The Perfect Gift for Dad

Jason Bogatai from Bristol & Brooks, with daughters Issy (14), Amelia (7) and Janie (14).

Can you believe that Father’s Day is only 1 month away? Dads hold a special place in our hearts. They’re our mentors, our protectors, our coaches. They’re quick with a joke and can cook a mean steak. But they can also be really hard to buy for! Don’t worry, at htf. magazine, we’ve got you covered!

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing great gift ideas for all kinds of dads, with expert advice from men-of-style who know what men really want. First up, Jason Bogatai from design concept store Bristol & Brooks. Jason spends his days seeking out the coolest gifts from around the world, so he knows a thing or two about finding the perfect present. A dad of three himself, Jason told us about his dad, what it’s like raising teenagers today, and the 10 things he’d love to receive this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day expert #1: Jason Bogatai from Bristol & Brooks

I REMEMBER BEING 6 OR 7 and jumping on my Dad with a card I’d made at school. I jumped so hard that I kicked him in an area that can only be described as ‘fragile’. My poor father swore loudly in his native Italian tongue for what seemed like an eternity! I couldn’t fathom why it had hurt so much. Now years later, I can understand the pain.

YOU NEED A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR to be a dad – that’s for sure!  I love being a father to my three beautiful girls (Issy and Janie, both 14,  and Amelia, 7). Laughter and love is an important trait in our household and I encourage both. I’ve always been a hands-on dad and I just love spending time with my kids. They mean the world to me.

LIFE IS SO DIFFERENT FROM WHEN I WAS 14, so while I need to be firm at times, I make it a priority that I hear what they have to say and advise them as best I can. You just need to be there for your kids; to nurture, to love, to laugh and above all listen to them.

ON FATHER’S DAY, I ALWAYS GET BREAKFAST IN BED. That’s a given in our household for special occasions, whether it’s a birthday or Mother’s Day. Then we normally do something that we haven’t done before. Last year, we visited Cockatoo Island for the first time. I loved the blend of the old and new.

BEING ABLE TO SPEND TIME WITH MY FAMILY and be pampered all day is the best Father’s Day gift. I always ask for clothing – my daughters love to shop and they have great style so I know I’ll receive something I’ll wear. Hopefully, I’ll also be able catch up with my parents and my brother and his family for dinner.


Jason’s Father’s Day finds


1. Slug black bamboo sunglasses, $135.  “I’m all for Australian design and the guys behind these sunnies rock.”
3. ‘Horses for Francesca & Frankie’ handkerchief, $15. “A handkerchief is a must for me. It’s like the shoehorn; it’s back in favour and it’s something that we use everyday. I like to go to work with a handkerchief in my breast pocket.”
4. ‘Hacker’ analogue watch, $209. “I love the colours on offer with these watches. They offer vibrancy and style to everyday wear.”
5. ‘Geneva’ XS bluetooth FM radio, $340. “If you have to travel regularly and need a good alarm with the option of playing music wirelessly, then you can’t go past this brand. Stereo sound in such a small box!”.
7. ‘Navigator’ bamboo iPhone 5 case, $59.95. “I love my iPhone so this is one of my MUST accessories. I have around four covers that I change regularly and this is my favourite.”
8. Nubuck leather loafers in camel brown, $200. “My wife bought me my first pair of these for my last birthday and now they’re the only shoes I wear on the weekend.”
9. Secrid slim wallet, $125. “This is perfect for travelling because it’s small enough to keep in a breast pocket and it protects the magnetic strips on your cards.”

10. Swiss Voice home telephone with answer machine, $165.  “Life is far too short to have a generic home phone at home.”

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