So, you’ve got a big bare wall and you’re not quite sure what to do with it, and now the dilemma is bugging you on an almost daily basis. Friends, you do not need to live like this. There are options and we’re gonna give ’em to you. Standby for seven fun (and super easy) ways to dress up your walls…


1. Wall stickers

Great for renters because they don’t require any hooks to be drilled in the wall and they peel right off when it’s time to get your bond back, stickers are a simple yet bold way to give your walls a little somethin’ somethin’. Whether you want to cover a wall in a tiny crosses or create more of a statement artwork feel, these guys get the job done.

1. Mini Crosses Wall Stickers 2. Kangaroo Australian Postage Stamp Wall Sticker 3. Scattered Diamonds Wall Decal 4. ‘Insert Coffee To Begin’ Wall Decal


2. Photography

If you’re a wiz with the ol’ Canon, then we say frame your own work. But if you’re more inclined to feature blurry thumbs in your photographs, you might have to outsource the camerawork. Just find a style to match your style.

1. Kate Moss Ring Art Print 2. Aqua Palms Photography Print 3. Noosa Circle Print 4. Roses and Peonies Print


3. Typography

Not sure you can find an artwork that really ‘says’ what you want it to? These typography prints will put it out there loud and clear. Just choose your vibe: Will it be, ‘These French lessons are really teaching me a lot’, ‘I love to travel and also I’m a minimalist’ or ‘IDGAF’?

1. French Duo Art Prints 2. ‘Wanderlust’ Travel Print 3. ‘Love’ Print 4. ‘Yeah Whatever’ Print


4. Black and white

Your whole wardrobe is monochrome and your idea of colour is the birchwood on your dining table. Don’t bother with all that bright, colourful art – we both know that stuff is not for you.

1. Lines Art Print 2. ‘Wild’ Monochrome Water Art Print 3. Apple Drawing Print  4. Le Squelette Linen Wall Hanging


5. Maps

Artwork that doubles as a geography lesson – now that’s just good sense. Imagine the trivia you will ace after staring at a map of the world in the ad breaks for Googlebox…

1. Perth Two-tone Map Print 2. Mappe Du Monde Print 3. Bold & Noble Britain & Ireland Type Map 4. Sydney Minimalist Map


6. Wall hangings

‘Something a little bit different’ is the brief you’d give your interior designer (if you could afford one). And we reckon these wooden wall hangings, star constellation map, cotton weave and 3D contour map fit the bill perfectly. Who needs hired help?

1. Italic Initial Personalised Bamboo Wall Hanging 2. Star Map 88 Constellations 3. Sail Away Wall Hanging in Natural Cotton 4. Wooden 3D Contour Map of Pittwater


7. Big and bold

There’s nothing sadder than a tiny framed print on a giant wall (except maybe every episode of This Is Us that we’ve watched so far…), so if you’ve got a big space, you’re gonna need a whopper of an art piece. Doesn’t have to mean saying adios to all your $$ though…

1. IXXI Finch-Davies Flamingo Wall Art 2. Mr Lobster Framed Art 3. Fader Colourful Abstract Canvas 4. Stag Blue Ready To Hang Canvas Art 


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