If loving cats is crazy, then we don’t wanna be sane. These cute, furry felines are life. (How many times have you been distracted from an important work task by a hilarious cat video on YouTube? Our tally is nearing triple figures.) Chances are you don’t need even need this list, but let’s take a moment to quickly recap why cats are the bomb diggity…

1. They are super fluffy. They’re also self-cleaning.

2. They make you feel special when they choose to hang out with you.

3. They double as live-in exterminators. You’ll never have a mouse problem on their watch.

4. They’re not stage-five clingers.

5. They have cute pink noses, pointy ears and whiskers.

6. They know how to use their ‘indoor voices’ better than old mate Doggo.

7. They are always attempting crazy jumps. (Cats do all their own stunts!)

8. They only have two emotions – pissed off and happy. You’ll know which is which.

9. They are winners at hide-and-seek because they fit in all kinds of tight spaces.

10. They can always tell when you need some love!

So, if you love cats more than you love triple chocolate ice-cream straight from the tub, then we say wear your obsession proudly on your wall art, your cushion covers, your office mug – hell, even get your brekkie eggs involved… Cats are our favourite kind of people!


1. Cat Brooch Pin 2. Kitty Cat Fried Egg Shaper


3. Cats With Glasses Print 4. Male Cat Linen Cushion


5. Ricemomo The Black Cat Plush Toy 6. Cat Clutch Bag


7. Origami Cat Earrings 8. ‘Cool Cat’ Mug


9. Crazy Cat Lady Mug 10. Cool Cat Print


11. Wooden Puzzle Cat 12. ‘Cats! Just Sayin’ Mug


13. Personalised Smiley Cat Kids’ Print 14. Sterling Silver Frida Cat Face Necklace 


PS. More cuteness and maybe you’re more into pet plants?

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