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‘Kaleidoscope’ cushion (on bottom), $89.95. Buy it here.
‘Adding colour’ necklace with hand-painted beads and adjustable cord, $30. Buy it here.
Kids’ ‘Warhol’ top, $39.95. Buy it here.

Shapes and angles: making geometric work for you

Geometry class may not have been your favourite subject at school, but it’s time to re-think all that because this shape-driven trend is making a big comeback, and this time, we’re sure you’ll love it! From high fashion runways to the furniture shows of New York, this bold, contemporary look has been making a splash this season – think angular forms, repeating patterns and oversized checks.
Here are our tips on how to get the geometric look:
  • Triangles, cubes, hexagons, squares and diamonds… pull out your old maths text books and re-discover these old friends.
  • Geometric style is all about making a statement, so forget pastels and go for contrasting bright colours or classic black and white.
  • This look works best in a modern setting. It perfectly complements mid-century and contemporary styles.
  • Be careful not to overboard! Geometric pieces should be a feature, so make sure they aren’t competing for attention. Pair a checked jacket with a plain t-shirt, or liven up a conservatively designed room with a patterned rug.

Shop our geometric collection here.

‘Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum’ interlocking wooden shelves, $175. Buy them here.
‘Culture cross’ v-neck jumper, $55. Buy it here.
‘Triangles’ screen-printed cushion cover, $65. Buy it here.
‘Loco’ patterned cotton socks in ‘snow grey‘, ‘diamond black‘, ‘diamond orange‘, and ‘circle blue‘, $14.95 a pair.
Falling blocks
‘Falling blocks’ wall decal, $30. Buy it here.
Geo light
Sculptural ‘geo’ pendant light, $410. Buy it here.

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