You know who deserves a totally amazing gift for all the awesome things they’ve done lately? YOU. Trusting other people to treat you with gifts the way you really want is a risky game – our founder Eri found that out the hard way when her hubby bought her car mats (which are very, um, practical…) – so instead of leaving the whole present-picking thing in someone else’s hands, we say, BUY THE DAMN GIFT YOURSELF. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re not sure where to start with the whole spoiling yourself thing, we’ve got a few pointers (and a few gift suggestions) to nail that gift from you to you…

1. Get a wishlist going. Start browsing your fave sites (ahem, hardtofind) and hearting all the things that you’d totally buy if a rich great aunt came out the woodwork and left you her riches.

2. Pick something you want. Let’s be clear: a want is different from a need. You want a gorgeous linen shift dress or a diamond stacking ring, you need Bonds undies and a spatula.

3. Splurge a little. You don’t want to totally blow the budget – money stress has a special and unique way of dampening any shopping excitement – but splash out as much as you can afford. You’re worth it!

4. Make a big deal out of it. This is not just another delivery, it’s a present, so make it feel special. If you can score free gift-wrapping (lots of our sellers offer it), jump at the chance.


1. Linen Dress in Pink 2. ‘Lost In Happiness’ Framed Art


3. Marble Felt Vase Sleeve 4. Cuero Blucher Espadrilles


5. ‘My Favourite Ritual’ DIY Spa Kit 6. ‘Bucket List’ Notebook in Mint


7. Classic Luxe Watch 8. Lychee and Black Tea Scented Candle


9. Blend Party Oval Make-up Brush Set 10. Nomad Cushion


11. Cork Yoga Mat 12. Safari Earrings in Natural


13. Pure Linen Sheet Set 14. Air Luxe On-ear Headphones


15. Juliette Clutch Bag in Misty Grey  16. Leather Desk Mat in Marble White


17. ‘You Nailed It’ Nail Polish in Nude 18. Gold Vermeil Light Aquamarine and Diamonds Stacking Set


19. Casetify Monogram Collection Floral Phone Case  20. Alphabet Make-up Bag


PS. Six Aussie sellers with wishlist-worthy stuff and the gift that keeps on giving!

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