Bad days can run the gamut from ‘lost your one-free-coffee card’ to ‘lost your job and the last flicker of flirtation with that guy from Bumble’. But while your natural instinct when something bad happens might be to crawl into a dark hole with a bowl of guacamole, there are remedies that can turn your bad day into a slightly-less-sh*t-day and we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites. Which one you chose? Well that depends on how far downhill your day went…


1. You dropped your lunch on the floor and you could definitely use a hug… Personalised ‘Give Me A Squeeze’ Cushion


2. Your colleagues are coming up with new and exciting ways to drive you mental… Zen Essential Oil Blend


3. You’re so exhausted you tried to use your Opal card to pay for groceries… Silk Pillowcase Twin Set


4. You checked your bank account for the first time since the weekend and it wasn’t pretty… ‘Bring Me Some Wine’ Socks


5. That great Tinder date ghosted you and now you’re playing Dua Lipa on repeat… Ebony ‘No F*cks Given’ Candle


6. You’ve been eating celery for a week and someone just tagged you in a burger-of-the-week Insta post… Dark Chocolate S’mores Rocky Road


7. You had an epic text fight with your best friend (about Love Island, but still)….  Personalised Favourite Things Jumper


8. The internet is down and you’re almost out of data for the month…  ‘Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Ask’ Wine Glass


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