What’s your bedroom style?

The kids might take over the living room, there may be chaos in the kitchen, but your bedroom should always be your own personal sanctuary. Here are our tips to creating the perfect bedroom harmony to suit any taste.

The country bedroom

Get the look: country bedroom
‘Harper’ quilt cover set, from $160.97

Our tip: Use natural materials in muted colours and soft tones to create a country style. French provincial furniture and accessories add a classic touch, while a well-placed bunch of wildflowers will complete the look.

Get the country look:

Get the look: country bedroom
1. ‘Log’ rattan basket, $132 for set of two. 2. ‘Casablanca’ table lamp, $419.95. 3. ‘Royal bee’ hand towel in black, $13.95. 4. Felted wool slippers in brown grey, $115. 5. ‘Pompei domino’ cushion, $120. 6. ‘Elwood’ mohair throw rug, $189. 7. ‘Hamblin’ bedside table, $299.95. 8. ‘Stubborn goat’ bookend, $69. 9. ‘Maison ruffle’ pillowcase, $49.95.


The rustic bedroom

The rustic bedroom
Organic cotton king sheet set, $188

Our tip: Look to your favourite weathered environs for inspiration: the country barn, a jetty walk or Nanna’s balcony. Introduce materials reminiscent of these places throughout the room and juxtapose them with smooth, crisp bedding.

Get the rustic look:

Get the look: rustic
1. ‘Bloom’ small pendant lamp, $340. 2. ‘X’ v-neck men’s pyjama top, $45. 3. ‘Hay’ cardboard stool, $59. 4. ‘Chevron charcoal’ throw, $179. 5. Large ‘deer’ floor cushion, $199. 6. ‘Patsy’ cosmetic makeup bag in tartan, $20. 7. Tan Moroccan ottoman, $189.99. 8. ‘Serpiente’ cowhide, $1595. 9. LEFF Amsterdam ‘brick flip’ stainless steel and white clock, $499.95. 10. ‘Indigo deer’ cushion, $79.


The feminine bedroom

The feminine bedroom
‘Penderlea’ quilt cover set, from $199.95

Our tip: Embrace a light neutral colour scheme and keep your choices simple. Appreciate pieces for what they are and avoid over dressing. Look for fine, shapely lines in furniture; an angled floor lamp will shine next to a cushy white bed.

Get the feminine look:

Get the look: feminine
1. ‘El tapar’ side table with solid lid, $690. 2. ‘Marie Claire delfina’ cushion, $59.95. 3. Anne Black ‘seam’ ceramic pendant light, $110.95. 4. ‘Barely there’ pillowcase, $40. 5. ‘Mist at dawn’ pillowcase, $40. 6. Ceramic cockatoo lamp, $480. 7. LEFF ‘Amsterdam tone’ clock in white, $179.95. 8. Marimekko ‘lumimarja’ fabric wall art, $350. 9. ‘Warm heart’ screen-printed linen cushion, $75.


The floral bedroom

Peony Grape Quilt Cover
‘Peony grape’ quilt cover, from $299.95

Our tip: Don’t be afraid to mix different floral prints. Balance heavy patterns with solid colour pillows in a matching shade.

Get the floral look:

Get the look: floral
1. ‘Ask me again’ cotton pillowcase with ties, $40. 2. ‘Velvet sky’ European pillowcase in fig, $50. 3. ‘Tank you’ porcelain vase in flower, $64.50. 4. ‘Rose garden’ red throw, $139.30. 5. ‘Botanical’ silk and cotton kimono robe, $199. 6. ‘Aztec purple’ mini heat pillow, $29.95. 7. ‘Tuffet’ hand-printed cotton bean bag, $154. 8. ‘Peony grape’ quilt cover, from $299.95.


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