Excuse us while we go a bit hippie dippy on you, but were you aware that your beautiful gemstone jewellery might also have some healing crystal energy to share? (All the hot yogi-types on Insta are talking about it…) So if you feel like you could use some extra love vibes, positive juju or balance in your life (courtesy of a statement accessory), we’ll give you the lowdown on some of our faves.

Rose quartz: This pretty pink gem is also called the ‘heart sone’ because it’s all about unconditional love – attracting it and keeping it. Wear it when you need to boost your self-love and bring about a sense of peace and calm. Or slip it on before a hot date!

Dalmatian Jasper: One look at this spotty stone should tell you where it got its name – and just like the puppy, it’s a mix of protective and playful. Thought to counter negative energy, this healing stone helps to strengthen relationships and boost positive vibes.

Amethyst: If calm, balance and peace are things you could use more of in your everyday, consider an amethyst. This purple stone has a gentle energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness and emotional stability, and is a good one to keep with you while meditating.

Clear quartz: These crystals are quite common but they have a strong energy that can help bring clarity to your communication (hello, important work presentation!), enhance your thoughts (very handy if you believe in manifesting) and boost your spirituality.

Turquoise: This ye’ olde stone (it’s one of the most ancient) is though to carry lots of wisdom and protective powers. It’s also a rock of friendship and joy – and a helpful source of calm if you’re feeling stressed out and under the pump.

Green amazonite: Feel like you could use a confidence boost? Green amazonite is a stone of truth, honour, communication, integrity, hope and trust – it’s said to be beneficial for improving communication, lessening stress and building self-esteem.

Pyrite: It’s often called ‘fool’s gold’ but pyrite is still valuable! It’s known as a protective, shielding stone and can help guard against physical and emotional harm. It can also inspire creativity and promote good physical health and wellbeing.


1. Aberrant Earrings (available in Dalmatian jasper and others) 2.  Sun And Moon Necklace (available in Dalmatian jasper, rose quartz, amethyst and others)


3. Mini Tumbled Crystal Pendant Necklace (available in amethyst, green amazonite or rose quartz) 4. Rose Quartz Nugget Stone Necklace


5. Glacier Gemstone Rose Quartz Ring 6. Pyrite Cubic Cluster Earrings


7. Natural Amethyst Hand Carved Ring 8. Golden Drusy Necklace


9. Turquoise Stone Pendant Necklace 10. Crystal Quartz Cuff Ring


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