Father's Day gift ideas for the stylish dad
Donny Chen from Exuvius with his Dad, now and then.

Does your dad need a bit of help in the style department? We’ve enlisted the help of style guru Donny Chen from US men’s apparel brand Exuvius, to give us a helping hand. He spoke to us about what he thinks it takes to be a great dad, his favourite memory with his dad and his ultimate Father’s Day gift guide.

Father’s Day gift expert: Donny Chen of Exuvius

MY FAVOURITE MEMORY IS from last year on Thanksgiving. I was showing my sister and mum an Xbox game that scores your dance moves. A few moments later my dad walks by and gives us a confused look. Instead of the chuckle we were expecting, he became super-focused on following the dance moves. There we were, our entire family, dancing to Lady Gaga in our pyjamas.

LOVE MAKES A GREAT DAD. Love provides the overwhelming desire and commitment to want to be a good dad. I also think a good dad is constantly balancing the urge to try and teach his kids everything against letting them make some of their own mistakes.

THE PERFECT FATHER’S DAY GIFT IS something that your dad will actually use. You want something that reminds him of you when he uses it, and it’s a special bonus if it’s something he secretly desires but would never buy for himself. It’s a super special bonus if all his friends want one, too.

Donny’s ultimate Father’s Day gift guide

  1. ‘Titan’ multi-tool collar stays, from $45. Your dad has been fixing your problems since day one – he might as well look good as he continues to fix them.
  2. ‘Damascus’ steel chef’s knife, $210.90. Dad might not be the pro chef he thinks he is, but at least he’ll look the part with this chef’s knife. Making a sandwich never looked so manly!
  3. ‘Brogue sailor’ blue men’s shoe, $150.
  4. ‘Manhattan shirt sleeve’ overnight satchel, $209.
  5. Hand-woven merino wool scarf, $80. You might think your dad is Superman, but that doesn’t mean his neck doesn’t get cold.
  6. ‘Archie’ grey wool leather varsity jacket, $229.95. Guaranteed to make your dad look 5-10 years younger.  He’ll look good even if he has put on a few kilos since his younger years.
  7. ‘Raven Nevil’ watch in tan, $329.
  8. ‘Bike chain’ silk pocket square, $40. Make sure your dad looks as sharp as he thinks he is with this silk pocket square.
  9. Smooth shave cream, $29.
  10. Model One bluetooth radio, $349. This radio has an old school look with a secret new school trick (bluetooth compatibility). I think there’s a metaphor about Dad in there.
  11. ‘Barry’s day out’ men’s pyjamas, $55.

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