Fashion fix: on the run

Putting style back in fitness fashion

Whether you hit the gym, jump on your bike or pound the running track for your fitness fix, you may as well do it in style. Start with a trusty pair of black leggings (made from bamboo for breathability), add a colourful sports bra and layer with a hoodie to keep the chills at bay. And don’t forget to be sun-safe (yes, even in winter) with sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.

1. Sports bag organiser$29.95
2. Function crop bra, $62.97
3. Bamboo full-length leggings in black, $39.95
4. ‘Lamb’ trucker cap, $29.99
5. Breo ‘flow’ sunglasses, $44.99
6. Women’s hoodie in light grey, $99.95
7. Becca SPF 30+ mineral tint sunscreen, $45
8. Baggu new canvas backpack in ‘cactus’, $79.95
9. ‘Wahoo’ run/gym pack for iPhone, $179.95
10. Breo yellow ‘loop’ watch, $29.99

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