’, $98


to market3

1. All-weather dog coat ‘brown’, from $36.99
2. Rubber wellies, $136.95
3. Spats gumboots in wine and rose, $125
4. ‘Daschund puppies’ umbrella, $59.95
5. Mini ‘collapsible umbrella, $75
6. Oilcloth waterproof mini tote bag in ‘doilie berry’, $29.95
7. SPLASHitToME compact raincoats, $29.99 each


to market4

1. Delilah coin purse ‘tan’, $29
2. ‘Keep calm’ water bottle, $29.95
3. Picnic backpack (for 4), $72
4. Patterned magnetic shopping list, $8
5. Family-sized picnic rug ‘traditional tartan fleece’, $37.95
6. BenElke Mexican oilcloth bike pannier, $99.95


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